How to Reach Goreme


  • By Bus: There are a lot of bus services that travel to the city of Goreme from various other cities like Istanbul, Denizli, Konya, Bodrum, Alanya, Marmaris, and more. Make book you book in advance especially during peak season.
  • By Plane: The nearest airports to Goreme are located in Kayseri and Nevsehir. From Istanbul you can choose from the Turkish airlines, Pegasus or onur air to get to these airports. For a cheaper option fly via SunExpress. You can get to Goreme by taxi from these airports. A hotel transfer is a more convenient option.


  • On Foot: The best way to get around Goreme is on foot. The city is small enough to be covered walking.
  • By Bike: You could rent scooters, mountain bikes or motorcycles to explore Goreme.
  • By Bus: Use the Dolmus Minibus to connect to cities around Goreme.
Route Distance Time
Nevşehir to Goreme 13.16 km 13 mins
Kayseri to Goreme 72.37 km 1 hour 12 mins
Ankara to Goreme 249.25 km 4 hours 9 mins
Beirut to Goreme 438.33 km 7 hours 18 mins
Amman to Goreme 619.03 km 10 hours 19 mins
Istanbul to Goreme 688.17 km 11 hours 28 mins
Belgrade to Goreme 1707.87 km 28 hours 27 mins
Riyadh to Goreme 1762.64 km 29 hours 22 mins
Hamrun to Goreme 2277.49 km 37 hours 57 mins
Dubai to Goreme 2494.59 km 41 hours 34 mins