Hanoi Railway Station

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  • Address: Lê Duẩn, Khâm Thiên, Đống Đa, Hà Nội, Vietnam, Hanoi
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Hanoi Railway Station Reviews & Ratings

  • This is literally the slowest trainstation I have ever been to my whole life. The lady behind the desk is totally not interested in helping you. We have been standing and waiting for her stuff for nearly an hour. She made us write our motorbike details on a paper which was in Vietnamese... spoke completely no English. Disastrous.

  • Arriving early in the morning after an overnight train is probably not the most convenient option and is best avoided. The station itself is what it is, and does not have any of the modern amenities most international travellers would expect. However, it is fairly clean and the staff try their best to help. Beware of touts and best to arrange transport beforehand.

  • We booked our train tickets online (Ha Noi to Hue) with 12go to secure our seats/cabin.. everything went well for us, organized and all.. as for the train station, it's well ventilated, clean and organized as well, the restrooms were neat, in good condition, well maintained so no problem with that... plus there's vinmart inside the station so it's quite easy to get food and drinks for the trip. Just 10 mins walk from Old Quarter...

  • Beautiful, clean, easy going! Good experience travelling from Hanoi Central Station!

  • I am used to taxi ranks around the world but never had such a BAD experience as here: Two drivers had an angry argument over us - it seems they have a priority system but it is not evident to the customer - so we walked with one, the other followed. The driver tried to take us to his taxi somewhere out of the taxi rank across the road, so we refused and chose the nearest taxi within the rank. The two drivers picked on him with verbal abuse then when I told them both it was my choice, not his, the one who had followed started verbally abusing me ending in "F**K YOU" accompanied by middle finger. The driver was big for a Vietnamese, and at 5am in the corner of a dark parking lot that aggression could be very scary to many travelers. An organized priority system or some form of policing would make this a safer and more pleasant experience for customers and drivers.

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