Things to do in Hannover

The Best Things To Do in Hannover

Here's a list of some of the best things to do, during your trip to Hannover, Germany.

Spend some time with the wild animals by visiting the Erlebnis Zoo. This one is the most popular attractions in Hannover. Go back in time by visiting the Hannover City Hall, which also has a historical significance. Get an eye soothing experience by visiting the well maintained Herrenhausen Gardens. Other major attractions include Maschee, Sprengel Museum, Castle Marienburg and Lower Saxony State Museum.

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    32 Tourist Attractions in Hannover

    Must see places in Hannover ranked on popularity. Here is the complete list of best attractions in Hannover and point of interests to visit.

  • Erlebnis Zoo Hannover

    #1 of 32 Things To Do in Hannover
    Erlebnis Zoo Hannover

    Tags: Outdoors, Wildlife Park, Zoo, River

    Address: Adenauerallee 3, 30175 Hannover, Germany

    Timings: 09:00 am - 06:00 pm Details

    This incredible zoo’s faced quite a number of problems: poor management, WWI, WWII, frequent ownership transfer and debt crises. Fed up, they finally threw $110 million at it and now the amount ...Read more

  • Hannover City Hall

    #2 of 32 Things To Do in Hannover
    Hannover City Hall

    Tags: Art And Culture, View Point, Architecture , Arts And Crafts

    Address: Am Maschpark, Hannover, Lower Saxony, Germany

    Timings: 07:15 am - 06:00 pm Details

    When their original castle at this site got damaged by the war, the city wasn’t going to take it lying down. Over a series of renoations and rebuildings, the castle has once again got it’s...Read more

  • Herrenhausen Gardens

    #3 of 32 Things To Do in Hannover
    Herrenhausen Gardens

    Tags: Garden, Walking Area, Festival

    Address: Herrenhauserstrasse 4, 30419 Hannover, Germany

    Timings: 09:00 am - 07:00 pm Details

    As pretty up close as they are from the air, the Baroque Great Garden, the Botanical Berggarten, and the EnglishGeorgengarten and the Welfengarten are tremendous landscaping achievements. The Great Ga...Read more

  • Maschee

    #4 of 32 Things To Do in Hannover

    Tags: Lake

    Address: Maschee Hannover, Lower Saxony, Germany (Mitte)

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    Hey, an artificial lake in the middle of the city! That’s always fun. It took the city three years to build it and it made the public very happy by creating jobs in a time of Depression (yes, th...Read more

  • Sprengel Museum Hannover

    #5 of 32 Things To Do in Hannover
    Sprengel Museum Hannover

    Tags: Art And Culture, Art Museum, Art Gallery, Museum

    Address: Kurt-Schwitters-Platz, 30169 Hannover, Germany

    Timings: 10:00 am - 06:00 pm Details

    From the outside and from the inside, this building is as space age looking a it gets. Showcasing most the works of Bernhard Sprengel, the museum is austere yet grand in its exhibition of terrific mod...Read more

  • Aegidien Kirche

    #6 of 32 Things To Do in Hannover
    Aegidien Kirche

    Tags: Religious Site, Historical Site, War Memorial, Cathedral

    Address: Osterstraße, 30159 Hannover, Germany

    Timings: 10:00 am - 06:00 pm Details

    It’s when you come close to this standard looking church when you see how battered beyond repair it is. Then you realise its not a church, but a memorial, left to stand as it was after the Allie...Read more

  • Castle Marienburg

    #7 of 32 Things To Do in Hannover
    Castle Marienburg

    Tags: Tour, Castle, Concert, Architecture

    Address: Marienberg 1, Pattensen b Hannover, Lower Saxony, Germany

    Timings: 10:00 am - 06:00 pm Details

    Just about 30 minutes south of Hannover is a castle to break your hearts. Straight out of a fairy tale, this Gothic Revival wonder is named for Queen Marie, beloved of King George V, the last king of ...Read more

  • Marktkirche

    #8 of 32 Things To Do in Hannover

    Tags: Church, Religious Site

    Address: Osterstraße, 30159 Hannover, Germany

    Timings: 09:00 am - 07:00 pm Details

    The Church of the Marketplace… not a church name you hear very often. This Lutheran House is popular for its late Medieval wooden altar with carvings of the passion of the Christ and scenes fro...Read more

