15 Best Things To Do in Gruyeres, Switzerland

A trip to Switzerland is always fantasizing. The destination is not only romantic but is packed with historic and cultural attractions as well. Switzerland is such an international destination that it is in almost in everyone’s bucket list. However, the green meadows and the ice-capped mountains are not the only things that attract tourists, there is a place called Gruyeres which has its essence and virginity; that the tourists would definitely be fond of.

For all the people who are planning their holidays in the near future, then this could just be the right thing to go through. The amazing sights of the place and the serenity that the place offers would definitely engulf you from the moment you are here. Further, the list of tourist attractions in Gruyeres and local enthusiasms to try on are as follows.

Gruyeres, SwitzerlandImage Source: Pixabay.com

Let's explore Gruyeres points of interest and 15 best things to do in Gruyeres:

1. Gruyeres castle ranks on the top of the list

Gruyeres castle - ImageImage Source: Pixabay.com

Being one of the landmarks of Switzerland; this Swiss castle is a must visit for all the tourists. The architectural pattern that has been lasting since the 8th century is definitely one to be admired. Now, this castle has also been turned into a museum which is surrounded by a beautiful French garden and an esplanade to add on to the beauty. That feeling of royalty that one would feel would not be forgotten instantly.

2. The Ski wonder Moleson

This place is elevated and endures a snow-bed throughout the winters. This fact makes it one of the most desirable destinations in the Gruyeres. The place is frequently visited because of the panoramic view that it offers of the entire country. The green meadow that changes to white in the winters can also be very pleasant in the summers. Activities such as mini golf and mountain rock climbing and even archery are engaging enough for a tourist. The cable car that runs over the valley offers a surreal experience to the visitors as well. The Ski ticket prices vary from Swiss Francis 20- 30.

3. Admire some intricate art at Le Calvaire, Gruyeres

A building standing in the town from the sixteenth century is the perfect destination for art admirers. The old building, which was once used as the guard room has now been converted into the gallery and houses exhibitions of the local craftsman. However, the exhibition does not go on all through the year but has a specific season- from Easter to mid-October. Before this building was converted into a gallery, it was made into a fire station but the recent conversion and dedication make this place a must visit.

4. Let your chocolate fantasy come true in Maison Cailler

Visiting this village would make your chocolate dream come true instantly. The amalgamation of wanderlust and passion for travel with delicious chocolates is something great to be experienced in Switzerland. Recalling Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and getting inside a real Swiss chocolate factory is something to look forward to. People can also buy freshly made boutique chocolates for themselves and also have the privilege of tasting some chocolates for free in here.

5. Feel a bit of India in Switzerland in the Tibet Museum

The artifacts were initially collected for creating a personal collection. The collector was Mr. Alain Bordier which has now been displayed in the museum itself. The massive collection of Himalayan art consists of antiques which were made in the 6th century. However, the most recent collection can be dated back to the 18th century. The paintings are one of a kind, so are the sculptures.

6. Hr Giger Museum is there to offer the tourists an Alien experience

Hr Giger Museum, Gruyeres - ImageImage Source: wikipedia.org

Many people might have seen the Academy Award Winning film ‘Alien’. The special effect of the film is what made the film a winner and Hans Rudolf Giger, who was a Swiss painter was an integral part of the special effect of the film. It is he who fell in love with Gruyeres and established his own museum to display his creations. It is the painter’s magic that has crippled in the whole building, and this magic would make anyone feel elevated from the real world.

7. The ultimate cheesy dream at the cheese factory in Gruyere Switzerland

Things to do in Gruyeres - ImageImage Source: Pixabay.com

Like chocolates, Switzerland is also known to produce some of the best cheese in the whole world. Some of the cheese that is being produced and left foraging can even be tried out for free. The hosts of this Swiss cheese factory are very friendly and the whole experience would help any tourist to understand every bit of the extensive process of producing the world’s favorite cheese. This heaven for cheese lovers also has an eatery and a shop. This shop serves some of the best coffees with some greatly melted cheese fondue in a cold weather.

8. A walk through the caves of Gruyeres

After watching enough of the wonderful Alps around, nothing feels better than a walk down through the gorges. “Lest Gorges Da La Jogne”- is three hours walking trail which also includes hiking and climbing beautiful cliffs. The climb is of moderate difficulty; and after the adventurous climb from Chez Boudji, the change of seasons can be clearly distinguished.

