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Tsui Wah, Hong Kong Reviews

  • Fast service great quality food, the place is clean and friendly, I enjoyed the time I was there.

  • The table service here was fast and nice. The waiters was friendly and polite, even though we have language barrier, but most waiters are willing to understand what we want to order. I order one of their recommendations which is the Abalone sauce fried rice with chicken. It taste really YUMMY as the fried rice is not dry at all, and the flavour is just right! Will come back to eat here again :)

  • Too full after eat, quite delicious, and quite fast, a lot choice, food quite large, compare with other, but important thing is after eat u cannot stay and need quickly make payment, because place not so big, still got a lot customer waiting, maybe the staff will force u quickly.

  • So surprise they improve their services so much over the year or just my lucky day. Visited the shop 1030 am, greeted by the cashier and waitress *surprise surprise :) Took their order patienly, ordered 2 Wan Tan Noodle and a breakfast set. Shrimp wan tan so tasty and fresh, Tea was nice but their coffee just like our instant coffee. I was so worried to bring my 3 kids to visit Cha Chan Teng in Hong Kong and Macau because of their lousy services, but this branch is totally opposite. Kids enjoyed the meal so much. GOOD JOB

  • Lunch at Tsui Wah Parkes Street..Ordered local delights..

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