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  • Hat Yai Municipal Park: A major sightseeing place with beautiful plants and vibrant flowers. It also has a cable car service and a hilltop Brahman Shrine.
  • Hat Yai Observatory: A science and astronomy centre situated near Phra Buddha Mongkol Maharaj.
  • Klong Hae Floating Market: A popular market in the city predominantly selling local food.
  • Ton Nga Chang Waterfall: One of the most important tourist attractions located 26kms away from Hat Yai, this scenic waterfall is located in the Ton Nga Chang Wildlife Sanctuary. Hire a travel guide for the trip to know more about the place.
  • Wat Hat Yai Nai: A temple housing the world’s third largest reclining Buddha.


The 'Support Tourism for Thailand' office in the city is located at Niphatuthit 3 Road, Tambon Hat Yai. It provides brochures, maps and other tourist information. Most of the places can be covered on your own. However, you can hire a local tour guide if you wish to.

Below we have a list of things to do in Hat Yai and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Hat Yai getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Hat Yai with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Hat Yai

Here is the list of things to do in Hat Yai and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Lee Garden Plaza

    3.9 (5258 Votes)
    Lee Garden Plaza

    Hotel, Restaurant, Leisure

    Located right at the heart of the city, The Lee Garden Plaza Hotel is an upscale hotel. It offers a wholesome experience of stay, food, shopping as well as nightlife. The guestrooms are lavish, the banquet halls are a whopping 2000sqmt huge, and the hotel is also equipped with rooftop swimming pools and gym. A beautiful spa with professional masseurs provide the most relaxing massage therapies...Read more
  2. Municipal Park

    Park, Monument

    Muncipal Park is the most famous attraction in Hat Yai and probably well known in Thailand. Muncipal Park is recognized by its tall standing Buddha statue which greets visitors at the entrance. An icon which can be spotted from miles away it’s the tallest in Thailand with a height of 20 metres and weighs about 200 tons. Its other highlight include a laughing Buddha statue which can be re...Read more
  3. Floating Market

    4.1 (1766 Votes)
    Floating  Market


    Quite apt to its name the market actually floats atop small boats on water. The Floating Market is located in Khlong Hae a bit away from hat yai city. It’s a nice place to rub shoulders with the locals and test your bargaining skills. A place where you get all sorts of fruits vegetables, flowers and even some of the weirdest non vegetarian foods like earthworms. You can try them if you h...Read more
  4. Ice Dome
    The Hat Yai Ice dome is a small but brilliant attempt to recreate the Ice festival that happens in Harbin, China. The Ice Dome Hat Yai is built on the area of 800 square metres full with interesting sculptures by sculptors from china. All the ice sculpture are marvellously lit and stored in a room where the temperature is -15 degree Celsius. The chillingly exciting dome is surely worth a visit...Read more
  5. Magic Eye 3d Museum

    4.2 (4298 Votes)
    Magic Eye 3d Museum

    Museum, Photo Gallery, Specialty Museum

    Magic Eye 3D Museum exhibits beautiful 3D wall and floor painting in various themes. Magic Eye uses the art technique called Trompe-l’oeil. Visitors get to explore various themed galleries with their eyes, hands and cameras. At Magic Eye Museum, the tourists can both see and learn about art, culture and magic show, unforgettable memories with their fami...Read more
  6. Central Festival Mall

    4.4 (4395 Votes)
    Central Festival Mall

    Outdoors, Entertainment, Mall, Market

    The biggest Mall in Hatyai with free parking, is one of the most favourite places of hangouts and shopping. Spanned across a whopping 250,000 sqmt the mall has 250 retail shops. With clothing, food, accessories, jewellery, games, the mall has everything you could need. It also has IMAX and 4DX screens which give quality entertainment to visitors. The mall glisters at night with its awesome lig...Read more
  7. Wat Hat Yai Nai

    4.3 (4240 Votes)
    Wat Hat Yai Nai

    Religious Site, Temple, Monument

    People from all over Thailand come here to pay respects to Buddha statue kept in here. The statue is 35 metres long and 15 metre and looks majestic and serene as Buddha is reclining with a tranquil smile on his face. Said to be the largest in southern Thailand and third largest in the whole country this temple with no walls, only pillars and a ceiling attracts a lot of locals and tourists.&nbs...Read more
  8. Asean Trade Centre

    Entertainment, Flea Market, Market, Street Market

    One of the most popular flea markets in town the Asean trade Centre operates very much at evening. Known for its cheap prices the place is famous for its extensive collection of clothing. There’s also a food section with sweets and other snack, insects included. The whole street is lined up on either side with stalls and friendly vendors. Also, visit the popular attractions in the c...Read more
  9. Phra Maha Chedi Tripob Trimongkol

    Religious Site, Temple

    Located on the outskirts of the city a one of a kind temple built entirely out of stainless steel the Maha Chedi is also called as Stainless Steel Stupa. Upon entering the temple you would notice the unusual spiral staircase which are laid out like biscuits on top if each other. The place is adorned with many murals of Buddha and other saints and characters from their mythology. The temple is ...Read more
  10. Namtok Ton Nga Chang

    Outdoors, Trail, Wildlife Sanctuary , Adventure

    Located about 26 kms away from the city in Ton Nga Chang wildlife sanctuary the waterfalls is absolutely stunning. There are 7 levels to the waterfalls and each of them can be climbed with little or no need of equipment at all. The third level is quite exciting where the stream splits into two resembling an Elephant’s tusk and hence the name. After the third level the climb becomes more ...Read more
  11. Santisuk Market

    Outdoors, Entertainment, Flea Market, Market

    Just a walking distance from Hatyai town centre, this is a small market with stalls around the main road. You can get variety of electronic goods such as CDs/DVDs, watches or electronic stuff to apparels, cosmetics, clothing, leather products and load of souvenirs. Local dried products and snacks are also available here too. Santisuk market is in the heart of the city and is a colourful flea m...Read more
  12. Hat Yai Cable Car

    View Point, Entertainment, Cable Car

    Hat Yai Cable Car in Thailand is a recent addition to the Hat Yai Municipal Park and has its base station located at the picturesque look-out point of the rather amazing Phra Buddha Mongkol Maharaj (Standing Buddha). Its opened on the 5th December 2011. The cable car hatyai ride lasts for around 10 minutes and offers breath-taking view of the city. It stops at Thao Maha Phrom (t...Read more
  13. Hat Yai Observatory

    Science Museum, Observatory, Educational Site

    The observatory is located just near to Hatyai Muncipal Park. An interesting place equipped with a lot of intriguing photos and illustrations about the planets and stars and our universe in whole. It also has a couple of telescopes where the instructors point to certain starts and constellations after sun down. There are screens which shows interesting videos about the science behind the unive...Read more
  14. Tinsulanonda Bridge

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    Tinsulanonda Bridge Image


    The Tinsulanonda Bridge being the largest concrete bridge in Thailand runs over the Songkhla Lake and connects the Koh Yor Island with the Songkhla mainland. The bridge comprises of two segments –while the first part runs 940 metres with a hundred metres of long tied beam on both ends, the second part runs 1700 metres with two tied beam, one at Koh Yor and the other on another end. The br...Read more
  15. Songkhla Zoo

    4 (423 Votes)
    Songkhla Zoo

    Outdoors, Zoo

    The Songkhla Zoo is wonderful idea to spend a day out with family in Thailand. What makes this zoo special is the presence of a large water park in the zoo’s premises. There are several members of the animal kingdom that have made their homes in the zoo. Visitors can find animals like seals, deer, penguin, and giraffes in the zoo. Many of these animals also take part in the animal shows h...Read more

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