Guyana Trip Planner

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Guyana Overview

This beautiful country of Guyana is part of the South American continent’s mainland. The country is connected to the Caribbean culture and way of life. Guyana has an extensive coastline with the Atlantic Ocean; the capital is the coastal city of Georgetown. Any Guyana travel guide will include a tour of its unspoiled rainforests, some of which are still inaccessible by humans. Guyana is one of the most bio-diverse regions of the world, with over 70% of the forests free from human encroachment.

Visa Procedures

There is no separate tourist visa requirement for residents of certain countries for staying up to 180 days in Guyana. You may check the updated list in the country’s official website. There is the provision of visa on arrival provided you have a sponsor or inviter in the country. Tourists are required to furnish their hotel’s name. Check that your passport is valid for 90 days after departure for ensuring you receive valid Guyana visa. Ensure you have enough blank pages in the passport for stamping purposes.

Best Time to Travel

Guyana is mostly covered with pristine rainforests, so the post-rainy months are ideal for visiting the country. Avoiding the rainy seasons from May to August and December to January is best as the area turns very muddy with heavy rains. Also, the beauty of the many waterfalls in the region can be witnessed after the rains. So, the latter part of the year, i.e., from September to November is the best time to visit Guyana.

Places You Must Visit

Guyana is an unspoiled part of nature in the world. To enjoy the experience first-hand, visiting the following destinations should be among the top things to do in Guyana.

  • National Park of Kaieteur: Visit the famous Kaieteur Falls; the green surrounding forests are a biologist’s paradise
  • Georgetown: The country’ capital; visit the Parliament Building and the St. George’s Anglican Cathedral, the tallest all-wooden building in the world
  • Shell Beach: Diverse coastal ecosystem, nesting site of marine turtles, the 90-mile stretch contains swamps, savannahs and forests

Means of Travel

Guyana is a country with diverse land and river systems; so, you will find various answers to your question of how the reach Guyana destinations. There is extensive road network in major areas of Guyana, so traveling by car or bus is the best option. Taxis are available for travel within and between cities. If you are considering Georgetown as your holiday base, make a budget of $300 for city travel and visiting its nearby attractions. Ferries are available at major river crossings.

Food and Lodging

The pepper pot stew is the national dish of Guyana; this meat stew contains cinnamon, Cassava Root sauce and Caribbean Pepper among other ingredients. You will find multiple influences of East Indian, Chinese, African and European cuisines in the food of Guyana. Try the Signature Inn or the Pegasus Hotel in Guyana for a relaxing holiday. The average fare will depend upon the type of accommodation which ranges from budget hotels to 5-star resorts.

All the above information will help you to plan your holiday around the best places to visit in Guyana and enjoy your time in this beautiful country.

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