Best Things To Do in Hannover, Germany

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Gardens and Parks:

  • The Great Garden of Herrenhausen: Stunning baroque gardens.
  • Sea Life: An alright, nothing special marine aquarium.
  • Erlebnis Zoo: One of the best and most modern zoos in Europe.
  • City Park: A nice place to relax.
  • Eilenriede: A massive forest crisscrossed with many trail within a city.
  • Tiergarten: A moderately sized recreational forest.
  • Maschee: A large recreational lake in the centre of the city, with a swimming beach in the south-east.


  • City Hall: A beautiful building, a crazy elevator to the top and four intricate models of the city at different times.
  • Leibniz House: Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, mathematician and philosopher who developed calculus and a widely used notation system lived here.
  • Home of Baron Munchhausen: Home of a flamboyant Hanoverian storyteller.
  • Historical Museum: Tells the story of Hannover, and of it’s folk traditions.
  • Lower Saxony State Museum: An eclectic collection of fine art, ethno, archeo, and natural history exhibits. One of the best museums in town.
  • Wilhelm-Busch Museum: A collection of drawn and painted satire. Hilarious.
  • Sprengel Museum Hannover: Excellent modern art.
  • Kestner-Museum: Small museum with an emphasis on Antiquity.
  • Castle Marienburg: Incredibly pretty neo-gothic architecture.

Neighbourhoods and Miscellaneous:

  • The Nanas: Sculptures byNiki de Saint Phalle.
  • List: A neighborhood popular with students.
  • Waterloo Memorial: Memorial to Napoleon’s defeat.
  • AltesRathaus: The old Town House.

Below we have a list of things to do in Hannover and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Hannover getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

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Tourist Attractions in Hannover

Here is the list of things to do in Hannover and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Erlebnis Zoo Hannover

    4.5 (497 Votes)
    Erlebnis Zoo Hannover

    Outdoors, Wildlife Park, Zoo, River

    This incredible zoo’s faced quite a number of problems: poor management, WWI, WWII, frequent ownership transfer and debt crises. Fed up, they finally threw $110 million at it and now the amount of fun you’ll have here is enough to leave you with brain damage. It’s divided into 7 distinct themes: Zambezi: For the African Savannah with it’s own river ride and trading post...Read more
  2. Hannover City Hall

    4.7 (480 Votes)
    Hannover City Hall

    Art And Culture, View Point, Architecture , Arts And Crafts

    When their original castle at this site got damaged by the war, the city wasn’t going to take it lying down. Over a series of renoations and rebuildings, the castle has once again got it’s fairy-tale-esque look, beautiful from the inside and the outside. The architectural style applied here is best described as eclectic, a flourish of many different sty;es that work to gether to cre...Read more
  3. Herrenhausen Gardens

    4.6 (449 Votes)
    Herrenhausen Gardens

    Garden, Walking Area, Festival

    As pretty up close as they are from the air, the Baroque Great Garden, the Botanical Berggarten, and the EnglishGeorgengarten and the Welfengarten are tremendous landscaping achievements. The Great Garden: 50 acres of green geometrical triumph, the garden holds a number of small festivals throughout the year as well as a magnificent fireworks festival in summer. Theatrical and musical performan...Read more
  4. Maschee

    4.6 (361 Votes)


    Hey, an artificial lake in the middle of the city! That’s always fun. It took the city three years to build it and it made the public very happy by creating jobs in a time of Depression (yes, this was the early 1930s). Now, the place is one of the city’s favourite retreats. A festival called Maschseefest (literally Swampfest) is held in the summer for a couple of weeks with much cab...Read more
  5. Sprengel Museum Hannover

    4.4 (310 Votes)
    Sprengel Museum Hannover

    Art And Culture, Art Museum, Art Gallery, Museum

    From the outside and from the inside, this building is as space age looking a it gets. Showcasing most the works of Bernhard Sprengel, the museum is austere yet grand in its exhibition of terrific modern art, with paintings from practically every great name in the business (Max Ernst, Fernand Leger, Paul Klee, Pablo Picasso, Emil Nolde and Max Beckmann) thrown in. The collection continues to gr...Read more
  6. Aegidien Kirche

