Best Things To Do in Gothenburg, Sweden

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  • Gothenburg Botanical Garden: Gothenburg has an array botanical gardens, of which Gothenburg Botanical Garden is perhaps the most important.
  • Slottsskogen: It’slargest park is Slottsskogen, where the Natural History Museum is located. The park is also home to the city's oldest observatory and a zoo. 
  • Liseberg: The amusement park Liseberg is located in the central part of the city. Near this you will also find a science discovery centre named Universeum.
  • Gothenburg Archipelago: One of Gothenburg's most popular natural tourist attractions is the Gothenburg Archipelago, which is a great getaway in the city.
  • Fish church: Another interesting place is Feskekôrka ("Fish Church"), an indoor fish market which got its name due to the building's resemblance to a Gothic church!

Below we have a list of things to do in Gothenburg and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Gothenburg getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Gothenburg with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Gothenburg

Here is the list of things to do in Gothenburg and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Liseberg Amusement Park

    4.5 (1881 Votes)
    Liseberg Amusement Park

    Bar, Art And Culture, Amusement Park, Garden

    Liseberg is an entertainment park situated in Gothenburg. It was opened in 1923. There are many attractive gardens, a Sculpture Park, restaurants, bars and hotels which make it a paradise for the visitors. A part from the summer season, Liseberg also remains open in November and December, hosting a Christmas market with typical Swedish cuisine like mulled wine and delicacies like a doner kebab...Read more
  2. Slottsskogen

    4.6 (1728 Votes)

    Art And Culture, Park

    Castle forest, better known as Slottsskogen is a beautiful 137 hectare wide park situated in central Gothenburg. It is a Swedish cultural hub with small cottages from many countries ago, a zoo consisting of Swedish animals, a pond with penguins and seals, and a playground for softball, football and Frisbee golf. Castle forest is the center of the Way Out West Festival that is celebrated every ...Read more
  3. Botaniska Tradgarden

    4.7 (1816 Votes)
    Botaniska Tradgarden

    Garden, Botanical Garden, Walking Area, Exhibition

    Botaniska Tradgarden is a botanical garden spreading over 175 hectares. People may find 16,000 species in several greenhouses and display areas like Rock garden and  Herb Garden. Botanical gardens were initially open to visitors in 1923 and had been developed significantly over the years with improved gardening and beautiful plantings. The winding paths extending for a few kilometres have...Read more
  4. Archipelago Of Southern Gothenburg

    Island, Walking Area, Food And Drinks, Picnic Spot

    “When the men would come home from fishing, their wives would be waiting at the harbor for them with wheelbarrows, and take them home on these”- the line describes the hardworking fishermen of the Archipelago of Southern Gothenburg. The Archipelago is the bunch of dozens of islands that are extended to the sea next to the coastline of the city. Each and every island carries unique ...Read more
  5. Gothenburg Museum Of Art

    4.5 (1763 Votes)
    Gothenburg Museum Of Art

    Art And Culture, Art Museum, Museum, Entertainment

    Art lovers will obviously flock to this place but it is quite a wonderful experience for everyone Gothenburg Museum of Art is the ideal destination for people with the artistic bent of mind. The Museum of Art has one of the finest collections of art all the way from the 15th century to the present day. Having a huge collection of Nordic art and pieces of artwork the museum creates a huge inter...Read more
  6. Universeum

    4.4 (1783 Votes)

    Museum, Science Museum, Educational Site, Nature

    Gothenburg’s science center – The Universeum is a marvel house! This popular attraction attracts thousands of visitors to its multitude of exhibitions, aquariums and interactive experiments. Expect long waiting lines so it is better to buy tickets for Universeum well in advance. You can check out Universeum ticket prices and combo packages with Universeum tickets for excellent deal...Read more
  7. Natural History Museum

    4.4 (1147 Votes)
    Natural History Museum

    Museum, Exhibition , Natural History Museum

    Gotenburg has some very interesting museums to see. One such place is the Natural History Museum that has the best zoological collections. Over ten millions figurines and stuffed versions of animals have been moved here from all over the world. Situated in the Slottsskogen city park, the museum displays the structure of the earth and the life history of the world and its creatures. The giant b...Read more
  8. Kungsportsavenyn

