15 Best Things To Do in Halmstad, Sweden

Halmstad is also known as the ‘Golf Capital’ of Sweden. It is a very popular tourist destination, which is most active during summers. Halmstad instantly impresses with its natural beauty, offering leisure and amusement.

Halmstad is a town with limitless chances for having fun and entertainment. From riding a bicycle on a sunny day on beaches to enjoy pristine nature surrounding the river, there is a number of great tourist attractions in Halmstad to ensnare all the adventure seekers and nature lovers alike.

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Let's explore Halmstad points of interest and 15 best things to do in Halmstad:

1. Tylosand Strand

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This fabulous long sandy beach is located to the west of the city and is a perfect example of how beaches should be clean and accessible and must have enough space, life-savers, hotels and bars and parking lots. Tylosand strand is a silky white sand beach that stretches for 7 kms and is almost jam-packed during the summers! However, the northern side of this beauty usually remains calm and is family friendly. The southern end is considered to be the livelier end, where the crowd is mainly composed of teenagers and youngsters.

On a perfect bright sunny day, ride a bicycle or take a bus to reach the spot then get drenched in its crystal clear water or lie under the sun on the sand or on a rented white chair. Thereafter choose from the many restaurants to enjoy a wonderful lunch.

2. Nissan River

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Nissan, the beautiful river, is a boundary between the old city and the city in the west bank with cafes, old parks and museums and the vibrant and modern part of the city in the east bank. This area is perfect for strolling, especially during springtime, with plenty of stops for tea, coffee and cakes- the traditional fika! The riverside walk has plenty of benches and places to sit and enjoy one’s own picnic.

Walking a few steps from the mouth of the river, one comes to Halmstad “castle” which is the residence of the country governor. In the extreme North, there is an island called Laxon, which is also known as the salmon island which is a perfect fishing spot while sipping a glass of coffee. This place also holds live concerts on a regular basis during the summer. There are many more fun activities like windsurfing, swimming. With the pristine nature surrounding the river, Nissan river promises to be one of the most enchanted places that one can have the privilege to stumble onto!

3. Galgberget

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Galgberget is an alluring park on a hill on Hamstad’s northern fringe with great history and beautiful garden and a beech forests nearby. This place is perfectly decorated with little cottages, barns, wonderful windmills and a viewing tower planted at the highest point. The viewing tower is designed like one of those romantic castles shown in the Disney movies with a viewing platform and it remains open in the summer.

With a beautiful view of the city, lovely old buildings and displays of their history, a number of jogging tracks, outdoor gyms and tea rooms, Galgberget is worth a visit.

4. Hallandsgarden

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Hallandsgarden is a small outdoor museum on the south side of the Galgberget and was created in 1925. This place allows a visitor to enjoy a pleasing view of the city with a number of farmhouses, windmills, saw mills, summer cottages, traditional sauna, schoolhouse and many more. This place will be thoroughly enjoyed by the children as it is equipped with a playground and also has farmyard animals.

5. Halmstad Castle

Halmstad slot (castle) was built by King Kristian in the early 1600s and has a lot of story about it. This spectacular castle was previously used for the meeting between the Swedish and the Danish kings. That, however, was long back and now this brick colored building is turned into the house for the administrative houses. Hence, a visitor is not allowed inside the castle but can enter the courtyard and the courtyard itself can play the role of the perfect backdrop for those perfect Instagram pictures.

6. Storgatan

Storgatan is a street, north to south, between Stora Torg and Norre Port. This is a tourist spot as at the upper end of this state stands as one of the last and few remaining city gates in Sweden. That definitely is not all that Storgatan has to offer! This place is filled with restaurants, shops, cafes, pubs and what not. The most interesting thing about this place is that there is a queue of covered porch running through the middle of the street!

Also, there are two magnificent churches located on the street, namely Hedvig Eleonora Church and the Oscarskyrkan church.

7. Stora Torg

Stora Torg is the largest square in the town and thus, is the heart of the city! The square is the perfect spot for hangout with regular markets, the old mill house which used to be a hospital in the 18th century, but now is transformed into a restaurant, food trucks selling delicacies and the St.

Nikolai church. Stora Torg is embellished by the infamous fountain of Europe and the bull by the artist Carl Milles.

8. Sankt Nikolai Kyrka

St. Nikolai is a remarkable church which is located in the center of Halmstad and is visible from Stora Torg. It happens to be the city’s last preserved medieval building that survived the alarming fire that took out most of the city in 1619.

St. Sankt Nikolai is a church that offers a great view and is good for one’s soul and belly as the staffs serve with classical music (sometimes jazz as well), poetry and a good soup!

9. Halmstads Konsthall

If one is craving to visit some culturally focused place in Halmstad, then Halmstad’s Konsthall is where they need to be in. It is more than just a library. The building cantilevers over the river. The place is small but the exhibitions held in here are really interesting and the staffs are well behaved!

From visiting the art exhibitions to reading a book or the international newspapers, one can never get bored here. There’s a small cafeteria as well from where one can enjoy the view of the River Nissan.

10. Danska Fall

Danska Fall is a system of falls that got its name from an instance that allegedly took place in here after the battle of Halmstad in 1676. It so happened that a group of Danish soldiers fell to their deaths in the falls. It is situated 20 kilometres outside Halmstad.

This place is good for hiking as well as relaxing with a forest nearby. However, there are no shops nearby thus it’s better to carry food with oneself while visiting the falls.

11. Halmstad Arena Bad

This is a fun public bath, good for winters, summers and rainy days as most of the activities are indoors. There are several water slides, water stream going around a fairly large bubble pool and a shallow and safer section for the kids. There is a pool with exercise lane and the shower rooms are fresh with both dry and steam sauna. There’s an outdoor pool as well.

12. Visit The Golf Capital

How can one visit the “golf capital” but not go golfing! There are 10 golf courses in Halmstad, rich in greenery and picturesque landscapes. With the perfect climate and green lush, one is sure to have the best-golfing experiences in Halmstad!

13. Mjellby Art Museum

Situated 4 kilometers away from Halmstad, the Mjellby art museum is actually the residence of Halmstadgruppen, which specifies a Halmstad group. The building itself is very interesting and the ambiance is cozy especially during summer when one can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea in the inner garden.

The main objective of the museum is to showcase the artwork done by the Swedish early surrealist, that is this Halmstad group, and thus has a permanent collection of their artwork. The museum is often seen presenting the works of Halmstadgruppen in new ways, new formations. The museum also arranges temporary guest exhibitions with popular and well-known artists which are really interesting, every time. This museum is the perfect spot for adults but that does not exclude the kids from enjoying themselves as there is a workshop for the kids in the gallery where they are allowed to play in a creative way. There’s also a small but nice bookshop with a great collection!

14. Halmstad Aventyrsland

This park is a blast from the 80s in the best possible way! This is no Disneyland but perfect for a getaway with pools and water rides. There are rides for people of all ages- adults, teenagers, and kids with good food and drink. Many shows are held during the day for the children’s to enjoy. This park is best for the children.

15. Garnisonsmuseet

A museum that showcases the history of Halmstad from the military perspective. This museum deals with the military history from the beginning to the end of the 19th century with a German and Soviet part and displays uniforms, antique musical instruments, gramophone records, a wedding dress made of parachute silk and medals.

Though known mainly as the land of beaches, the “summer city” Halmstad indulges its visitors in many breathtaking activities in water as well as on land. Kids and adults equally involved in every activity and once one gets to know the city they are ought to fall in love with each nook and corner of the city.

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    Halmstad Golfbana Tylosand

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