Best Things To Do in Harare, Zimbabwe

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  • National Gallery of Zimbabwe: The National Gallery has been around since the days of Rhodesia- the Gallery was renamed after the country changed its name. The National Gallery has done a commendable job in preserving the contemporary and visual art heritage of Zimbabwe. With over 6000 permanent exhibits, the Gallery has also proved to be a stepping stone for many local artists which are now known on an international level.
  • National Botanic Gardens: A piece of nature you should not miss out on, the National Botanic Gardens are the pride and joy of Zimbabwe and rightly so. Imagine a sprawling 58 hectares lush with mind-numbing varieties of flora and fauna is the perfect excuse for you to forget the world around you.
  • National Archives of Zimbabwe: One of the best places to learn about the history of Zimbabwe, the National Archives of Zimbabwe has documented events ever since the days of Rhodesia. Pictures, personal accounts of settlers and traders and other such artifacts tell a riveting tale of the country including the War of Liberation and Second Chimurenga.
  • Doon Estate: It’s time to hang up your sight see gear and grab your bags and wallets as you head to Zimbabwe’s most famous shopping district. Even if you’re not in the mood to shop, just walk around the Estate- the sheer variety of commodities on sale are sure to make you reach your pockets to shell out some cash.

Below we have a list of things to do in Harare and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Harare getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Harare with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Harare

Here is the list of things to do in Harare and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Wild Is Life Trust

    Wildlife Sanctuary , Zoo, Entertainment

    Recognizing the need for wildlife conservation and protection, the Wild is Life Trust was founded in 2010 and is a popular tourist spot. Although it’s been open to public only for a couple of years, visitors can not only enjoy the company of animals but also learn about the importance of conservation. A true wildlife sanctuary and rehabilitation centre, all the animals here are rescues or...Read more
  2. Mukuvisi Woodlands

    4.1 (1155 Votes)
    Mukuvisi Woodlands

    Outdoors, Forest, Wildlife Safari

    Easily accessible from the city centre, the Mukuvisi Woodlands is an ideal family vacation. Described as a safari in a city, the Mukuvisi Woodlands are 256 hectares of natural habitat and its denizens. You could either opt for a bike or horse safari or just observe the vast vistas from a platform viewing deck. An absolute haven for bird watchers, there are special guided walks to go bird spotti...Read more
  3. Kuimbashiri Bird Sanctuary

    4.2 (776 Votes)
    Kuimbashiri Bird Sanctuary

    Outdoors, Wildlife Sanctuary , Boating, Picnic Spot

    The KuimbaShiri Bird Sanctuary is home to many bird species and offers a wide range of activities- perfect for the nature lover in you. Highlights include: Bird watching Boating and Game Viewing Fishing Horse Riding Marina A perfect day to spend if you are travelling with family and friends, the place offers accommodation for visitors who want to explore its grounds completely.
  4. Lion And Cheetah Park


    If you have always wanted to see the cheetahs and other animals while riding a safari jeep, then the Lion And Cheetah Park will offer you such enthralling experience in Zimbabwe. The lions, cheetahs, zebras, giraffes, blackbucks and many other animals here offer you a lifetime experience. The Galapagos Tortoise named Tommy is the oldest member of this park with a weight of half a ton. There are...Read more
  5. Lake Chivero Recreational Park

    Park, View Point

    Completed in 1952, the Lake Chivero Recreational Park is located next the Chivero Lake- offering a plush green view of nature at its best. Highlights include: Bird Watching Fishing Camping Horse Riding Crocodile Viewing The park offers budget as well as luxury camp and lodge accommodation. A must if you love to sleep and wake up amidst nature.
  6. Harare Gardens

    3.4 (1129 Votes)
    Harare Gardens

    Garden, Park

    The city’s largest park and a preferred spot for an outdoor wedding among many Zimbabwean couples, the Harare Gardens provides a nice respite from the busy schedule of the city. As peaceful as it might look, the Harare Gardens have their own share of notoriety. Avoid the gardens after nightfall and keep a close watch on your belongings. Never-the-less, the Harare Gardens is something that...Read more
  7. Doon Estate

