15 Best Things To Do in Harare, Zimbabwe

What do we most often look forward to and be excited about when we plan to visit a new place? The three things that straight away come to our mind are - firstly, enjoying the scenic beauty, secondly, we do look forward to attempting some different kind of activities and, finally, we try to intersperse with the culture and try to get to know new people.

Whatever be your reason, Harare has got all of them. Whether you love spending time in nature or relaxing in a spa, it has quite a few more activities in store for almost everyone. But one thing that drags people down all the way to Harare is the Safari rides. There are many tourist attractions in Harare likeLake Chivero,Thetford game reserve,Chapungu national park etc.

Here's the list of places to visit and 15 best things to do in Harare:

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1. Go skiing on Lake Chivero

Lake Chivero - ImagePhoto: wikimedia.org

Lake Chivero is about 30 km west of Harare and is a perfect place to begin with the list of thrilling adventures that one is set to do in Harare. Heading towards Lake Chivero means an individual must be ready for some real adventure starting off with water skiing, then maybe boating and ending your day with tubing.

2. Visit wildlife sanctuary

Attractions in Harare - ImagePhoto: Pixabay.com

This wildlife sanctuary, a tourist destination where an individual should head if he/she loves animals. Here you can get up and close to the animals with proper safety standards. Along with Lions, Monkeys, Cheetahs, Kudus and other animals are all on view here. On a side note, the sanctuary adopts and looks after the rescued, and orphaned animals.

3. Enjoy delicious cuisine at the Butler’s kitchen

The Butler's kitchen is a perfect place for non-vegetarians {meat eaters). It has got a variety of options in terms of meats and cuts to choose from. Carnivores will be spoilt for choices, as the chef grills the meals to perfection.

4. Go on a game drive at the Thetford game reserve

Going to new places Is not just about the scenic beauty and exploring nature. Sometimes, one can also get into some exciting activities like gaming. The Thetford game reserve is a perfect setup for a for a magical afternoon game drive. It is just a 40 mins ride from Harare. The reserve is in the Mazowe valley, where one can see a variety of wildlife, and along with it, one would also have the privilege to see over 150 species of birds, some of which are found only in the vicinity of Harare.

5. Enjoy horseback riding in Mukuvisi woodlands

Things to do in Harare - ImagePhoto: flickr.com

At just a distance of 30 mins from Harare, the beautiful Mukuvisi woodlands is located. There are various walks that one can do in the majestic woodland. However, the best way to see the area is the old school horseback way, which in itself is a thrilling experience. An individual can also get to see various animals including Giraffe, Rhino and elephant.

6. For the bird lovers - Kuimba bird sanctuary

Must see in Harare - ImagePhoto: wikimedia.org

If an individual is planning to visit Lake Chivero, then he/she can also pay a visit to the Kuimba bird sanctuary. The park has over 460 species of indigenous birds and it is the sole park in Zimbabwe which is home to the orphaned, abandoned and injured birds.

7. Shopping at Sam's Levy village

We all love to take back home some token of memories in the form of some antique accessories. The Sam’s Levy village is a perfect place to shop. Sam Levy’s village is located at Borrowers road in Harare. It is a pretty well-known shopping spot and is designed to replicate an old European village where shoppers walk along the pavement between stores.

8. National Botanical garden a perfect picnic spot

The ever so beautiful National Botanical garden of Zimbabwe is located just 4 km outside the Harare city centre. This garden is home to the National Herbarium of Zimbabwe that covers most of the area. Half of the garden is dedicated to the indigenous plants from Zimbabwe. While the other half contains plants mainly found in the African region.

9. Hiking at Domboshawa is a must do activity

Hiking is unarguably one of the blood pumping activities, which keeps the adrenaline flowing. Hiking at Domboshawa has the same thrill, if not more. Here, one can go for a moderate hike uphill and then enjoy the amazing view. Like other hiking spots, the ideal time to go here is just before the sunset.

10. Visit at Chapungu national park

Chapungu national park is a large 20-acre sculpture park lying in the adjoining area of Harare. The park brings much-needed awareness among the general public regarding sculpturing by promoting the trend of stone sculptors from Zimbabwe and other African countries.

11. Fishing at Darwendale Dam

The Darwendale Dam is located just 70 km outside the city and it is one of the best fishing spots in the country by far. The dam contains largemouth fish which weighs around 8.2kg. So, it's not a surprise that one would end up catching a big fish without having to slog too hard for it.

