Grand Canyon National Park Tourism

The enormity of Grand Canyon and its historic splendor take some time to set fully in. It is unquestionably one of the most iconic geological formations that still survive on earth. The sights of sunrise and sunset, the varied colors of history that lay exposed after years of carving by the Colorado River are simply breathtaking. Almost every sight you see here screams for superlatives- one can truly say that even after two million years, Grand Canyon has aged gracefully.

The mighty Grand Canyon is divided in three parts, each with its own distinct beauty – The South, North and West Rims. Born out of the same womb, these rims,however are starkly different from each other, offering varied experiences of this colossal canyon.

The South Rim is the crowd puller- for its unforgettable trails and tourist infrastructure. If you’re new, let the experienced rangers introduce you to the hidden beauties of this side. The North Rim is for pure solitude and soul-seeking. There are trails through forests that offer much respite and cold breezes that whisper sweet nothings in your ear. The West is where you will encounter the much controversial yet spectacular Skywalk and get an opportunity to land on the canyon’s floor by helicopter. Gorgeous views will never leave your company and Guano Point and Eagle Point are testimony to that.

Grand Canyon continues to enchant millions of visitors each year and is a favorite with hikers for its unparalleled panoramas and wooded pathways. Worry not though, there are many ways to escape the crowds and seek the much needed peace and retrospection that comes as a part of this massive package.

Expect much more than the postcard pictures that you have gotten so familiar with; Grand Canyon is not merely a visual. It is a feeling. It is overwhelming realizations, awe and deafening silence all rolled into one thrilling ride.

Essential travel information and Grand Canyon National Park tips for your visit

Essential Information

  • Time Zone: GMT/UTC
  • Currency: Dollar ($)
  • Wear layered clothes as the temperature keeps on fluctuating.
  • Dogs are allowed on any paths of South Rim as long they are on leashed.

Electricity and Internet

  • 110 and 120 volts. Primary Socket type: North American Grounded.


  • American English is the official language in Grand Canyon.


  • 911 is the emergency number.

Tourist traps

  • Grand Canyon is a safe place for the first time visitors.

Off-beaten Path

  • The trails connecting the points on the red line are great for hiking. 

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