Gothenburg Tourism

Situated on the west coast of the southwestern Sweden, Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden, flanked by river Gotaalv. This beautiful Swedish City is a lesser known must-visit destination in the country.

The lovely gardens and the natural beauty of the place make it a covetable tourist place. The charming buildings, the lovely restaurants and pretty streets only augment this natural beauty. The amusement parks are a lot of fun to visit and a thrilling experience. The array of museum shows the intellectual character of the city too.

In short, the place has a lot of character and this unique appeal of the city makes it a lovely and surprising tourist destination. Gothenburg is sure to be a very memorable experience.

Essential travel information and Gothenburg tips for your visit


  • The inhabitants can conduct huge festivals as it is regarded as the largest event hub of Scandanavia.
  • The people of Gothenburg apart from speaking Swedish can also speak other languages such as Sammi. Since Swedish in not considered as official language so there are influences of other languages also that include Danish, German, and Latin.
  • The people of Gothenburg are maintained some etiquettes like maintaining eye contact with a firm handshake, you shake hands with all attendees on both arrival and departure.
  • Even the inhabitants of Gothenburg have a habit of giving gifts when they are visiting to some other house as a greeting custom.
  • People need to be very punctual.


  • Since the residents of Gothenburg are conservative so people are not allowed to wear any funky dresses.
  • People are not allowed to speak loudly on the road or even inside the house.
  • As a good etiquette the person is not allowed to drink until the first toast is served by the host.
  • No one should be addressed with the first name. Rather everyone should address others by their surnames or titles.

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