How to Reach Hvar


  • Wondering how to reach Hvar? Being an island, the only way of reaching Hvar is through water transport. However, being a tourist friendly island, there are plenty of options of ferries, speed boats and water taxis that will get you to Hvar.
  • Blueline operates fastest ferries to Hvar from major Croatian cities. Sea safaris, auto-taxis and speed-boats are frequently available.
  • Buses are also available but leave quickly and are not so reliable.


  • The best way to get around this island is by hiring a car. The car rental is easily available and is budget-friendly.
  • Mopeds and scooters are also available for rental, but the roads in the island are steep and can be dangerous if you are not accustomed to riding a two-wheeler.
  • You can also hire a taxi, but avoid getting one immediately at the ferry station as you are most likely to be ripped-off.
Route Distance Time
Korcula to Hvar 48.4 km 48 mins
Split to Hvar 51.67 km 51 mins
MokoŇ°ica to Hvar 158.9 km 2 hours 38 mins
Dubrovnik to Hvar 159.69 km 2 hours 39 mins
Zagreb to Hvar 297.74 km 4 hours 57 mins
Rijeka to Hvar 346.37 km 5 hours 46 mins
Rovinj to Hvar 403.02 km 6 hours 43 mins
Senec to Hvar 545.8 km 9 hours 5 mins
Florence to Hvar 622.09 km 10 hours 22 mins
Birkirkara 2 to Hvar 814.6 km 13 hours 34 mins