Transreal Logística

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About Transreal Logística, Guajará-mirim

Overview of Transreal Logística

On your visit to Guajará-mirim, consider visiting Transreal Logística. Although listed here, Transreal Logística is not one of the most visited sightseeing places in Guajará-mirim.

More about Guajará-mirim

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Create your own Guajará-mirim vacation packages or choose from the ones made by travel experts. Also explore the best ways for how to reach Guajará-mirim.

Getting around Transreal Logística, Guajará-mirim


By walking for 0 minutes for a distance of 0 Kilometre.

Public Transport : Bus - Taxi

Take a Bus taking you to Nova Mamoré. The journey will take around 39 minutes. The trip will cost you roughly flexible amount. From Nova Mamoré you can move to Igreja Batista Da Liberdade by taking the Taxi. The duration will be 24 minutes. The transit will cost you BRL 75. The total distance is 59.73 Kilometre.


It is recommended to take Taxi which will cost you roughly BRL 220, taking around 57 minutes. The distance between the two points is 42.84 Kilometre.


Best transit method is Car. The distance is 42.84 Kilometre, costing around USD 6. The duration of the trip is 57 minutes.


Suggested transit method is Taxi. The distance between the points being 4.02 Kilometre, the time taken for the journey is 5 minutes. The expense of the trip is BRL 26.


It is recommended to walk. The distance is around 3.97 Kilometre and it will take around 48 minutes to reach the place on foot.

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