Best Time To Visit Grainau

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Best Time To Go To Grainau

The climate of Grainau is classified as warm and temperate. It receives a significant amount of rainfall that is evenly distributed throughout the year. However, to be specific summers receives the maximum rainfall. The climate chart of this municipality is defined in the following way:

  • Spring (March to April): The minimum temperature stays around 2 to 7 degree Celsius. Precipitation is also at its minimum level in this season.
  • Summer (May to August): With the onset of summer, the temperature rises up to 23 degree Celsius. At the same time, the rainfall is also at its highest level in this season. Hence, if you are coming into this season, be prepared to face extreme temperature during day hours and at the same time heavy rainfall.
  • Autumn (September to October): By the time autumn comes, the temperature drops down to 6 degree Celsius. So you experience a little cooler climate in this season. At the same time, the rainfall amount also reduces in this season.
  • Winter (November to February): In this season, the temperature sometimes goes below 0 degree Celsius. At the same time, rainfall is almost at its negligible level in this season.

Hence, the overall climate shows that Grainau can be visited anytime of the year. But to be specific spring and autumn is the best time to visit Grainau. This is because, you experience a mixture of hot and cold weather in both these seasons.

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