Best Things To Do in Honfleur, France

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  • Le Vieux Bassin et la Lieutenance: A charming yet old port harbour and port authority buildings. Do include it in your Honfleur travel itinerary.
  • Sainte-Catherine church: A wooden church built by the Ships’ Carpenters after the Hundred Years War.
  • Muse Eugene Boudin: A museum that exhibits about 94 artworks of Eugène Boudin, one of the precursors of impressionist movement.
  • Maisons Satie: A look into the life or composer Erik Satie.
  • Le Jardin des Personnalites: A garden filled with the personalities that once lived in Honfleur.

Guided Tours:

A good initiative by Honfleur tourism board and private companies, there are some wonderful guided tours that you can tag along during your trip.

  • Promenade en Bateau Honfleur: A walking tour around the beautiful port town. 55 chemin des Varets, 14600 Honfleur, France.
  • Le Mysterieux Rubis de Honfleur: A day stroll along the pier and the main part of the town. Quai Lepaulmier, 14600 Honfleur, France.
  • Les Vedettes Cauchois: Touring around the Normandy Bridge. Quai des Passagers, 14600 Honfleur, France.

Below we have a list of things to do in Honfleur and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Honfleur getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Honfleur with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Honfleur

Here is the list of things to do in Honfleur and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Le Vieux Bassin

    4.5 (542 Votes)
    Le Vieux Bassin

    Art Gallery, Historical Site, Monument, Food And Drinks

    This picturesque port is undoubtedly the high point on a visit to the Norman town of Honfleur. It was remodelled by Duquesne in the year 1681 under orders from Colbert. This port has a lot to offer to the traveller in terms of visual as well as culinary treats. Quai Saint-Etienne to the south has large stone houses whereas Quai Sainte Catherine has high, narrow wooden houses. This unusual ensem...Read more
  2. Saint Catherine's Church And Bell Tower

    Church, Religious Site

    Saint Catherine’s Church has the esteemed distinction of being the largest wooden church with a bell tower in France. It was built by sailors in the late 15th century to replace a damaged stone building. The most unusual aspect of its architecture is the roof, which resembles an upturned boat. That and the fact that it is made entirely of wood is testimony to its builders. This church is ...Read more
  3. Le Pont De Normandie

    Scenic Drive, Bridge, Architecture

    The Normandy Bridge connects Le Havre and Honfleur and is one of the most beautiful cable-stayed road bridge in Europe. It crosses the river Seine in a 2km arch with a span of 23.6 metres in width. It was designed by Michel Virlogeux and was completed under the architectural expertise of François Doyelle and Charles Lavigne at the cost of € 233 million. When it was opened on January...Read more
  4. Naturospace

    4.1 (202 Votes)


    If lush green tropics and colourful fauna are your type of heaven, then Naturospace at Honfleur is where you should be. It is the largest tropical butterfly house in France. This 800 sqft of Rain Forest is a world on its own and an astonishing change from the rest of Honfleur. With a constant atmosphere of 28 ° C this butterfly house is home to a large variety of tropical trees, exotic bird...Read more
  5. Notre Dame De Grace

    Church, Religious Site

    Notre Dame de Grace is a lovely little chapel on the Plateau de Grace, 2 km west of the Vieux Bassin. It sits on a wooded hill about 100m high and offers the most stunning views of Honfleur. Built in the years between 1600 and 1615, it replaced an older chapel that was destroyed in a landslide. The esplanade offers some breathtaking views of the Siene estuary, Le Havre and Pont de Normandie. Pi...Read more
  6. Satie House And Museum

    4.2 (258 Votes)
    Satie House And Museum

    Museum, Mansion

    Popularly known as Maisons Satie, this museum is like no other you would have ever been to. Being the house where the famous composer Erik Satie was born in 1866, it is now a musical tribute to this eccentric musician of the 20th century. A gifted pianist, he was also a painter and writer who collaborated with some of the greatest creative minds of the century including Picasso, Debussy and Bra...Read more
  7. Musee Eugene Boudin

