Guernsey Trip Planner

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Guernsey Overview

Housing the famous home of Victor Hugo, Guernsey actually has the ability to provide inspiration to many artworks. Gifted with coastal cliffs and lovely beach resorts, it is almost disheartening that this British dependency has not caught on as a regular on travel itineraries yet. Also known as Bailwick of Guernsey, you will find that this place has been influenced by different European countries and has formed the perfect amalgamation of all. These islands are also quite special because it holds last remnants of the Duke of Normandy. While drawing out your Guernsey travel guide, remember to include all of the islands and the towns as well.

Visa Procedure

The Guernsey Visa system is not same as United Kingdom or the Schengen Countries. It is a part of the European Union but not the Schengen territories. So, you need to apply for a Guernsey visa from any nearby embassy. Find out if your country is exempt from a visa here. If you belong to any country that is a part of European Union, than ensure you carry the passport or a national identity card to enter visa free.

When to go

The best time to visit Guernsey is from the months of December to March. Flight tickets are also quite reasonable priced during the months of March and accommodation would not be a problem at all. The aforementioned months mark the winter season in Guernsey. But, the winter here is not freezing and is actually quite pleasant with its dry air.

Destinations to cover 

There is not a very long list of things to do in Guernsey, but there is quite a list of places to see here. Visit Fort Grey, Suasmarez Manor, Lihou, Houmets, Artparks Sculpture Park, Alderney Society Museum and Castle Cornet to follow the perfect Guernsey travel guide. 

Get in and around

There are two answers to the question of how to reach Guernsey. You can get in only by a plane or a boat. You can take a boat from The UK, France, Jersey, Hamm and Sark. If you are thinking of taking a flight then, take a flight from London, France, Isle of Man, Jersey, Alderney, Netherlands and Germany. To get around, you can use the frequent bus service or hire a taxi. You can also hire a bicycle as that is the best way to get around. 

Hotels and Food

There are various options available in Guernsey if you are looking for budget accommodation. There are also plenty mid range accommodation options available and even though luxury options are fewer, they are all worth it with the breath taking sea views and mesmerizing resort facilities. Each island has  different things to offer to you, so look up accommodation at individual islands to get a better idea. Remember to binge on the amazing sea food at the beach side shacks to make the most of your experience. Get your share of beers, cocktails and delectable fish, prawns and crabs.

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