Ruinas Del Convento De San Francisco, Burgos

Ruinas Del Convento De San Francisco - A Quick Overview


Address: Calle Azorín, 9, 09005 Burgos, Spain

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Ruinas Del Convento De San Francisco, Burgos Reviews

  • Interesante la historia de este convento. El monasterio de San Francisco de Burgos fue un convento franciscano del que sólo quedan unas pocas ruinas. Fue fundado por San Francisco de Asis en 1213, con la aprobación del rey Alfonso VIII de Castilla.

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ruinas del convento de san francisco
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About Ruinas Del Convento De San Francisco, Burgos

Ruinas Del Convento De San Francisco is located in Burgos, Spain. A great place to visit, you can check out the other popular places of the city on the best things to do page in Burgos section.

Important information about Ruinas Del Convento De San Francisco, Burgos such as address, and contact number can be found on this page. Apart from this, information about the average time spent and the popularity of this place is also provided in the top section. Here, you can also search about Ruinas Del Convento De San Francisco on the map. This will enable you to gauge the distance and the routes from your accommodation to this spot. Discover the vibe of the place by checking out the images of the Ruinas Del Convento De San Francisco.

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Traveling and exploring an unknown place can be a scary prospect because of the lack of information. Here, to solve your difficulties, essential information about gas stations, pharmacies, tourist information centres, internet cafes located near Ruinas Del Convento De San Francisco has also been listed.

If you are hungry, you can find restaurants near Ruinas Del Convento De San Francisco listed below. With a comprehensive list of hotels and restaurants spanning across different genres like fine-dine, quick bite, snacks, specific cuisines and desserts, you can be rest assured that you will not have to leave this place on an empty stomach.

For reaching the place, railway stations and bus stations near Ruinas Del Convento De San Francisco are listed. This will help you in commuting to and from the Ruinas Del Convento De San Francisco with ease.

To find the best deals on recommended hotels and homestays near Ruinas Del Convento De San Francisco, Burgos you can also view our recommendations mentioned at the right side of this page. Once you select the hotel or a homestay it is also possible to add it to your itinerary planner. This will help you in planning your trip better as you will have all the essential info regarding accommodations at one place.

Popular tours for Burgos are the best way to explore this city and to make sure you don’t miss out on anything. The right part of this page shows the recommended tours from top vendors. So, if you are too lazy to plan your own trip to Ruinas Del Convento De San Francisco, then you can take help of these already created Burgos itineraries and pre-planned tours for a memorable vacation. For more options visit the tours page.

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