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You are looking at travel information of Airway in Hibbing. Don't expect lot of visitors to Airway since it is not a popular tourist spot in Hibbing.

Hibbing is replete with experiences which can be enjoyed with any of the Hibbing tours!

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  • A fun place with great food specials and friendly owners. Cold beer?..yup. Strong drinks?...yup. Good food?..yup. Live music?...yup. The list goes on but try it yourself. You won't be disappointed...UPDATE: New pizza ovens! Fresh made pizzas to order. Try the 747! Oh Mama Mia, this pie is the bomb.

  • Great place to have a drink, a meal or just to relax.

  • It is not the airway inn. But it is called The Airway. New owners since Jan. 2012: Looking forward to all the great changes. They are adding breakfast and a full kitchen Feb 1st. Check it out.

  • Been to the Airway a few times in the past couple months and discovered they have new owners. I had been there before and the place WAS showing its age. The new owners have made a big difference. Good shot and a beer place and the food is good too. Friendly staff, lots of local charm, interesting characters on BOTH sides of the bar!.

  • This place sucks.. the people over charge and it is the worse place in hibbing

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