Events and Festivals in Hannover

  • January: ABF - Car, boat and leisure craft fair takes place at the Hanover Messegelande.
  • March: CeBIT - One of the world's premier annual technology fairs at the Hanover Exhibition Grounds.
  • April: Hanover Messe - Industrial technology fair at the Hanover Exhibition Grounds.
  • May: International Jazz Festival – Highly popular and held in May or June.
  • Masala - World music festival that attracts tens od thousands of music lovers.
  • International Fireworks Competition –Some of the best fireworks artists ever light up in Grosser Garden, Herrenhausen.
  • June: Royal Gardens Light Show at Grosser Garden.
  • Weltmusikfestival– just a series of uber-cool concerts.
  • July: Marksmen's Festival (Schutzenfest) – shooting festival in the Old Town and Schutzenplatz.
  • Niedersachsen Festival –The Germanic folk fill the streets with their flavor.
  • August: Altstadtfest–More music.
  • Maschseefest - Beer, music and theatre and fireworks at the lake.
  • September: International Fireworks Festival – The spectacular ending to the event that started in May.
  • Swinging Hanover –autumn and jazz… what could go wrong?
  • October: Oktoberfest – no explanation needed.
  • November: Mimuse–Comedy and cabaret at the Langenhagen Theatre.
  • December: Weihnachtsmarkt–Local artists get into the Christmas spirit.
  • Christmas

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