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Places to visit in Haiti

Haiti Overview

The country of Haiti is part of the Caribbean archipelago and shares the Hispaniola Island with the Dominican Republic. The country is the most populous among the Caribbean Community of countries. Originally inhabited by the native Taino people, Spain and France have ruled this island till the middle of 18th century. Your Haiti travel guide will include glimpses into the cultural heritage and natural beauty of the country.

Visa Rules for Entry into Haiti

There is no separate tourist visa requirement for residents of most countries for traveling to Haiti. Only the nationals of Dominican Republic, Cuba, Panama and Colombia are required to apply for a visa prior to their entry. All tourists are required to carry their passport which is valid for the next six months. You are permitted to stay for three months with this type of Haiti visa in the country.

The Best Months for Traveling to Haiti

The climate of Haiti is tropical with minor differences due to altitude. You will experience a mild to hot general temperature in the region. The monsoon season arrives twice, with the 1st around April to June with intense downpours. The 2nd lighter but regular rainfall arrives after the hurricanes prevalent in this region. So, the best time to visit Haiti is during winter months of November to early March, when the climate is cooler and drier.

Places You Must Visit

The island-nation of Haiti is rich with cultural heritage and natural beauty. Visit the three historical monuments, The Palace of Sans-Souci, Site des Ramiers and CitadelleLaferrière, considered as the national symbols of Haiti. Your agenda of top things to do in Haiti may include zip-lining on the Labadee Beach, a famous tourist destination known for its white sands and crystal blue seas. The largest waterfall in the country, Saut-Mathurine, located in the southwest region, can find its way into your list of best places to visit in Haiti. The Cathedral Notre Dame in the Camp Haitien is an ideal location to relax and offer your respects after a day of exploration of the surrounding colonial countryside.

Traveling in Haiti                                     

You need to find a rented car at the earliest when you reach Haiti. The alternative means are crowded public transports locally known as “Tap-Tap”. These are typically modified buses or pickup trucks which are the main source of public transportation. So, the question of how to reach Haiti tourist destinations is best solved by hiring private cars, as the other means of transportation is unreliable and crowded.

Where to Stay and What to Eat in Haiti

The country of Haiti may not offer you over-the-top luxury, but there are plenty of options available for a comfortable holiday. You may select the Prince or Le Plaza Hotels at Port Au Prince for star-rated luxurious hospitality. You will find decent accommodations in Haiti for around $100. For a taste of local Haitian flavor, try the ‘Griot’ or ‘Accra’ at one of the native restaurants in the cities.

All these information will make your holiday plan for Haiti an informed decision. The island-nation of Haiti is full of Colonial cultural heritage and natural splendor.

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