How to Reach Himeji - The Easiest Way to Reach Himeji


  • By Plane: Himeji has three airports around which offers varied flight options, both international and local. The major one is Kansai International Airport which is around 126 km southeast of Himeji. It is the closest international airport with optimum transportation facilities to reach to. Apart from these,there are Kobe Airport and Osaka Itami International Airport. Both has fewer flight options compared to Kansai but enough to make use of in intercountry travels.
  • By Train: Numerous train options are available along with Shinkansen line from Osaka and Kobe. There are few trains that run frequently to Himeji like Nozomo Train from tokyo and Sunrise Seto. Hikari Rail Star is another service that offers frequent trains to Himeji.
  • By Bus: There are two bus services in the city. One is Willer Express and other is Shinkin Bus. Both provides city access from major metros of the country.


  • By City Bus: Frequent and well connected bus services are available throughout the city. Most of the places like Himeji Castle and other Shopping Centres are within 15 minutes from the Himeji Station.
  • By Sightseeing Loop Bus: A specific tourist bus that stops over all the cultural and historic places in the city starting from Himeji station to castle and museums.
  • On Foot: The city is pretty small and can be easily covered on foot.

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How to Reach Himeji from Nearby Cities

Route Distance Time
Kobe to Himeji 76.97 km 56 mins
Osaka to Himeji 82.68 km 35 mins