    Bar, Art And Culture, Art Gallery, Food And Drinks

    Kungsportsavenyn ("Avenyn") in Gothenburg is not only a place for entertainment. The surrounding area has a great boutique and shopping complex. For the shopaholics, Kungsportsavenyn can be the absolute best destination. This stretches from the Kungsportsbron bridge via Moat to Gotaplasten and the Art Museum and City Theatre, the Poseidon statue and the concert hall. This most loved shopping d...Read more
  9. Tradgardsforeningen

    4.5 (1694 Votes)

    Garden, Park, Walking Area, Food And Drinks

    Tradgardsforeningen (Garden Society of Gothenburg) is the best preserved parks of 19th century in Europe. Located at the central station of Gothenburg, the garden society has a lot of things to offer to its visitors. Whether it is daily walks, concerts, exhibitions, theatres as well as by the traditional festivities, the garden is always full of activity. Several rare botanical species can be ...Read more
  10. Goteborgs Stadsmuseum

    4.3 (1243 Votes)
    Goteborgs Stadsmuseum

    Art And Culture, Museum, History Museum, Historical Site

    Without knowing the history of the place you are about to visit, it will be an incomplete journey. It is the story of a city’s past that makes its present interesting. The story of Gothenburg city is told by its travel destinations and the story of its antiquity and its present is mostly conveyed through the City Museum (Goteborgs Stadsmuseum). The museum has cafeterias, playroom for chi...Read more
  11. Rohss Museum Of Applied Art And Design

    Art And Culture, Art Museum, Museum

    Rohss Museum of Applied Art & Design in Gothenburg Sweden focusses on art design and applied arts. It was built by Wilhelm and August Rohss. Inaugurated in 1916, the beautifully illustrates the past and the present of art and design. It has a grand collection of the art and designed masterpieces which are the emblem of the Chinese art. The Swedish Art from the 20th century onwards is a rea...Read more
  12. Fish Church

    4.3 (1483 Votes)
    Fish Church

    Art And Culture, Church, Market, Architecture

    If anyone is not very religious, then take him or her to the Fish Church (Feskekorka) of Gothenburg. It isn’t the kind of church where one prays though. From the outside it is a church but it is not a church in essence. It is actually an indoor fish market which has the resemblance with a Gothic Church. The Fish Church of Gothenburg was established in the 1874 when the wives of the fishe...Read more
  13. Maritiman Goteborg

    4.4 (1519 Votes)
    Maritiman Goteborg

    Art And Culture, Cafe, Restaurant, Entertainment

    Where the city meets the sea, lays the Maritiman Goteborg, a wonderful travel destination of Gothenburg. Here one can enjoy the armada of 20 vessels standing in one place. Board on to the ship and you can experience the history of the armada sails. It really takes you back in time. The ships of late 20th century as well as the ships of contemporary era can be found here. The seafaring history ...Read more
  14. Goteborg Opera

    4.5 (1263 Votes)
    Goteborg Opera

    Art And Culture, Entertainment, Performance, Architecture

    Goteborg Opera (Goteborgsoperan), one of the most wonderful travel stops in Gothenburg city, offers a musical journey for the music lovers. Inaugurated in the year 1994 it is right next to Lilla Bommen in the city of Gothenburg. Dance recitals, musicals and operas as well as other prestigious events take place here under the one roof. This is unique one of the features of this opera house. At ...Read more
  15. Haga

    Art And Culture, Garden, Park, Restaurant

    The Haga district is in the south of the waterway and is Gothenburg's extremely ancient territory. Steeped in history, it is the ideal place for an easy stroll along the cobbled road. There are innumerable shops and boutiques, charming and rustic wooden houses and a very interesting set of bistros all round. The old wooden houses of Haga are a memorable sight. Be sure to take a stroll down the...Read more

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    • I don't know the places to find the particular things that you have listed. But, Haga & Linnégatan, Järntorget & Långgatorna, and Magasingatan & Vallgatan are the areas in Gothenburg that are well-known for shopping. 

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  • What are great items to buy in Gotenburg, Sweden to bring home from trip in Sweden?

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    • I am not sure what to buy particularly in Gothenburg. But, here are some of the souvenirs that you must get from Sweden - Julbock, Lovikka Mittens, Dala Horse, Snaps, and Sami handicraft.

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