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It is believed that the name Hikkaduwa actually means sword of knowledge. The name Hikkaduwa is said to have derived from the words Ship Kaduwa. Ship is the shorter version of Shilpaya which means knowledge in Sinhalese and the second half-Kaduwa which means a sword. Ever since the 1970s Hikkaduwa has held a very prominent place on the Sri Lankan tourist map. Although not as beautiful as it used to be in the beginning, the southern coastal town is still a place you should consider going to for a trip or vacation. The beautiful yet subtle experience that you can have on the beachside is what Hikkaduwa has to offer to you.

Connected closely to Colombo, this town is easily accessible and even though is not a hit amongst people wanting to enjoy a luxurious vacation, the town offers you a lot of activities mainly related to the beach that are really fun to undertake.

Even though Hikkaduwa was affected by the ocean water earthquake- the worst one of all times in 2004; the tsunami did not completely destroy the town. Hikkaduwa's thriving nightlife and popular beach setting makes it a hit amongst tourists.It is quite a preferred destination for board surfing. The town was also featured in an episode of Anthony Bourdain's television show- No Reservations. The Hikkaduwa Coral Sanctuary is something else that you should look at as it has around seventy different varieties of corals and is a treat to your eyes.

Remember to not be surprised at the most common profession being that of a tailor- the main reason is the provision of sewing machines as a part of relief operations and camps to most people of Hikkaduwa post tsunami. So while you spend a peaceful day experiencing tranquility, remember to gear up for the vibrant nightlife post being mesmerized by the sunset!

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