  • Sea Life Hannover

    #9 of 32 Things To Do in Hannover
    Sea Life Hannover

    Tags: Aquarium

    Address: Herrenhauser Strasse 4A, 30419 Hannover, Germany

    Timings: 10:00 am - 05:30 pm Details

    A very standard aquarium, the place nevertheless has covered it’s basics: sharks, octopus, rays, piranhas and turtles. If you’re in Hannover, and you’ve nothing else to do, sure, thi...Read more

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  • St. Markus Kirche

    Arsterdamm 12

    Historic and Protected Sites
  • Hasbruch

    Am Forsthaus 4

    Historic and Protected Sites
  • Arster Kirche

    Historic and Protected Sites
  • Moor bei Niedersandhausen

    Historic and Protected Sites
  • Markthalle Delmenhorst

    Historic and Protected Sites
  • Hatter Holz

    Historic and Protected Sites
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  • Michael Pustleik

    Hinter dem Berg 3

  • Hans Georg Timpe

    Hinterm Berg 97

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  • Werdersee

  • Drielaker See

  • Meiereisee

  • DLRG Station am Werdersee

  • Stoteler See

  • Stadtwaldsee

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  • Übersee-Museum

    Bahnhofsplatz 13

    Museums Landmarks
  • Landesmuseum für Natur und Mensch

    Damm 38-44

  • Grosse Kunstschau

    Lindenallee 3

  • Overbeck-Museum

    Alte Hafenstraße 30

  • Focke-Museum

    Schwachhauser Heerstraße 240

  • Haus im Schluh

    Im Schluh 37

    Museums Landmarks
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  • Arcade Hotel Consult

    Faulenstraße 45

    Amusement Parks Arcades
  • Jumicar

    Auf dem Bohnenkamp 102

    Amusement Parks
  • BHO Automaten und Spielhallen GmbH

    An der Weide 29

    Amusement Parks
  • Julius Ostermann GmbH

    Schütte-Lanz-Straße 1-3

    Amusement Parks
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  • Port Piet

    Neukirchstraße 36

    Restaurants Bars Cafes, Coffee and Tea Houses
  • Lemans

    Keplerstraße 36

    Bars Restaurants
  • Taubenschlag

    Auf dem Peterswerder 6

    Bars Restaurants
  • Big Ben Pub

    Wallstraße 1

    Restaurants Bars
  • Runken-Eck

    In der Runken 1

    Restaurants Bars
  • lift Internetcafe

    Weberstraße 18

    Cafes, Coffee and Tea Houses Restaurants Bars
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  • Casino Bremen

    Schlachte 26

    Casinos and Gaming
  • Fridolin's Spielparadies

    Am Ortsrand 2

    Casinos and Gaming
  • Merkur Spielothek Spielautomatenaufsteller

    Bahnhofstraße 28-31

    Casinos and Gaming
  • Casino Royal GmbH

    Lange Straße 44

    Casinos and Gaming
  • Casino Royal GmbH

    Faulenstraße 48-52

    Casinos and Gaming
  • Big Cash Casino Habenhausen

    Steinsetzerstraße 15

    Casinos and Gaming
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  • Weserstrand

View On Map
  • Maritime Meile Bremen

  • Gellener Torfmöörte

  • Schönebecker Auetal

  • Wanderverein Oldenburg

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  • Fisch Büsing

    Weserstraße 80

    Hunting and Fishing
  • Kanu-Scheune

    Hauptstraße 2

    Hunting and Fishing
  • Oldenburger Jagdcenter Niedfeld GmbH

    Posthalterweg 8

    Hunting and Fishing
  • Erzeugergemeinschaft der Küstenfischer im Weser-Ems-Gebiet

    Mars-la-Tour-Straße 6

    Hunting and Fishing
  • Aumunder Angelzentrum

    Am Becketal 1

    Hunting and Fishing
  • Neptun GmbH

    Am Binnenhafen 2

    Hunting and Fishing
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