Manten No Hoshi Hotel, Hakone

  • Address: 386 Ōhiradai, Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa-ken 250-0405, Japan
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  • - cockroach in the bathing area, clumps of hair in the bath. nice shampoo/conditioner but I wasn't really feeling it given the cleanliness situation - breakfast was included allegedly but they never offered it and it was "gone" by the time I asked - horrible florescent lighting, generally run down, stained carpets and walls, etc. - thin walls, clearly a party house for bachelors or whatever was going on next door (no way of asking the clerk to handle it since there's no desk staff at night, so I had to knock on their door at 1:30 am to ask them to keep it down, which luckily they were super sweet about) - bed was super uncomfortable, which granted might have been in part my western wimpiness since I'm used to actual beds and this is a tatami/futon situation. however, these are not futons, they're like very thin little pads, like sleeping on a comforter someone put on the floor. - wouldn't refund my second night since my back was killing me and I had to switch hotels. - overall, just stay in a hostel. it'll be more comfortable and a third the price. what a waste of two hundred bucks. And BTW, if you're visiting hakone and trying to figure out whether to get an affordable hotel that has an onsen or get a cheap hotel and then go to a nice onsen for a day visit, there is no such thing as an affordable hotel with a nice onsen apparently, so get a cheap hotel or hostel, and spend your savings pampering yourself at one of the nice spa/onsens close by. I couldn't decide on my strategy when trip planning and I chose wrong! No point in having a hot springs at your hotel if you don't want to get in it bleh.

  • Ok room... but lost our appetite as we found a huge living cockroach in the room just before dinner was served. Difficult to find other eateries close by and difficult to walk long distances as there is no pavement and people drive like crazy. Found an ok sushi place 5min from there but would prefer food from a 7/11 shop

  • Small Japanese style hotel (Ryokan). Front desk speaks a little English. Meals included, and lovely. Part of a set of three hotels, that all share Hot Springs, so you can go to the baths in any of them. Nice location and easy to access by Bus and Train.

  • Nice ryokan, but definitely needs a full renovation of the onsen and rooms. Kaiseki dinner was pretty awesome, service was punctual and very friendly

  • Prue Japan style hotel, but a little old furniture . Front door is pretty fashion . A little bit conflicted with the room.

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