How to Reach Gurgaon


  • By Air: Indira Gandhi airport, situated on the National highway 8 connects Gurgaon to the outside world through the air. The distance from the airport to Gurgaon is 17.7 kms and it takes 20-25 minutes to travel.
  • By Train: Big cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad and Jaipur are connected to Gurgaon by Indian railways. Gurgaon railway station handles the train traffic, although there very few trains that travel on this route.
  • By Taxi: NH7 is the main highway that connects Gurgaon to Delhi and other parts. Private Taxis can be hired from local travel agencies for personal use.
  • By Bus: DTC and Haryana Roadways run the Gurgaon bus terminal which runs buses to other parts of Haryana and also interstate buses to neighboring states.


  • By Bus: Government buses connect the entire city with bus web. Private buses and mini buses also run in the city.
  • By Train: The Delhi metro’s yellow line extends to Gurgaon and is the main mode of transport in the city. It has ten stations in the city which commuters use extensively. Ticket windows are available at every station.
  • By Car: Chauffeured private cars can be hired from any local travel agencies.
  • By Taxi: Metered taxis run in some parts of the city. Shared taxis and private taxis are also a part of the city transport facilities.
  • By Rickshaw: Metered auto rickshaws also ply in the cities. Carry a fare card with you, although almost all Rickshaws have an electronic meter.
  • By Cycle-rickshaw: Cycle rickshaws are slow but help when you have to travel short distances, but don’t want to walk – not exactly something you can work into an automatic Gurgaon itinerary planner but definitely worth the experience.