Best Things To Do in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Are you looking for what to do in Grand Teton National Park?


  • Oxbow Bend: Oxbow Bend is about a mile east of Jackson Lake junction and is a picturesque spot to visit. There are many types of birds to be seen in the area. The Bendis beside the view of Mt. Moran.
  • Cathedral Group Turnout: Cathedral Group Turnout is located on the Jenny loop road off the park and offers breath-taking views of the Cathedral group. The destination is good for exploration too.
  • Teton Glacier turnout: Teton Glacier turnout is about 4 miles north of the Moose Junction and is located on Teton Park road. The turnout offers views of the largest glacier in the park.
  • Snake River Overlook: Snake River Overlook is one of the most charming locations in the region. The destination offers stunning views and comes highly recommended by travellers.
  • Schwabacher's Landing: Schwabacher's Landingis a dirt road that leads to the beautiful and scintillating views of the Tetons overlooking the Snake River.


  • Go hiking as there are many trails that are worth exploring.
  • Fishing is a good option too and can be done in the nearby lakes.
  • Summing is another good way to spend the days.
  • Do visit the information center and museum.
  • Trekking is also very popular in the region.

Below we have a list of things to do in Grand Teton National Park and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Grand Teton National Park getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Grand Teton National Park with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Grand Teton National Park

Here is the list of things to do in Grand Teton National Park and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Grand Teton Mountains

    4.8 (1144 Votes)
    Grand Teton Mountains

    Trail, Hiking Trail, Nature

    Grand Teton Mountains is the highest mountain in Teton Range and is in the northwest part second tallest mountain in Wyoming. It located in Grand Teton National Park. The location is known well for its mountaineering and hiking activities. There are many trails and hiking destinations that you can enjoy on the mountain.
  2. Colter Bay Village

    Outdoors, Village, View Point, Leisure

    Colter Bay Village is based amidst the scenic mountains and has a view that overlooks the clear waters of the adjacent lakes. ColterBay Village is a great destination to visit if you are looking for some relaxation and rest and hence makes a perfect spot for taking a day off from all the adventure in the park. The village is ecofriendly in every sense of the word as everything in it is made fro...Read more
  3. Spur Restaurant & Bar

    4.2 (839 Votes)
    Spur Restaurant & Bar

    Bar, Food And Drinks, Restaurant, Architecture

    Spur Restaurant & Bar has hearty all American foods and offers a fully clad drinks menu to be enjoyed. So stop for a drink at this great restaurant and get the original American taste to complete your journey. The restaurant is recognized because of its savory food pallet and great architecture.
  4. Jenny Lake Trail

    5 (778 Votes)
    Jenny Lake Trail

    Trail, View Point, Walking Area, Lake

    Jenny Lake Trail is a beautiful trail in the region and is known for its picturesque scenery and location. Take a walk in the beautiful trail amidst the tranquility and greenery around the lake. The destination makes a great picnic spot and sees lot of travellers all the year round.
  5. Signal Mountain Summit Road

    Outdoors, View Point, Scenic Drive, Picnic Spot

    Signal mountain summit road is the perfect example of a picturesque location. The tower overlooks at the top of the mountain so you get a great view of the valley. Do visit the location as there are spectacular sights waiting for you when you reach there. Take a trip to the location with your family and friends and witness the greatness of nature.
  6. 42-mile Scenic Loop Drive

    Outdoors, View Point, Scenic Drive, Picnic Spot

    There has been enough read and heard about the beauty of the Grand Teton National Park, but this attraction, right here has got to be on your list if you plan a visit to the gem of a national park. The drive bequeaths you with spending views of Wyoming, not to mention natural beauty that is certain to bowl you over. You can see the lakes, mountains, rich wildlife and rivers all finding home in ...Read more
  7. Grand Teton National Park Visitors Center

    Educational Site

    Grand Teton National Park Visitors Center is a great place if you want to know more about the park. The visitor’s center is goodfor any traveller as the center can tell you perfectly about the park, its history and some more important information that you might require. So visit the center and get to know the park a little better.
  8. Inspiration Point

    4.8 (647 Votes)
    Inspiration Point

    Outdoors, View Point, Nature

    As the name suggests Inspiration Point is a beautiful spot to visit and has pleasing views of the lake and the mountains. The point is known for its iconic and unique look and that is what has made this place a traveller’s favorite. So take some time out, visit the location and be mesmerized by its beauty and elegance. The point makes a very good location for photography.
  9. Mormon Row Historic District

    View Point, Architecture , Nature, Heritage Building

    Mormon Row Historic District is a destination full of historic buildings and unique architecture. The district is known well for its amazing and scintillating architecture and scenic beauty. The destination also makes a great photography spot and hence is a must visit.The whole scenario and setting of the district looks absolutely fabulous and thus sees a lot of sightseers all year round.
  10. Jackson Lake

    4.8 (419 Votes)
    Jackson Lake

    Waterfront, View Point, Leisure, Lake

    Jackson Lake is a great location to go exploring with friends and family. The lake is known for its picturesque setting and serene atmosphere. Jackson Lake is a must visit for any traveller as the place offersquality time to be spend with your loved ones. So visit the lake and relax in the calming environment.
  11. Ranch House

    3.8 (380 Votes)
    Ranch House


    Ranch houseat Colter Bay Village is the perfect solution to all your hunger. The restaurant offers a variety of foods and drinks but is famous for its sea food that is made from the locally caught fishes. There is also a large bar that offers rustic snacks and scintillating drinks.
  12. Cascade Canyon Trail

    Outdoors, Trail, View Point, Hiking Trail

    Cascade Canyon Trail is a great hiking route for tourists and is based amidst beautiful scenery. The trail is simply magnificent gives you views of the huge mountains in the location. So make a trip to the trail as it gives you the perfect balance between serenity, peace and breath taking beauty.
  13. Craig Thomas Discovery & Visitor Center In Moose

    Educational Site, Exhibition

    Craig Thomas Discovery & Visitor Center in Moose is one of the best places to get information at. The discovery center is built keeping in mind the environment around it. The center has amazing interpretive displays for all that can help you throughout the park.
  14. Teton Park Road

    Outdoors, Waterfront, View Point, Scenic Drive

    Teton Park Road has excellent view of Jenny Lake and of the Jackson Lake. There are many easy hikes along this route that can be enjoyed with friends and family. The road is one of the most scenic roads in the region and is known well for its picturesque setting and magnificence.
  15. Chapel Of The Transfiguration

    Church, Religious Site

    Chapel of the Transfiguration was constructed in 1925 and the first service was held on the 26th July. The church offers spiritual refreshment and a serene environment. The church has gained a lot of popularity since then and sees a lot of sightseersthat flock to the chapel every Sunday.