12. Head towards Amanzi health spa to relax

As the day ends and the sun sets, the best way to relax after a tiresome journey is to head towards the Amanzi health spa. This quiet sanctuary is located amongst the flowing water that features a pool deck. It has qualified and trained therapists in different forms of treatment, so one can be sure of leaving this place relaxed with a good night sleep. Start afresh the next morning so that the remaining trip is carried on the with the same fervor and the trip ends on a good note.

13. Getting into the nightlife at the TIn roof Bucket Bar and Bistro

After having traveled all day and viewing different places up close, one should also try to enjoy the nightlife of the place which is altogether a different experience. And so for all those who love the night outs, the Tin Roof Bucket Bar and Bistro is the spot to head towards.

14. Get hold of some traditional art

The Doon estate and Chapungu village are the two spots from where one can get your hands on some of the local art from the plethora of art galleries. They offer handmade pottery and homemade Belgian chocolates as well. The handmade pottery is the best collections of the art gallery and people who visit this place should never miss out on them (handmade pottery).

15. Visiting the Zimbabwe national art gallery can be an enthralling activity

The national art gallery in Zimbabwe or commonly known as the Zimbabwe National Art gallery is a quintessential presentation and conservation of the nation's contemporary art and visual heritage. This is the perfect place for those who like to know of the history of the country and its ancient heritage. It is also a great place for the art lovers to get to know some of the interesting facts related to the history of the country with reference to the evolution of arts right from the beginning.

We have covered the 15 best things to do in Harare so that you don’t miss out on anything. What are you waiting for? Pack up, and get going!

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Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Harare, Zimbabwe

Must see places in Harare ranked on popularity. Here is the complete list of Harare tourist attractions & points of interest.

  1. # 1 of 24 Things To Do in Harare | Added 1188 times in trip plans
    Wild Is Life Trust

    Tags: Wildlife Sanctuary , Zoo, Entertainment, Tourist Center

    Address: Delport Road, Harare 0000, Zimbabwe

    Timings: 03:30 pm - 06:30 pm Details

    Recognizing the need for wildlife conservation and protection, the Wild is Life Trust was founded in 2010 and is a popular tourist spot. Although it’s been open to public only for a couple of ye...Read more

  2. # 2 of 24 Things To Do in Harare | Added 1155 times in trip plans
    Mukuvisi Woodlands

    Tags: Outdoors, Forest, Safari, Wildlife Safari

    Address: Glenara Avenue, Queensdale, Harare, Zimbabwe

    Timings: 08:00 am - 05:00 pm Details

    Easily accessible from the city centre, the Mukuvisi Woodlands is an ideal family vacation. Described as a safari in a city, the Mukuvisi Woodlands are 256 hectares of natural habitat and its denizens...Read more

  3. # 3 of 24 Things To Do in Harare | Added 776 times in trip plans
    Kuimbashiri Bird Sanctuary

    Tags: Outdoors, Wildlife Sanctuary , Safari, Boating

    Address: Mashonaland West, Zimbabwe

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    The KuimbaShiri Bird Sanctuary is home to many bird species and offers a wide range of activities- perfect for the nature lover in you. Highlights include: Bird watching Boating and Game Viewing Fish...Read more

  4. # 4 of 24 Things To Do in Harare | Added 230 times in trip plans
    Lion And Cheetah Park

    Tags: Park, Safari

    Address: Bulawayo Road, Harare, Zimbabwe

    Timings: 09:00 am - 05:00 pm Details

    If you have always wanted to see the cheetahs and other animals while riding a safari jeep, then the Lion And Cheetah Park will offer you such enthralling experience in Zimbabwe. The lions, cheetahs, ...Read more

  5. # 5 of 24 Things To Do in Harare | Added 109 times in trip plans
    Lake Chivero Recreational Park

    Tags: Park, View Point

    Address: Seke, Zimbabwe

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    Completed in 1952, the Lake Chivero Recreational Park is located next the Chivero Lake- offering a plush green view of nature at its best. Highlights include: Bird Watching Fishing Camping Horse Ridi...Read more

  6. # 6 of 24 Things To Do in Harare | Added 1129 times in trip plans
    Harare Gardens