    4.5 (286 Votes)
    Aegidien Kirche

    Religious Site, Historical Site, War Memorial, Cathedral

    It’s when you come close to this standard looking church when you see how battered beyond repair it is. Then you realise its not a church, but a memorial, left to stand as it was after the Allies had bombed it in WWII. There’s an austere grace to the place; it’s a lot more beautiful in death than it probably was in life. There’s no organization looking over it now, just ...Read more
  7. Marktkirche

    5 (238 Votes)

    Church, Religious Site

    The Church of the Marketplace… not a church name you hear very often. This Lutheran House is popular for its late Medieval wooden altar with carvings of the passion of the Christ and scenes from the lives of patron saints Saint George and Saint James; a big organ made out of parts of older organs; and a carillon of eleven bells. It’s visible from so many spots in Hannover that if y...Read more
  8. Sea Life Hannover

    4 (215 Votes)
    Sea Life Hannover


    A very standard aquarium, the place nevertheless has covered it’s basics: sharks, octopus, rays, piranhas and turtles. If you’re in Hannover, and you’ve nothing else to do, sure, this place is worth a visit, but there are better aquariums around the world. A common complaint among visitors is that it’s way too overprices for the experience. Another complaint is that the ...Read more
  9. Eilenriede

    4.6 (262 Votes)

    Outdoors, Biking Trail, Walking Area, Nature

    Just say the word… Eilenriede. Sounds like something straight out of a Tolkine novel doesn’t it. So when I tell you it’s a forest, there’s no way you’re not imagining tree-leaping elves with bow-and-arrows slung across their back, being awesome like nobody’s business. Cradling the south of  Hannover, this 6 km long wood has about 130 kilometres of trail...Read more
  10. Lower Saxony State Museum

    4.5 (165 Votes)
    Lower Saxony State Museum

    Natural History Museum

    This groovy museum, the largest in the state, has four sections to it: The State Gallery: the region’s better fine art from the middle ages to the 220th century, including some master work by Rubens and Rembrandt. The Archaeology Department: a million artefacts covering half a million years of history, with the really good stuff ranging from early Stone Age to the late middle ages. The E...Read more
  11. Museum Of History

    4.4 (133 Votes)
    Museum Of History

    History Museum

    The museum is pretty straightforward; it tells Hannover’s story over the last 750 years through a combination of artefacts, historical oddities, documents, portrait of rulers and other important people, flags and medals and a lot of other stuff besides. Some minor exhibitions focus on particular themes and times, highlighting a particular part of the city’s history as unique from th...Read more
  12. Wilhelm-busch Museum

    4.4 (163 Votes)
    Wilhelm-busch Museum

    Specialty Museum

    Ever been in a museum that’s collected almost nothing but satirical art? Caricatures by Wilhelm abound at this quirky attractions, and other collectors and artists saw fit to grace this place with their own works. With art that covers a period of the last four centuries, aside from Wilhelm’s work, the museum also owns: Paul Flora, 370 works Hanns Erich Kohler, 4,383 works Volker Kr...Read more
  13. Kropcke
    This is a large pedestrian area in the heart of Hannover and is also Hannover’s major shopping spot. It is home to the Opera house and many eateries in the city. There is a big green clock here which is an ideal meeting point for most people in the city.
  14. Hanover Zoo
    This is a modern zoo also deemed one of Europe’s best zoos. It is home to about 2000 animals from all over the world. The tickets are a bit pricey but for a whole day of animal fun, they are worth it. The zoo is open all year round. Phone Number :- 0511 28074-163
  15. Osho Discothe
    This is one of the oldest clubs in the city but has been revamped several times to keep up with modern times. It boasts a 90 meter square dance floor for all eager dancers to dance the night away. Phone Number :- +49 511 6422785