Top Historical Places in Graz

Are you looking to explore the history of Graz through the ages? There are a number of historical destinations in Graz including the time-honored buildings, monuments, palaces, and parks where you can learn about the glorious past of Graz. The presence of these historical sites and museums will take you on a walk through Graz ‘s rich history.
If you are willing to have an in-depth historical information about Graz, we recommend that you take a wonderful guided tour to cover the major historical attractions. Also, check the opening and closing time for each so that you can organize your time. Make sure that you go through the complete list of historical places in Graz for a great trip!

Let's witness the history of Graz with these top historical places - monuments and landmarks:

  1. Uhrturm

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    View Point, Historical Site, Tower, Heritage Building

    This 28 metre 13th century clock tower is very dear to the people of Graz. When Napoleon finally took possession of Graz back in the 19th century, he destroyed most of the fort on the Schlossberg, but a heartfelt appeal and a hefty donation from the citizens saved the Clock Tower. Each of the tower’s four faces has its own dial. The tower also has three bells: the hour bell rings every ho...Read more
  2. Grazer Schlossberg

    View Point, Castle, Hill

    At 123 metres high, the Castle Hill is the best place in Graz from which to capture 360 degree panoramas. Even better, the closest access to the hill is from the city’s main square. There are three ways to get up there. The two glass Schlossberglift; room for 15 in each; a 30 second ascent to the top. A century old funicular that takes 4 minutes to climb the hill on a 60 degree inclineA s...Read more
  3. Schloss Eggenberg

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    Schloss Eggenberg

    Church, Museum, Garden, View Point

    This palace is flamboyant and brilliant. Apparently its architecture and layout are supposed to reflect the universe – they follow a very particular mathematics and allegory. It’s one of the grandest Baroque palaces in Styria. The attraction comprises of three parts: The Palace Grounds: beautiful geometrical pathways course straight through neat lawns and pretty woods, following Ita...Read more
  4. Burgruine Gosting

    Church, Ancient Ruin, Castle, Historical Site

    Though now in ruins, this 11th century castle once held an important strategic location. It was in use until the 15th century to protect against the Turkish and Hungarian forces. In 1723, lightning struck the castles gunpowder supply, and most of the great building burnt down. Today, only its keep, chapel and some of the walls still stand. It’s still a popular place to visit though, espec...Read more
  5. Mausoleum Of Emperor Ferdinand I I

    Church, Tower, Architecture , Tomb

    He was the most famous Holy Roman Emperor, and he was born here in Graz. His efforts to suppress Protestanism and restore Catholicism as Europe’s only version of Christianity infused much of the Thirty Years War. His tomb, built between 1614 and 1638, is one of Graz’s most unusual buildings, an exquisite example of Austrian Mannerist Baroque architecture. Breathtaking paintings, ela...Read more
  6. Rathaus

    Historical Site, Architecture , Heritage Building

    This has been the location of the city administration ever since the 16th century, when there was only a simple Renaissance style building-cum-prison here. The classical building you see today was built in the late 19th century. The interior is quite nice decorated – coffered ceilings, galleries, panelings, and chandeliers. Most people visit just to see the exterior, but guided tours can ...Read more
  7. Landhaushof

    4.4 (227 Votes)

    Historical Site, Palace, Fountain, Heritage Building

    Right in the middle of Graz city, hidden away, is this lovely Renaissance courtyard. It looks like a slice of Venice was hidden away in the city by the architect, Domenico dell'Aglio. The building that surrounds the courtyard houses the local parliament. People usually just accidentally stumble across the building and stand there gaping at: Arcades on all three floors 16th century gargoyles Th...Read more
  8. Domkirche

    3.7 (198 Votes)

    Religious Site, Landmark, Architecture , Cathedral

    This late-Gothic cathedral is part of Graz’s ‘city crown’ and UNESCO world heritage site. The church was built in the 15th century to replace the earlier 15th century Romanesque church. It looks a lot like an imperial court church. The highlights of the cathedral are: The great skylights The great organ The fresco paintings of the plagues The huge altar building and the coron...Read more
  9. Stadtpark

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    Park, Landmark, Statue, Fountain

    Graz’s largest public park was built in the second half the 19th century. The city wanted it on the style of an English Garden. Today, it’s one of the nicest places in the city to have a picnic, especially with the market right behind the opera house being so close. There is a children’s area. Sculptures, benches, flowers and lawns are all beautifully maintained. The centrepie...Read more
  10. Church Of The Franciscans

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    Church Of The Franciscans

    Church, Religious Site, Heritage Building

    The oldest church in Graz is still owned by the Franciscan order that founded it in 1239. With a low nave and high chancel and a unusually high tower, it’s a striking looking building. Notable highlights are the stained glass windows and the monastery gardens. The walls of the cloister are lined with the names, professions and information of the VIPs who were buried here between the 15th ...Read more
  11. Glockenspiel Graz

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    Glockenspiel Graz

    Landmark, Historical Site, Architecture , Heritage Building

    You’ll have to fight you way around a crowd of tourists to see this particular spectacle. See, there’s a building in this square, that has its own clock face. Thrice a day at 11am, 3pm and 6pm, the Glockenspiel’s 24 bells will chime with music; two mechanical figurines will come out on extended platforms and dance for a minute or two. It’s one of the most charming sites ...Read more
  12. Church Of Our Lady Of Succor

    Church, Religious Site, Historical Site, Heritage Building

    Completed in 1611, this Baroque church is an important pilgrimage stop. It’s striking twin towers were only added in 1744 though. Today, the church serves as a parish church. It’s main highlights are: Baroque statue of the Archangel Michael above the portal. The image of the virgin Mary on the altar. The church has been simplified over the years and much of it’s original int...Read more
  13. Leechkirche

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    Church, Religious Site, Historical Site, Statue

    This is Graz’s oldest Roman Catholic church. They say it was built on the site of a graveyard from the 6th century, but no remains of the grave still exist; it’s suspected that grave robbers are to blame. Roman tiles found on the roof of the rotunda lead scholars to believe that the initial construction of the church was started using the remains of a local Roman house. It’s m...Read more
  14. Ruine Gosting

    4.4 (24 Votes)
    Ruine Gosting

    Ancient Ruin, Castle

    You are going to have a good time visiting the Gösting castle ruins - Burgtaverne. It is the ruins of the Gösting Castle that you are going to witness here. The exact date of the castle's establishment is unknown but its mention in historical records suggests that it existed before the year 1042. To check out this hilltop castle, you need to hike a steep area. From the castle, tourist...Read more
  15. Congress Graz

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    Congress Graz Image

    Historical Site, Performance, Concert

    The Congress Graz is a grand 19th century event venue where orchestral concerts, grand balls, masquerades and swing dances take place regularly. Nestled in the heart of the Old Town, this event venue is equipped with historic rooms and grand halls where the excellent acoustics make each ball dance special. But that’s not all, the Congress Graz is a superlative venue for variegated confere...Read more