    3.6 (732 Votes)
    Doon Estate

    Shopping Center

    Your trip to Harare isn’t complete without a visit to Doon Estate. One of the best shopping areas of the nation, even if you don’t like to shop the Estate is definitely worth a visit. The shops and galleries are attractively presented and sell a wide range of wares. Some are specialized like Samuneti leather bags, wallets, belts and jackets. There is something for every pocket, rang...Read more
  8. Raintree Venue


    Once you see the Raintree Venue, it’ll give a whole new meaning to ‘destination’. It’s highly unlikely that you’d have seen something as pristine and beautiful as this venue. Tucked away in the Umwinsidale Valley, the Raintree Venue has been specially developed to play host to any event ranging from a corporate outing to a wedding venue. A place rife with style, sp...Read more
  9. National Botanic Gardens

    3.8 (513 Votes)
    National Botanic Gardens

    Botanical Garden, Walking Area

    The National Botanic Gardens are the pride and joy of Harare. This sprawling slice of nature plays host to a variety of vegetation that thrives in the climate of Zimbabwe. The sheer types and range of flora that you’ll see growing within these 58 hectares that form the garden is nothing short of wondrous. Though the majority of plants there are from Zimbabwe and a few parts of South Afric...Read more
  10. National Gallery Of Zimbabwe

    Art Gallery, Sculpture

    Originally named the “National Gallery of Rhodesia”, the name was altered when Rhodesia was. Dedicated to preserving, conserving and presenting the contemporary and visual art heritage of the country, this gallery showcases many a local and other African artists. In fact, this gallery has proved to be quite the stepping stone for many aspiring artists to be known on an international...Read more
  11. Chapungu Sculpture Park

    Park, Sculpture

    The Chapungu Sculpture Park embraces Zibabwe’s sculpture art. Be amazed by a wide collection of sculptures made in solid stone. Founded in the 70s, the life-like art is merged well with nature- offering a good place to hangout with family and friends. A must if you are visiting with children!
  12. Zimbabwe Museum Of Human Sciences Or Queen Victoria Museum

    Art Gallery, Specialty Museum

    Located in the heart of the city, the Zimbabwe Museum of Human Sciences showcases some of the best archeological artifacts- covering the country’s rich history of culture and art. Highlights include: Exhibition Galleries Library Model Shona Village Ethnographic artifacts The museum is a must for history lovers!
  13. National Archives Of Zimbabwe

    Library, Museum, History Museum

    True to its name, the National Archives of Zimbabwe is full of history! Right from the days of Rhodesia, to after it was re-named Zimbabwe, the National Archives holds within its wall, all the stories depicted through pictures, artifacts, personal accounts of erstwhile traders, settlers and explorers, along with an in-depth exhibition on the Second Chimurenga, Zimbabwe’s War Of Liberation.
  14. National Heroes Acre

    4.1 (447 Votes)
    National Heroes Acre

    Memorial, Monument

    A burial ground for Patriotic Front Guerrillas troops and Zimbabwean, the people buried here are a proof of the troubled times in Zimbabwe- to keep their heroic acts alive for years to come. The central monument is modeled after an AK- 47. Built in 1981, a year after Zimbabwean Independence, the National Heroes Acre consists of: Tomb of the unknown Soldier The Eternal Flame Wall Murals Museum ...Read more
  15. Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport Image
    Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport (RGMI) is the main international airport of Harare, Zimbabwe. It is located about 17 km (11 mi) south of Harare's central business district. The airport is named after the late Robert Mugabe, the former President of Zimbabwe.RGMI is the largest airport in Zimbabwe and the hub for Air Zimbabwe, the national airline. It is also a hub for Fastjet Zimbabw...Read more