How to Reach Huesca


  • By Plane: The nearest airport is the Zaragoza Airport which is around an hour away from Huesca by car.
  • By Bus: Regular buses ply from cities like Barcelona and Zaragoza.
  • By Train: You can take a train to Huesca from Barcelona and Madrid. You even have the option of taking the AVE high speed train.


  • By Train: You can catch a train from Huesca to Canfranc for the scenic ride and the beautiful station at the end of the line.
  • By Mountain Bike: You can use mountain bikes to reach most places that other vehicles can’t get to.
  • By Four Wheel Drive: You will need a four wheel drive vehicle to traverse Huesca.
Route Distance Time
Zaragoza to Huesca 75.79 km 1 hour 15 mins
Fraga to Huesca 108.23 km 1 hour 48 mins
Buzy to Huesca 111.43 km 1 hour 51 mins
Pamplona to Huesca 157 km 2 hours 37 mins
Castellnou de seana to Huesca 162.32 km 2 hours 42 mins
San sebastian to Huesca 219 km 3 hours 39 mins
Valencia to Huesca 295.85 km 4 hours 55 mins
Barcelona to Huesca 298.62 km 4 hours 58 mins
Madrid to Huesca 412.92 km 6 hours 52 mins
London to Huesca 1042.39 km 17 hours 22 mins