Best Things To Do in Huangshan, China

Are you looking for what to do in Huangshan?


  • Mt. Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) Scenic Area: The intimidating Mountain area with striking peaks and huge bio-diversity.
  • Tangmo Village: A Tang dynasty village with stunning architecture.
  • Qiankou Residence and Chengkan Village: Well-preserved ancient complex of  architecturally marvellous structure and a heritage village.
  • Shexian County: Town of arches adorned by natural beauty.
  • Tangyue Memorial Archway: An array of seven spectacular arches with a mystic tale behind each of them.
  • Xidi and Hongcun Ancient Villages: A UNESCO world heritage site with a history of over 900 years.


  • One of the must-do’s on your trip to Huangshan City is to taste the Chinese tea at any one its authentic petite tea rooms.
  • Go shopping in Tunxi Ancient Street or the new street shopping marketplace.
  • Do the try the local Hui cuisine on your visit.

Below we have a list of things to do in Huangshan and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Huangshan getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Huangshan with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Huangshan

Here is the list of things to do in Huangshan and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Heavenly Sea

    Outdoors, Geological Formation, View Point, Nature

    Located on the North Slope of the Huangshan Mountain scenic area, the heavenly scenic area is known for the high oxygen content in its atmosphere. Accessible from the Lotus ridge, north gate of Huangshan Mountain by climbing 6500 steps, this area is a biological hotspot. It is a home to many rare plants and some of them are flowering plants which add to the colour of the area. The Huangshan Aza...Read more
  2. White Cloud Scenic Area

    Outdoors, View Point, Nature

    Spanning over an area of 16.5 square kilometres, this is a newly developed scenic area in the Huangshan mountain scenic area. Being a lesser known destination, visitors can enjoy moments of peace and tranquillity and absorb the wilderness into your souls. Perfect for admiring the running clouds, the magnificent hues in the sky and the setting sun. 
  3. Cloud Valley

    Outdoors, Geological Formation, Valley, Nature

    Though it has an elevation of 2920 feet which is relatively lesser than the other spots in Huangshan Mountain Scenic Area, cloud valley is a paradise! Flaunting the Cloud valley villa, old trees, unique rock formations, Nine-dragon waterfalls and the Baizhang springs are a great sight. Main Attraction include: The Cloud Valley Villa: A chic hotel with Hui-style of architecture comprising grey ...Read more
  4. Jade Screen

    Outdoors, Geological Formation, View Point, Nature

    Fondly called as the Front Mountain, Jade screen scenic area comprises of the Jade screen pavilion at its centre and the lotus peak and the heavenly capital peak as its main body. Huangshan’s main peaks: Guangming Peak (Sunshine Peak), Lian Hua Peak (Lotus Peak), and Tiandu Peak (Heaven Capital Peak) are all located in the Jade Screen scenic area. The heavenly capital peak:...Read more
  5. North Sea Scenic Zone

    Outdoors, View Point

    This is one of the most scenic sections on the Huangshan Mountain Scenic Area and visiting Huangshan Mountain Scenic Area is synonymous with visiting North Sea Zone. Attractions include: Shixin peak- A great view point to admire the pine forests of Huangshan Mountain Scenic area Bright Peak- the second highest peak in the Mountain range where you can observe the sea of clouds The refreshing te...Read more
  6. Huangshan Hot Spring

    Outdoors, View Point, Nature

    Considered as one of the four wonders of the Yellow Mountain, these springs are located at the foot of Purple Rock Peak, on the road up from the main gate to Cloud Valley Cableway. The springs have many myths and legends and are considered as a natural bounty to heal and restore the people climbing the yellow Mountains. They have had several names: Tang Springs, Vermilion Springs and springs of...Read more
  7. Xihai Great Canyon

