Best Things To Do in Gulmarg

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Gulmarg is a popular sightseeing spot- owing to iconic Bollywood movies shot here. Some of the top attractions include:

  • Alpharwat peak : A beautiful Gondoloa ride to reach the peak which offers the view of Gulmarg. Winters are the best time to visit the Alpharwat peak.
  • St Mary’s Church : Used as a backdrop in Bollywood movies, the St Mary’s Church was built by the British. The church is known for its simple architecture and beautiful surrounding.
  • Gulmarg Gondola : The highest gondola ride in the world, experience the majestic beauty of the city as you reach a height of almost 4000 metres!


If you love snow, then Gulmarg will never run out of activities for you.

  • Skiing : A must for adventure lovers, the place is perfect to gear up on those skies and ride the snow in the midst of the heavenly Himalayas.
  • Outer City Walk : A 11 kilometre trail around the city of Gulmarg in the lap of Kashmir valley, the Outer city walk is perfect for exploring the alpine goodness which is in-bred in the land.
  • Mountain Biking : A new but popular sport, if you love mountain biking, then the terrain is perfect for that adrenaline rush you are looking for.


Gulmarg accommodates specialty shops that sell everything from Kashmiri Shawls to woollen knit-wear, spices, Pashminas, ornaments, linens, fur clothing, furniture made from walnut wood etc.

  • Ladakh Art Palace : Perfect place to buy jewellery, antiques, clothing and handicrafts while in the city.
  • Khan Cloth House : A good place to buy the Kashmiri Faran, Pashminas along with other clothes.

Below we have a list of things to do in Gulmarg and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Gulmarg getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Gulmarg with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Gulmarg

Here is the list of things to do in Gulmarg and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Gulmarg Gondola

    4.5 (3166 Votes)
    Gulmarg Gondola

    Adventure, Adventure Sport

    An attraction in itself, the Gulmarg Gondola is the highest Gondola in the world and is a must when you visit the city anytime of the year, although winters have a charm of their own. Witness the beautiful Himalayas and the iconic city at its best from a height of more than 4000 metres. The ride takes place in 2 Phases; 1st phase from Gulmarg to Kungdoor and 2nd phase being from Kundgdoor to Ap...Read more
  2. Alpharwat Peak

    Entertainment, Adventure, Adventure Sport, Peak

    The most famous peak for experienced skiers to dig into that tempting snow, Alpahrwat Peak is a haven for the adventure junkie.Rent skiing gear to rush down the mountains or simply enjoy the snow in any way you can. Mountains biking enthusiast love the peak for biking down the terrain while the elites love to Heli-Ski in the area.
  3. Gulmarg Golf Course

    4.5 (2356 Votes)
    Gulmarg Golf Course

    Golf Course, Entertainment, Play

    Gulmarg Golf Course is known for inviting anyone including non-members to try their hand at golfing through the beautiful Gulmarg terrain. Even though most visited during summers, this place is sure to make you grab that Club while you are trained with one of their instructors. The prices are budget friendly and the people and place are sure to make you pick up the sport for the rest of your li...Read more
  4. Gulmarg Ski Resort

    Hotel, Food And Drinks, Entertainment, Desert

    If you are an experienced Skier and would love to explore the snow of Gulmarg, head over to the Gulmarg Ski Resort. The gondola ride to the top of the resort, and the beautiful snow capped mountains with a gradient slope make for and enjoyable ski experience.
  5. Baba Reshi Shrine

    Religious Site, Architecture

    Dedicated to Baba Reshi, a Muslim scholar in the court of King Zain-Ul-Abidin- the ruler of Kashmir in 15th century, the shrine was built in 1480. Baba Reshi’s legendary stories depict how he helped the people around him for their betterment. The shrine itself is an architectural piece of art- showcasing Moghul and Persian designs. Take a walk around the premises and the garden to experie...Read more
  6. Shiva Temple

    4.3 (1994 Votes)
    Shiva Temple

    Religious Site, Temple

    One of the few remnants from the Dogra Dynasty which is hard to miss from anywhere in Gulmarg, the temple was built by Maharani Mohini Bai Sisodhia, wife of Maharaja Hari Singh. The Queen was known to visit the temple everyday to pray to Lord Shiva. However, the interesting part of the temple is the Priest who even though is a Muslim by religion, quotes both the Holy Quran and the Bhagvad Geeta...Read more
  7. Khilanmarg

    Entertainment, Adventure, Adventure Sport

    The Khilanmarg is located 6 kilometres from the city of Gulmarg and is known for its flower covered meadows in spring and 600 metre of ascent apt for skiing or snowboarding in peak winters. Highlights include : Winter Sports Beautiful view of the Himalayas (Nanga Parbat) which invites tourists all year round. A must whether you wish to simply enjoy the snow in winters or unleash the adrenalin...Read more
  8. St Mary's Church

    4.6 (660 Votes)
    St Mary's Church

    Church, Religious Site

    Built in the 1920’s, the church makes for the perfect scenery with the surrounding Alpine trees and white snow in winters. The iconic green roof is stunning while the interiors showcase roman architecture and beautiful wooden trimmings. A must as you hike around the terrain of the golf course to take a pit stop here. Don’t forget to carry your cameras.
  9. Gulmarg Backcountry Ski Lodge

    Hotel, Food And Drinks, Entertainment, Play

    If you love skiing and are keen on picking up the gear to slope down the majestic peaks at Gulmarg or know your way around snow and want to explore more, then head to the Gulmarg Backcountry Ski School. Take a 6 day course or simple an hourly session with trainers who will give you an experience of a lifetime. The perfect way to spend your winters in India.
  10. Strawberry Valley

    Garden, Theme Park, Picnic Spot

    Strawberry Valley is the hidden gem of Gulmarg. Hike to the valley or simply take a Taxi from the city to explore the green meadows with the delicious strawberries and the perfect weather that summer has to offer. A must in summers, don’t forget to carry a small picnic with you and a camera to capture all the goodness.
  11. Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve

    Forest, Wildlife Park, Picnic Spot, Nature

    Gulmarg is known for its spectacular fauna and is the highlight for many tourists. If you love wildlife, walk through the reserve to see Ref Fox, endangered species like Musk Deer, Hangul, Brown Bear, Leopard along with birds like Kashmir Roller, Blue Rock Pigeon, Griffon Vulture etc. The lush greens which serve well to the fauna have a charm of its own. Take a walk along the reserve to have an...Read more
  12. Alpather Lake

    Entertainment, Lake, Boating, Picnic Spot

    A natural marvel 13 kilometres away from Khilanmarg, Alpather lake is not a common sight. A spring season must see, the lake appears to be taken right out a fairytale- surrounded by beautiful flower-laden meadows, majestic peaks and fragrant air. If you want to unwind and just soak in the beauty of it all, then take a small picnic with you to lie down in its sheer brilliance. A must in spring s...Read more
  13. Ningle Nallah

    Water Body, Entertainment, Boating, Picnic Spot

    Ningle Nallah is the name of a stream located 10 kilometres away from Gulmarg. The stream receives water from the lakes in the region and surrenders itself to the Jhelum river. For those who love exploring destinations off the beaten path, the Ningle Nallah is sure to be one close to your heart. In summers the stream sings to the beautiful mountains which embrace it, while in winter it wears co...Read more