Events and Festivals in Himeji

  • Cherry Blossom Festival: It is one of the main festivals celebrated all across the Japan. The festival usually takes place on the second sunday of April when cherry blossoms sees their full bloom. The spring festival is one of the most beautiful festivals in the world and is of great significance.
  • Yukata Matsuri: Yukata festival is a robe bearing festival with lots of drums and hustle. It is usually celebrated for 2-3 days in mid june. The festivals includes locals wearing yukatas enjoying themselves, lots of shop with eateries and fireworks. A great thing to witness in Himeji.
  • Oshiro Matsuri: The festival takes place in the early August. It includes a large parade from the base of Himeji Castle and incorporates a lots of dancing. Folks usually consider it as an amalgamation of old and new.
  • Moon Viewing: The festival is observed near the time of Harvest moon. It includes traditional plays and lots of fun with drums. 

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