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For ten days in June the large festival of Ganga Dussehra takes place. This holy festival celebrates the descent of the Mother Goddess Ganga, who washes away all sin. Devotees arrive to bath in the holy Ganga River. In the evenings the river is adorned with beautiful lit and flowered leaf boats, as an offering, and the musical sounds of Aarti prayers fill the air. The town has also organized its own annual cultural festival, the Haridwar Mahotsava (usually around November). It is a four day festival that takes place on the banks of the river, and sees a variety of cultural activities such as dance, music, art and more.

There is not much nightlife in this town as it is a religious spot, so early to bed. However, inthe evenings, look out for the religious practice of aarti (worship and prayer through song andlight). The spectacular sight of hundreds of floating diyas and Marigold flowers upon the river,gives the town a truly magical air.

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