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    Musee Eugene Boudin


    The Eugene Boudin Museum is a named after the famous early impressionist painter born in Honfleur. It is a museum cum gallery that exhibits works of great painters like Monet, Dubourg, Dufy, Friesz, Gernez and others apart from Boudin. Founded by Dubourg on April 11, 1868 in the town hall, it was shifted to the chapel of the Augustinian convent in 1924. The museum has undergone several modifica...Read more
  8. Office De Tourisme De Honfleur

    Coffee House, Leisure, Market, Shopping Center

    The tourism office of Honfleur is a charming building about 2 minutes from the Vieux Bassin. It is the focal point of all tourist activities and they provide a variety of services to the avid tourist. They provide free maps and guidebooks on Honfleur and its surroundings. They organize a variety of events to enhance the Honfleur experience. They include book exhibitions, group seminars, concert...Read more
  9. Musee Du Vieux Honfleur


    This little museum situated very near to the Vieux Bassin is very easily missed out if you don’t keep an eye out for it. It consists of two parts- a charming old house and an even older church, both of which house artefacts from the Norman period. The old house part exhibits all sorts of household objects and goods and recreates Norman living rooms and shops of that era. The church part o...Read more
  10. Plage Du Butin

    3.8 (265 Votes)
    Plage Du Butin

    Walking Area

    What other place could be more perfect to experience a port town than its own beaches? A stroll from the centre of Honfleur through the Naturospace brings you to the Butin beach which is a great place for a walk and play with your children. The added bonuses include free parking, playgrounds for children, showers and rental equipment. You can indulge in swimming during a high tide and collectin...Read more
  11. Le Jardin Des Personnalites

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    Le Jardin Des Personnalites

    Garden, Nature

    The Garden of Personalities spans over ten acres of landscaped grounds located surprisingly near to the sea. It was inaugurated in 2004 by Michael Lamare, Mayor of Honfleur who was also the initiator for this project. The boat-gardens here are dotted with busts of famous personalities who have a large contribution to Honfleur’s historical and cultural heritage. The personalities who are p...Read more
  12. Manoir De La Poterie Spa

    4.4 (156 Votes)
    Manoir De La Poterie Spa

    Hotel, Spa

    The spa is a part of the Manoir de la Poterie, a 4 star hotel. It is around 9.5 kms from Honfleur and a 12 minutes’ walk from the beach. The spa provides state of the art facilities like A steam room A sauna Private whirlpools An exercise room A steam room Along with the mandatory treatment booths. The pool is heated to 30 degree Celsius to aid in a relaxing sink. The exercise room is e...Read more
  13. Promenade En Bateau Honfleur

    View Point, Entertainment, Boating

    Boat rides along the coasts of Honfleur are a must-do activity while visiting this charming fishing village. A variety of boats are available for taking a ride through Honfleur’s boats and they come with narrators who explain the views and the port activity. The ride gives you some spectacular views of the port of Honfleur, the Normandy Bridge, the beaches and the harbours. It is a great ...Read more
  14. Compagnie Des Calvados La Cave Honfleuraise

    Outdoors, Food And Drinks, Winery, Shopping Center

    Situated right at the heart of Honfleur, this little store that specializes in calvados is a delight to visit. A charming manager who is only too obliging to help with every possible detail on the making of the calvados, the tasting is uniquely informative. Apart from a delightfully large variety of calvados and liquor, they also have a superb range of jams of every type imaginable. They also h...Read more
  15. Musee De La Marine

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    Musee De La Marine


    The Maritime Museum is located on the east shore of the Vieux basin and almost next door to the salt cellars. It is housed in the building that was once upon a time church Saint-Etienne, the oldest church in Honfleur, being built in the 14th century. All through the 18th century, it served different purposes, including being a store, theatre,commodity exchange house and customs warehouse until ...Read more