9. Eglise Saint Theodule would make you hear sermons on nature

This church would be encountered when one is travelling to the castle. The structure of this church is simple with colourfully stained glasses having abstract designs. The unpretentious decor and the age of the church is something to be pondered about. The blue porch on the top is what attracts the tourists the most. The silence and the spell of holiness and divinity make this place worth visiting.

10. Go Snap-Snap in Giger bar

The most impressive bar till date is in Switzerland! Where are you? This bar is designed and decorated by the man in the name. Giger, the artist never misses a chance to amaze the tourists with his creations. The museum that Giger had created is somewhat reflected in this bar as well. A person visiting here would feel that he or she is inside a sci-fi movie and this, in turn, would leave no other option but to go mad with the cameras. Further, there is freshly brewed beer, wine and scotch available at pocket-friendly prices. So the mantra for this place is- ‘snap and gobble’!

11. See the shade of blue in Lake of Gruyeres

This man-made lake is one of its kind. The early months of the year show the untouched beauty of this place. The lake is just walking distance from some of the main places of interest and the boat ride to the island in the middle of the lake is something to crave about. So be here and enjoy freshwater fishes and greenery in this less travelled path.

12. Need a bird’s eye view- paraglide over Gruyeres

Among the many things that are a ‘must do’ in Gruyeres, paragliding over the village or town and near the Alps and over the meadows is a must. Every beautiful thing that was on the list of sight-seeing would be visible at ones. The price margin is also reasonable for an experience like this. It feels light and free while the gliding instructor takes a person to a trip in the sky.

13. Eat around at Bulle

Local delicacies, drinks, nightlife, barbeques, buffets... the list is not yet finished. It is in Bulle near Gruyeres that a person would get this potpourri all at once. The town is hustling with tourists and the transportation web is very well developed, so this town is ideal for the metro lovers’.

14. Get some Souvenirs of Gruyere traditions

The medieval village has a lot of small coffee shops and patisseries and one of them is Gruyere traditions. For some fresh chocolates and healthy breakfast, this cafe can be recommended to be a one-stop destination. Serving natural ice creams and hot coffee and much more, this place is one of the best in town.

15. Le Chalet De Gruyeres

The best dishes of this place are highly recommended to the tourists. This family-friendly cafe would never fail to prick the taste buds. But whatever dish a person tries, fondue of both cheese and chocolate should not be left out at all.

With an album full of experiences, Gruyeres is a destination to be etched in the memory for a lifetime.

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Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Gruyeres, Switzerland

Must see places in Gruyeres ranked on popularity. Here is the complete list of best attractions in Gruyeres and point of interests to visit.

  1. Maison Cailler

    # 1 of 19 Things To Do in Gruyeres | Added 1813 times in trip plans
    Maison Cailler

    Tags: Educational Site, Tour

    Address: Rue Jules Bellet 7, 1636 Broc, Switzerland

    Timings: 10:00 am - 06:00 pm Details

    Who hasn’t dreamt of visiting a Chocolate factory?! The Maison Cailler (Nestle) chocolate factory situated at Broc (situated around 6 kilometres from Gruyeres) is a must visit if you are a choco...Read more

  2. Gruyeres Castle

    # 2 of 19 Things To Do in Gruyeres | Added 1453 times in trip plans
    Gruyeres Castle

    Tags: Museum, History Museum, Castle, Historical Site

    Address: Rue du Château 8, 1663 Gruyères, Switzerland

    Timings: 09:00 am - 06:00 pm Details

    A beautiful palace and one of the landmarks of Switzerland, the Gruyeres Castle is a must visit while on your Swiss vacation. It is a unique architectural marvel where on your tour of the castle, you ...Read more

  3. La Maison Du Gruyere

    # 3 of 19 Things To Do in Gruyeres | Added 1334 times in trip plans
    La Maison Du Gruyere Image

    Tags: Factory

    Address: Place de la Gare 3, 1663 Pringy-Gruyères, Switzerland

    Timings: 07:30 am - 08:00 pm Details

    Cheese is one thing which we all love to eat and what can be better than getting a chance to witness how Gruyere cheese is being produced and you get to taste some of it too which is free of cost. It ...Read more

  4. Hr Giger Museum

    # 4 of 19 Things To Do in Gruyeres | Added 779 times in trip plans
    Hr Giger Museum

    Tags: Art Museum, Museum, Arts And Crafts, Exhibition

    Address: Château St. Germain, 1663 Gruyères, Switzerland

    Timings: 10:00 am - 06:00 pm Details

    Hans Rudolf "Ruedi" Giger was a Swiss painter and was a part of the special effects team of the Academy Award winning movie ‘Alien’. In the year 1990, on the occasion of his 50th birthday,...Read more

