Best Things To Do in Graz, Austria

Are you looking for what to do in Graz?


  • Schloss Eggenberg: a lavish Baroque palace. Take the castle guided tour.
  • Grazer Schlossberg: the castle-fort on the hill around which Graz was built.
  • Uhrturm: The city’s most famous landmark – the Clocktower.
  • Kunsthaus Graz: Graz’s new and funny looking exhibition space.
  • Landeszeughaus: Every weapon and armour you see here was built for use, not show.


  • Kaizer-Josef-Platz Market: This farmer’s market is more than a century old.
  • Exit the Room: A highly recommended escape-room style puzzle.

Below we have a list of things to do in Graz and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Graz getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Graz with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Graz

Here is the list of things to do in Graz and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Uhrturm

    4.7 (525 Votes)

    View Point, Historical Site, Tower, Heritage Building

    This 28 metre 13th century clock tower is very dear to the people of Graz. When Napoleon finally took possession of Graz back in the 19th century, he destroyed most of the fort on the Schlossberg, but a heartfelt appeal and a hefty donation from the citizens saved the Clock Tower. Each of the tower’s four faces has its own dial. The tower also has three bells: the hour bell rings every ho...Read more
  2. Grazer Schlossberg

    View Point, Castle, Hill

    At 123 metres high, the Castle Hill is the best place in Graz from which to capture 360 degree panoramas. Even better, the closest access to the hill is from the city’s main square. There are three ways to get up there. The two glass Schlossberglift; room for 15 in each; a 30 second ascent to the top. A century old funicular that takes 4 minutes to climb the hill on a 60 degree inclineA s...Read more
  3. Schloss Eggenberg

    4.6 (385 Votes)
    Schloss Eggenberg

    Church, Museum, Garden, View Point

    This palace is flamboyant and brilliant. Apparently its architecture and layout are supposed to reflect the universe – they follow a very particular mathematics and allegory. It’s one of the grandest Baroque palaces in Styria. The attraction comprises of three parts: The Palace Grounds: beautiful geometrical pathways course straight through neat lawns and pretty woods, following Ita...Read more
  4. Kunsthaus Graz

    4.3 (353 Votes)
    Kunsthaus Graz

    Art And Culture, View Point, Exhibition

    At first look, the building in which this art exhibition space is housed looks like something an alien dropped. Indeed, that’s what most people call it, a ‘friendly alien’. Others say it looks like a strange, black frog. The building is especially striking at night, when it glows with the light under its skin. The building has no permanent exhibition; it does not collect art. ...Read more
  5. Hauptplatz

    4.5 (461 Votes)

    Bar, Food And Drinks, Cafe, Restaurant

    Back in the 12th century, this used to be Graz’s main marketplace. It’s area was cut in half when the Renaissance Town House was built. Most of the houses around the square have lovely Renaissance and Gothic facades. A lot of cobbled little alleys lead into the square. You may want to check these out; there are a lot of cafes and bars and restaurants here. There’s almost alway...Read more
  6. Landeszeughaus

    4.7 (258 Votes)

    Museum, Specialty Museum

    30000 pieces of arms and armoury make up the biggest and most fascinating collection of this kind in Austria, and indeed, the world. Styria between the 15th and 18th centuries used to be in almost constant conflict. This armoury came about from the need to stockpile large quantities of armour and weapons between 1642-1645. As such, this collection is also original. The museum has four levels, e...Read more
  7. Kastner & Ohler, Paradeishof

    Food And Drinks, Cafe, Market, Shopping Center

    Practically every major Austrian city has this department store chain. Modern, trendy, and upscale, the shopping centre is a favourite hangout for locals. Clothes and accessories and perfumes are it’s main draw, but a special surprise awaits the tourist that climbs to the sixth floor. From the terrace there, you have a wonderful overview of the city of Graz’s pretty red rooftops. It...Read more
  8. Murinsel

    Island, View Point, River, Food And Drinks

    It’s a strange looking thing to find in the middle of the river Mur – an artificial steel island, or a floating platform. Built in 2003 to create a water based attraction in Graz, the island is a restaurant-cafe, a playground for children, and a small performance area for live musical acts all in one. It looks like a giant blue, half-open sea shell. About 90-120 people can enjoy a m...Read more
  9. Sporgasse

    5 (381 Votes)

    Church, Cafe, Restaurant, Architecture

    This cheerful little pedestrian street is older than the city of Graz itself. It used to be an important trade road in roman times. Today, you will visit it for two things – the shopping, and the architecture. The Luegg house – a fantastic Baroque building with a stucco facade – is at the corner of this street and the Main Square (Hauptplatz). The other highlights are: The Ro...Read more
  10. Spanische Hofreitschule Bundesgestut Piber


    50km from Graz, you’ll find an elite school of riders, in a little village of Pber. The Lipizzan breed of horse is thought to be one of the most magnificent. The school itself is among the best in the world. You get: An interactive guided tour of the stud farm, where you see how these magnificent beasts are reared. Watching the mothers and their foals is especially fascinating. There are...Read more
  11. Basilika Mariatrost

    4.7 (210 Votes)
    Basilika Mariatrost

    Church, Religious Site, Tower, Hill

    This high baroque church is the most important Marian shrine in the country. It’s an important pilgrimage site. Reaching for the sky from the top of the 469 metre high Puberg Hill, its dome and two front towers can be made out from a great distance away. The great attractions here are the frescoes on the ceiling, and the extravagant pulpit. There is also a 16th century statue of the Madon...Read more
  12. Molly Malone Irish Pub

    4.4 (259 Votes)
    Molly Malone Irish Pub

    Pubs, Entertainment

    Every European city seems to need and want its own Irish Club, and this pub delivers! It’s large with lots of room; the atmosphere is lively; the beer is great; there’s usually football on the TV; there’s a small no-smoking area (yes, most of the space allows smoking); the music is pop and rock; and the staff is really friendly. Try the Molly burger too, it’s delicious.
  13. Burgruine Gosting

    Church, Ancient Ruin, Castle, Historical Site

    Though now in ruins, this 11th century castle once held an important strategic location. It was in use until the 15th century to protect against the Turkish and Hungarian forces. In 1723, lightning struck the castles gunpowder supply, and most of the great building burnt down. Today, only its keep, chapel and some of the walls still stand. It’s still a popular place to visit though, espec...Read more
  14. Mausoleum Of Emperor Ferdinand I I

    Church, Tower, Architecture , Tomb

    He was the most famous Holy Roman Emperor, and he was born here in Graz. His efforts to suppress Protestanism and restore Catholicism as Europe’s only version of Christianity infused much of the Thirty Years War. His tomb, built between 1614 and 1638, is one of Graz’s most unusual buildings, an exquisite example of Austrian Mannerist Baroque architecture. Breathtaking paintings, ela...Read more
  15. Rathaus

    Historical Site, Architecture , Heritage Building

    This has been the location of the city administration ever since the 16th century, when there was only a simple Renaissance style building-cum-prison here. The classical building you see today was built in the late 19th century. The interior is quite nice decorated – coffered ceilings, galleries, panelings, and chandeliers. Most people visit just to see the exterior, but guided tours can ...Read more