Best Things To Do in Hampi, India

Are you looking for what to do in Hampi?

Tourist attractions in Hampi serve up both architectural and natural delights. The landscape is strewn with rocks, and the patches of greenery resemble oases.

The Ruins of Vijayanagar cover 25 square Km in Hampi, and are a major tourist attraction. Enclosed by the remains of the ancient city wall you will find temples and palaces, fortifications and antique monuments.

Other ruins include the Bhojanasala (a soldiers dining hall), Kings balance (a 5 meter high archway-like structure), the remains of the Bukkas aqueduct, Krishna temple, Kodanda Rama temple and Krishna Bazaar (a newly excavated site, it was the car street for Krishna temple).

Vithala Temple- Contains one of India’s three world famous stone chariots, and also the incredible musical pillars.

Below we have a list of things to do in Hampi and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Hampi getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Hampi with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Hampi

Here is the list of things to do in Hampi and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Vithala Temple Complex

    Religious Site, Temple, Historical Site

    This Vithala Temple Complex is situated on the North Eastern part of Hampi and is one of the most predominant attractions of this place. One of the most beautiful parts of the temple complex is the Chariot Temple or the Ratha Temple. This is a monolithic Garuda Temple. This is one of the kinds of chariots in which the temple idols were taken out during festivals and occasions. There are three m...Read more
  2. Vijayanagar

    Religious Site, Temple, Village, River

    Among the beautiful surroundings of the golden brown boulders and the green banana fields lies the ruin of the “City of Victory” or Vijayanagara. It is in present times known as Hampi. The city is situated on the southern banks of the River Tungabhadra. This was a rich city full of color at one time which was destroyed by a Muslim invasion that lasted for half a year and thus left o...Read more
  3. Elephant Stables

    Art And Culture, Religious Site, Temple, Historical Site

    Among the least destroyed structures of Hampi, the elephant stable is the major one. This is the place which was used as the place to keep the royal elephants. There are 11 tall domed chambers and some of these are also interconnected. The central chamber is large which is said to have been used by the artists and musicians during functions which included elephant processions. The whole buildin...Read more
  4. Monkey Temple

    Religious Site, Temple, River, Historical Site

    The hill top Hanuman Temple is said to be the birthplace of Lord Hanumana. This is located in the center of the Anegondi area. The hill is also known as Anjaneyadri, which means the Hanuman Hill as Hanuman is also called Anjaneya being the son of Anjana. On the top of the hill is the Monkey temple dedicated to the monkey God, Hanumana. The temple is prominently visible from quite a distance due...Read more
  5. Matunga Hill

    4.7 (1287 Votes)
    Matunga Hill

    Temple, Trail, River, Historical Site

    Matunga is the most popular hill of Hampi. It is located in the heart of the city and is the highest point here. This is the main reason for its popularity as it provides the best view of the whole city. Another attraction here is the beautiful view of the dawn and dusk from the hill top. The northern part of the temple falls on the southern bank of the River Tungabhadra. The beautiful Kodanda ...Read more
  6. Statue Of Ugra Narasimha

    4.6 (1200 Votes)
    Statue Of Ugra Narasimha

    Temple, Historical Site, Statue

    The Ugra Narasimha Statue is the largest statue in Hampi that is situated in the Lakshminarasimha Temple complex. Here, the Lord Narasimha who is an avatar of Lord Vishnu and is a depiction of half man and half lion is sitting in the coil of a giant seven headed snake known as the Shesha Naga. The heads of the snake acts as a hood over the lord. He sits here in a cross legged yogic posture with...Read more
  7. Queen's Bath

    4.3 (1095 Votes)
    Queen's Bath

    Outdoors, Historical Site, Heritage Building

    The name of this place has some unknown mystery behind it. This place was a part of the royal enclosure for the kings and their wives. It looks like a plain rectangular building from outside but has a lot of designs when you go inside. The whole building has a circled verandah that overlooks the pond in the middle of the courtyard. The balconies are designed with small windows with lovely brack...Read more
  8. Tungabhadra River

    Art And Culture, Temple, Water Body, River

    Tungabhadra is a very important river in this region and most of the political and cultural history is significant due to this river. At this region the river takes a number of twists and turns due to the rocky terrains. Hampi is located somewhere in a path in the middle of the mighty river. The river along with the large boulders and rocks was never easy to be crossed except if one has already...Read more
  9. Shivlinga

    Religious Site, Temple, River, Historical Site

    This is the largest monolithic Shivlinga in Hampi and is established in the Badavilinga Temple here. It is housed next to the statue of the fierce Narasimha in a chamber with a front opening. If you look into the idol closely you will find three eyes carved on it that depict the three eyes of Lord Shiva. Legends say that this idol was established by a peasant woman thus, derives the name &lsquo...Read more
  10. Lotus Palace

    4.5 (920 Votes)
    Lotus Palace

    Art And Culture, Religious Site, Temple, Garden

    This is one of the most special parts of the royal enclosure or the zenana. The Lotus Palace or the Lotus Mahal is built inside the royal complex. The actual purpose of this palace is not known but it can be assumed that this was the place where the womenfolk of the royal family used to spend their leisure time. The architecture of this building is what makes it stand apart from the other monum...Read more
  11. Achyutaraya Temple

    4.7 (433 Votes)
    Achyutaraya Temple

    Religious Site, Temple, Outdoors, Ancient Ruin

    The Achyutaraya Temple was built in the 16th century by a high level official of the court of Achyutaraya and thus the name of the temple was given. This temple is the finest example of Vijayanagara architecture and is the last grandeur symbol before the fall of the empire. The temple is dedicated to Lord Thiruvengalanatha. This is an avatar of Lord Vishnu. The temple complex and the ruins of t...Read more
  12. Hazara Rama Temple

    4.6 (782 Votes)
    Hazara Rama Temple

    Art And Culture, Religious Site, Temple, Historical Site

    This temple is not very large but is the most important temple that was built in the royal complex and served as the king’s private temple. Its importance is evident from its central location. The name Hazara Rama is because of the multiple depictions of Lord Rama here. The most attracting feature of this temple is the exclusive variety of local mythological comic strips inscribed on the ...Read more
  13. Stepped Tank

    4.6 (817 Votes)
    Stepped Tank

    Religious Site, Historical Site, Architecture , Archaeological Site

    The stepped tank of Hampi is a part of the royal enclosure but does not date back to the early Vijayanagar times. It emerged when the archeologists dug till the bottom for evidences and when water was found, the stepped tank was built all around and beautified. This stepped tank is very different from all others in Hampi. This is made of complete black schist stone and is just so beautiful. It ...Read more
  14. Vijaya Vitthala Temple

    Religious Site, Temple, Landmark, Historical Site

    The Vijaya Vittala Temple is the most beautiful attraction of Hampi. The beauty of this temple is beyond words. The temple is built as a huge campus and consists of many halls, rooms, pavilions and towers. Every inch of this temple is exquisitely carved and has a wooden finish. The prime deity of this temple is Lord Vittala, which is an avatar of Lord Vishnu. Vishnu is worshipped in this part a...Read more
  15. Daroji Bear Sanctuary

    4 (328 Votes)
    Daroji Bear Sanctuary

    Forest, Water Body, Wildlife Sanctuary

    The Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary is also known as Karadi by the locals. The speciality of this place is that the sloth bears live in open habitats such as scrub forests, rocky terrains and lovely areas full of water bodies. This place also has lots of Mahuva trees that are favorites for the vegetarian bears as the honey from the flowers is loved by them. Sugarcane and maize are also part of thei...Read more