Best Things To Do in Hyeres, France

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  • Villa Noailles: A building with modernist style architecture and a cubist garden.
  • Tour des Templiers: A tower in the old town with a number of souvenir shops and eateries. Add this in your itinerary planner if you want to have a laid back time in a medieval village.
  • Parc St Bernard: A botanical garden uphill with many plant species, small but worth sightseeing.
  • The Golden Isles: The islands of Porquerolles, Port Cros and Le Levant, just off the coast are among the most important places to see, with its scenic beauty, clear waters and a perfect balance of flora and fauna.

Guided Tours

  • PlongeeO (1992 Boulevard du Front de Mer, 83400 Hyeres, France): A scuba-diving and snorkelling club with activities to do in the Mediterranean waters.
  • La Petite Flottille (3226, Route de la Madrague, 83400 Giens, Hyeres, France): Boat tours in the waters, along with the tour guides if needed.

Below we have a list of things to do in Hyeres and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Hyeres getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Hyeres with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Hyeres

Here is the list of things to do in Hyeres and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Old Town

    Ancient Ruin, Market, Square, Old Town

    Hyeres’ vibe is a lot more different than the other seaside resorts in the area – its old town has much more history. A collection of squares and tiny streets, the Old Town has its centre at the Place Massillon, a big square with a 12th century tower (Tower of Saint-Blaise). A market is held here in the mornings… but the shopping never stops, because all the little alleyways ...Read more
  2. La Route Du Sel

    Beach, Walking Area, Bird Watching

    Running along Almanarre Beach, this is Hyeres’ most exotic road, a favourite with bird watchers. The road, which is more of a boarded walkway, cuts through a marshy land, where flamingos, egrets, herons reside. There are about 286 species of birds found here throughout the year, of which 48 actually nest here. Naturally, it’s now a protected area (though it was used for salt product...Read more
  3. Parc St. Bernard


    This triangular art deco garden was built in the 1920s. It surrounds the Villa Noailles, and is so beautiful that it gets more attention than the building does. A series of flower decorated terraces; it’s a lovely spot for a stroll, especially with a sandwich in hand. It’s cooler than the rest of the city; many come here to escape the heat. The garden has wonderful views over the Hy...Read more
  4. Villa Noailles

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    Villa Noailles

    Landmark, Architecture

    Though more famous for it’s triangular garden, the villa itself is also an important landmark – it is one of the early mordernist examples of home architecture. From here, Charles de Noailles and his wife Marie-Laure patronised modern art, particularly surrealism. During world war two though, the villa was occupied by the Italian Army and turned into a hospital. Today, it serves as ...Read more
  5. Tour Des Templiers

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    Tour Des Templiers


    Only this tower remains of the chapel that the Knights Templars built here in the 12th century. Over it’s life, it has also granary hall and the city town hall. After restorations in the 20th century, it now serves as an exhibition space. The tower has two floors. A staircase built into the walls themselves lead up to the terrace, from where you can enjoy a nice view of Hyeres and the squ...Read more
  6. Collegial Church Of Saint Paul

    Church, Religious Site

    This 12th century Romanesque building (with a square tower) was given a Gothic extension in the 14th century – a nave. There is also a Renaissance Portal now. Currently it’s famous for a large collection of ex-votives related to some intense religious wars. They say there is Templar treasure buried underneath the church, but you probably don’t want to go digging!
  7. Plongeeo

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    Water Sport

    PlongeeO offers superb sea excursions in the Var area! Their specialty is diving, snorkelling, and also training and certification in various diving courses. Fun wise though, the company will do everything from take you down to underwater shipwrecks to through marine flora and fauna. An instructor will be with you every step of the way. The PlongeeO team will keep you pampered with endless fuss...Read more
  8. Sainte-claire Park

    Park, Watch Tower, Botanical Garden

    The Castle, in the grounds of which this garden is located, was once the residence of novelist Edith Wharton - she’s the one who planted these wonderful terraced gardens. Now classified as a Notable Garden of France, it contains cacti and subtropical plants such as cycads, musas, coral trees, aloes, yuccas, lantana and salvia. The gardens are beautifully terraced, and have wonderful views...Read more
  9. Speedkart

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    Go Carting

    Adults and children alike can freakout at the five driving/racing circuits and in the over a 100 vehicles to choose from in the park. Only two minutes from Hyeres’ center, Speedkart’s fit for everybody from total beginners to racing experts. Races come in the form of challenge Grand Prix: Formula 1, Speed, Endurance, Speedcup and Anim’ados. There are also several non-racing hi...Read more
  10. Jardins Olbius Riquier

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    Jardins Olbius Riquier


    This municipal park is one of France’s most remarkable gardens. Seven hectares in area, it is a botanical garden that consists of palm fees, bamboo, a greenhouse with tropical winds and bird, a small zoo and a lake. The path around the park is well shaded. The park is a special favourite with children: they get to enjoy pony rides, train rides and a carousel.
  11. Site Archeologique D'olbia Site

    Landmark, Historical Site, Archaeological Site

    The very first settlement in Hyeres was founded in 4th century BC, by the Phocaean Greeks. At that time, they called it ‘Olbia’… and today, Olbia is the only site of its kind on the Mediterranean coast to have survived nearly in its entirety. Houses, sanctuaries, paths and public baths have all been uncovered here, showing a city sub-divided into neighbourhoods. The excavatio...Read more
  12. Magic World

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    Magic World

    Amusement Park, Entertainment, Fair

    An amusement park that opens only at night – fun! The park is 40 years old and still going strong. With over 50 attractions for adults and kids alike, this is an unexpectedly fun way to spend your time in Hyeres. Every Friday, the park restaurants serves up a free show of fire dancing – definitely the best day to go visit. The atmosphere at the park is always lively, and energetic a...Read more
  13. La Tour Fondue

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    La Tour Fondue


    To enjoy a good time with family and friends, you can plan an outing to the La Tour Fondue. Also known as the Fondue Tower, this is a place of historical significance. Once you reach to the tower location you will be pleased by the view of the seashore. A walk in the surrounding areas would let you capture the magnificent sceneries of the peninsula of the Porquerolles Island. The road to this ...Read more
  14. Toulon-hyeres Airport

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  15. Albergo Dell'agenzia

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