    Outdoors, View Point, Hiking Trail, Nature

    This is a newly developed scenic area within the Huangshan scenic area and lies in the western region of the later. It begins at the Cloud-dispelling Pavilion, linking the white cloud area at the Fairy walking bridge. It is spread over 25 square kilometres and offers breath-taking scenery. Stunning rock formations, huge cliffs and peaks and the enormous canyon leaves the visitors spellbound. It...Read more
  8. Mt Huangshan Or Yellow Mountain Scenic Area

    Trail, View Point, Hiking Trail, Walking Area

    This mountain range in China is one of the most sought-after and is widely known for its intimidating peaks, pine trees, granite peaks, hot springs, winter snow and breath-taking views. There are around 140 scenic spots in the Mt. Huangshan Scenic area and it is right listed as five star rated tourist attractions in China. With over 1.5 million people visiting it every year, Mount Huangshan (Ye...Read more
  9. Pine Valley

    Museum, Outdoors, Geological Formation, View Point

    Covering an area of 12.5 kilometres on the North Slope, Pine valley has a falling altitude of 3609 feet and has around 6500 natural steps that you can walk down to get into a beautiful world of Pine forests, rocks and ponds. Attractions include: Emerald pool: a 10 meter deep pool with reflections of the forests and rock formations surrounding it. Five-dragon Pond: A rock formation which appear...Read more
  10. Tunxi Ancient Street

    Art And Culture, Market, Shopping Center, Architecture

    Located in the centre of Tunxi district; now known as Huangshan City; this is a popular hangout. The construction of the street dates back to Song Dynasty (960-1279) and is a replica of the ancient capital of Hangzhou. It later on developed as a distribution centre in and out if the Anhui province during the rule of Qing dynasty. Paved with maroon flagstones, this pedestrian street is lined wit...Read more
  11. Xidi And Hongcun Ancient Villages

    Art And Culture, Village, Architecture , Neighborhoods

    These villages are nestled in the Yixian County and are listed as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. They are an illustration of local-style residences of the native Southern Anhui province. Xidi Village: Dating back to Northern song dynasty (960-1127), this village flaunts a history of 900 years. Popularly known as the 'Ming and Qing Dynasty Local Residence Museum', this village ha...Read more
  12. Tangmo Village

    Art And Culture, Garden, Park, Village

    Located at the foot of Mount Huangshan, Tangmo village is one of the top rated attractions in Huangshan city (Tunxi). Depicting the architectural style of Tang dynasty, the village reached the height of prosperity in Ming and Qing dynasties. The rural culture incorporated by natural beauty gives the village its rustic charm. Worth visiting in the village is the Tanganyuan Garden. It is the repl...Read more
  13. Qian Kou Residence And Chengkan Village

    Art And Culture, Village, Architecture , Heritage Building

    Qian Kou Residence: The way from Huangshan Mountain (Yellow Mountain) to the Huangshan city (Tunxi) is lined with beautiful heritage buildings and is called the long corridor of old buildings. Qian Kou residence is one of the most remarkable structures on this street and is regarded as an epitome of the Ming Dynasty who ruled the province from 14th to the 17th century. Qian Kou residence is the...Read more
  14. Shexian County

    Art And Culture, Temple, Village, Bridge

    An adorable settlement at the foot of Yellow Mountain (Huangshan Mountain), Shexian County also known as Town of Arches, is a cultural and historical hotpot. Lush green mountains, transparent waters and mind-blowing cultural relics, residences, temples and arches make Shexian County a must-visit. Surrounded by green mountains and crystal water, it is rich in cultural relics, residences, memoria...Read more
  15. Tangyue Memorial Archway

    Art And Culture, Temple, Landmark, Architecture

    An enormous complex of seven ancient arches, this monument is a key national cultural protection unit. Situated in the Tangyue village; few kilometres away from the Shexian County, it is the biggest existing and best-preserved complex of arches in Anhui Province. These seven archways were constructed by the Baos in the honour of the merits and virtues of their family members and stand in the ma...Read more