    Tags: Garden, Park

    Address: Samora Machel Avenue, Harare, Zimbabwe

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    The city’s largest park and a preferred spot for an outdoor wedding among many Zimbabwean couples, the Harare Gardens provides a nice respite from the busy schedule of the city. As peaceful as i...Read more

  7. # 7 of 24 Things To Do in Harare | Added 732 times in trip plans
    Doon Estate

    Tags: Shopping Center

    Address: 1 Harrow Road, Msasa, Harare, Zimbabwe

    Timings: 08:00 am - 05:00 pm Details

    Your trip to Harare isn’t complete without a visit to Doon Estate. One of the best shopping areas of the nation, even if you don’t like to shop the Estate is definitely worth a visit. The ...Read more

  8. # 8 of 24 Things To Do in Harare | Added 747 times in trip plans
    Raintree Venue

    Tags: River, Tourist Center

    Address: 1 Langhorne Lane, Harare 04, Zimbabwe

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    Once you see the Raintree Venue, it’ll give a whole new meaning to ‘destination’. It’s highly unlikely that you’d have seen something as pristine and beautiful as this ve...Read more

  9. # 9 of 24 Things To Do in Harare | Added 513 times in trip plans
    National Botanic Gardens

    Tags: Botanical Garden, Walking Area

    Address: Fifth Street, Harare, Zimbabwe

    Timings: 09:00 am - 05:00 pm Details

    The National Botanic Gardens are the pride and joy of Harare. This sprawling slice of nature plays host to a variety of vegetation that thrives in the climate of Zimbabwe. The sheer types and range of...Read more

  10. # 10 of 24 Things To Do in Harare | Added 545 times in trip plans
    National Gallery Of Zimbabwe

    Tags: Art Gallery, Sculpture

    Address: cnr Julius Nyerere Way & Park Lane, Harare, Zimbabwe

    Timings: 09:00 am - 05:00 pm Details

    Originally named the “National Gallery of Rhodesia”, the name was altered when Rhodesia was. Dedicated to preserving, conserving and presenting the contemporary and visual art heritage of ...Read more

  11. # 11 of 24 Things To Do in Harare | Added 529 times in trip plans
    Chapungu Sculpture Park

    Tags: Park, Sculpture

    Address: 1 Harrow Road, Msasa, Harare, Zimbabwe

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    The Chapungu Sculpture Park embraces Zibabwe’s sculpture art. Be amazed by a wide collection of sculptures made in solid stone. Founded in the 70s, the life-like art is merged well with nature- ...Read more

  12. # 12 of 24 Things To Do in Harare | Added 486 times in trip plans
    Zimbabwe Museum Of Human Sciences Or Queen Victoria Museum

    Tags: Art Gallery, Specialty Museum

    Address: Burnett Way, Harare, Zimbabwe

    Timings: 09:00 am - 05:00 pm Details

    Located in the heart of the city, the Zimbabwe Museum of Human Sciences showcases some of the best archeological artifacts- covering the country’s rich history of culture and art. Highlights inc...Read more

  13. # 13 of 24 Things To Do in Harare | Added 181 times in trip plans
    National Archives Of Zimbabwe

    Tags: Library, Museum, History Museum

    Address: Borrowdale Road, Gunhill Private Bag 7729, Causeway, Harare

    Timings: 08:30 am - 04:00 pm Details

    True to its name, the National Archives of Zimbabwe is full of history! Right from the days of Rhodesia, to after it was re-named Zimbabwe, the National Archives holds within its wall, all the stories...Read more

  14. # 14 of 24 Things To Do in Harare | Added 447 times in trip plans
    National Heroes Acre

    Tags: Memorial, Monument

    Address: Kambuzuma, Harare, Zimbabwe

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    A burial ground for Patriotic Front Guerrillas troops and Zimbabwean, the people buried here are a proof of the troubled times in Zimbabwe- to keep their heroic acts alive for years to come. The centr...Read more

  15. # 15 of 24 Things To Do in Harare | Added 120 times in trip plans
    Amara's Health Spa

    Tags: Leisure, Spa, Adults

    Address: 19, Fernleigh Road, Pomona, Harare, Zimbabwe

    Timings: 09:00 am - 05:00 pm Details

    Amara's Health Spa is a luxurious and popular massage and beauty center in Harare. It is situated in the suburban area, and hence provides ample seclusion. The staff here is experienced and profession...Read more

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