Gokarna Tourism

Gokarna is a small idyllic town located in the state of Karnataka in India. This place has seen a significant rise in tourism in the last ten years. Initially this place was mostly visited as a pilgrimage for Indians. They believed that the idol of Lord Shiva which rests in Mahabaleshwar temple is the original lingam amongst the few lingams spread all across the country.

There are many legends from the Hindu mythology that are associated with the town of Gokarna. The most famous being that of Demon king Ravana who got tricked by Lord to abandon the Lingam statue.

But off late, Gokarna’s tourism rests mainly on the foreigners who come here to see the beaches. It has become a sort of the next Goa for beaches since most of them are secluded and clean with less locals visiting it. Since the place has garnered a lot of foreign attention, there are many cafes that have opened up around the town that serve international cuisines.


Essential travel information and Gokarna tips for your visit

  • The Gokarna beach is known for pickpocketing related crimes so beware.