  5. Moleson

    # 5 of 19 Things To Do in Gruyeres | Added 298 times in trip plans

    Tags: Mountain, View Point

    Address: Moléson, 1663 Gruyères, Switzerland

    Timings: 09:00 am - 06:00 pm Details

    Moleson is a popular mountain belonging to the Swiss Pre-Alps. Situated at an elevation of 2002 metres, Moleson offers spectacular views of Switzerland. Turning into a ski wonderland during the winter...Read more

  6. Le Calvaire

    # 6 of 19 Things To Do in Gruyeres | Added 517 times in trip plans
    Le Calvaire

    Tags: Historical Site, Exhibition , Heritage Building

    Address: Town centre, Gruyeres, Switzerland

    Le Calvaire is a sixteenth century building which has now been converted into an art gallery. Every year, from Easter to mid-October, local craftsmen exhibit their works over here. Having an interesti...Read more

  7. Cafe Restaurant Chalet De Gruyeres Sa

    # 7 of 19 Things To Do in Gruyeres | Added 45 times in trip plans
    Cafe Restaurant Chalet De Gruyeres Sa

    Tags: Food And Drinks, Cafe, Restaurant

    Address: Rue du Bourg 53, 1663 Gruyeres, Switzerland

    Timings: 10:00 am - 06:00 pm Details

    Give your taste buds a feast by visiting the Cafe-Restaurant Chalet de Gruyeres SA in Switzerland. This cozy restaurant serves classic Swiss delicacies that tease your taste buds and make your mouth w...Read more

  8. Bulle

    # 8 of 19 Things To Do in Gruyeres | Added 1 time in trip plans
  9. Gruyeres, Gare

    # 9 of 19 Things To Do in Gruyeres
    Gruyeres, Gare Image

    Address: Switzerland

    Google Reviews
    Débora Neves Ribeiro

    Muito útil pois os hotéis e o centro da vila ficam no alto da colina e sem ônibus a subida é cansativa.

    Read more
  10. De La Tour Restaurant/hotel

    # 10 of 19 Things To Do in Gruyeres | Added 2 times in trip plans
  11. Chocolaterie De Gruyeres Sarl

    # 11 of 19 Things To Do in Gruyeres | Added 26 times in trip plans
    Chocolaterie De Gruyeres Sarl Image

    Address: Rue du Bourg 8, 1663 Gruyères, Switzerland

    Google Reviews
    Lilia Yurkovskaya

    Quite Pricey. The hot chocolate tastes just like melted very sweet chocolate. The chocolate confections are extremely expensive. Not sure it's worth its price.

    Read more
  12. Chateau Garden

    # 12 of 19 Things To Do in Gruyeres
    Chateau Garden Image

    Tags: Park

    Address: Les Grands-Chemins, 1663 Gruyères, Switzerland

    Google Reviews
    Francis Rueda

    Fantásticos jardines y castillo

    Read more
  13. Tibet Museum

    # 13 of 19 Things To Do in Gruyeres | Added 526 times in trip plans
    Tibet Museum

    Tags: Art Museum, Museum, Arts And Crafts, Exhibition

    Address: Rue du Château 4, 1663 Gruyères, Switzerland

    Timings: 11:00 am - 06:00 pm Details

    A private collection turned into a museum, the artefacts on display at this museum belong to Mr. Alain Bordier. The collection consists of over 300 works of Himalayan art. Dating from the 6th century ...Read more

  14. Chateau De Gruyeres

    # 14 of 19 Things To Do in Gruyeres
    Chateau De Gruyeres Image

    Address: Rue du Château 8

    Google Reviews
    Tara O'Brien

    The castle in Gruyere is well worth a visit if you are visiting the town. The castle has many rooms to explore, it has a garden, and it has lovely views of the mountains. There is also a video present...

    Read more
  15. Camping Les Sapins

    # 15 of 19 Things To Do in Gruyeres
    Camping Les Sapins Image

    Address: Epagny 1664

    Google Reviews
    Trachselbow Rufus

    Nice little camping ground nested between 2 small rivers. All amenities available and a small restaurant/buvette. Welcoming staff. The place is well situated if you want to walk, run or cycle the whol...

    Read more

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