Best Things To Do in Ibiza, Spain

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  • D’alt Vila
  • EsVedra
  • Cala Conta
  • Platja des Cavallet
  • Santa Gertrudis
  • Platja de sesFigueretes                   
  • Punta Arabi Wednesday Hippy Market
  • Las Salinas Salt Flats


  • Ibiza Horse Valley (Ibiza Town) 
  • Formentera         
  • San Carlos Saturday Hippy Market
  • Porto di Ibiza                   
  • Cala d en Serra
  • Platja des Cavallet

Below we have a list of things to do in Ibiza and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Ibiza getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Ibiza with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Ibiza

Here is the list of things to do in Ibiza and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Es Vedra

    4.8 (4180 Votes)
    Es Vedra

    Outdoors, Island, View Point

    Es Vedra… there’s something, both sinister and mysterious, about the place. The myths surrounding it don’t help also as the island was the home of Homer’s sirens; UFOs are said to land and party here; the Phoenician goddess Tanit enjoyed the spoils of human sacrifice here; it’s the 3rd most magnetic spot on Earth; it has been called a part of Atlantis and the leg...Read more
  2. Cala Conta

    Bar, Beach, View Point

    A highly popular beach with wonderful views of nearby islands. There are actually three small beaches, two with sunbeds on them. Nudists frequent the third and smaller beach which is on the eastern edge, while the western beach is considered to be perfect for families. There’s a bar and a restaurant. The waters are crystal clear and the waves are a spectacular sight to view. The best par...Read more
  3. Dalt Vila

    4.5 (3845 Votes)
    Dalt Vila

    Church, Museum, Walking Area, Castle

    A hill towers above Ibiza’s Old Town, and a massive castle rests atop that hill. This High Town of Ibiza was built to defend against pirates, and it took 31 years to complete. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the place is now an outdoor archaeological museum. With wide cobblestone roads and startling views off the ramparts, Dalt Vila is indeed a sight worth beholding. Inside the grounds you...Read more
  4. Cala Bassa

    Beach, Leisure

    About 8 kilometres away from San Sant Antoni de Portmany you’ll find this beach, a place of soft sands and clear water tinged blue. It is far enough from the party crowd that it doesn’t feel obnoxiously loud. But it still has enough food, sport and recreational amenities that it doesn’t feel slow either. Pedalos and jet skis and banana boats are the main form of watersports h...Read more
  5. Cala Saladeta

    4.7 (1236 Votes)
    Cala Saladeta

    Beach, Entertainment, Leisure

    Be advised there are two beaches here, the Cala Saladeta and the Cala Salada. A little over 7 kilometres north of  Sant Antoni de Portmany are a gorgeous pair of beaches. Their main attraction,  like most of Ibiza’s other beaches are the soft sands, blue waters and bright green trees. It’s a popular snorkelling spot. But they also attract much fewer tourists than other be...Read more
  6. Iglesia Del Puig De Missa

    Church, Architecture

    The Puig de Missa hill rises 52 meters above sea level. On its summit is a 1568 church, built on the site of an earlier 1302 chapel. Those with a keen architectural eye will spot that in addition to a strategic location, the church building also has some fortifications. This was in defence against some invaders, but mostly pirates. See the gilded Baroque altarpiece inside the church. It’...Read more
  7. Puerto De Ibiza

    4.5 (973 Votes)
    Puerto De Ibiza

    Waterfront, Port

    The Puerto de Ibiza technically refers to the tiny cove or bay around which Ibiza Town’s main marinas are clustered, which are used for commercial, passenger and fishing purposes. The bay has been a port for more than 2500 years, ever since the time of the Carthaginians. There are so many things to do here that the marina probably qualifies as a tourist trap. Just walking the entire curv...Read more
  8. Catedral De Santa Maria

    Church, Religious Site

    The first building to see a Christian service at this location may have been a Moorish mosque, but after Eivissa was taken on August 8, 1235, a church was constructed on the location. Enlarged over the years, this church atop Dalt Vila’s hill and inside it’s fortifications became the 16th century Catalan Gothic and Baroque church you see today. Now functioning as the principal chur...Read more
  9. Las Salinas Beach

    Beach, Waterfront, View Point, Food And Drinks

    Possibly Ibiza’s most iconic beach, the Las Salinas is denoted by its white sand, clear water and the mesmerizing sights. It’s a celebrity favourite and you’ll find quite a few well known footballers hanging around. Close by, local artisans sell some of the world’s funkiest and most fashionable swimwear and bikinis. The water itself is quite salty, and the waves are exc...Read more
  10. Cala Benirras

    4.5 (195 Votes)
    Cala Benirras

    Beach, Leisure

    Pine tree shrouded cliffs rise over this beach, a sandy and pebbly stretch along a little cove. It’s barely 300 meters long. It’s not a fun place for strolling (the pebbles can be uncomfortable, but the clear water makes it excellent for snorkelling). The bay usually has yachts and private boats parked in it. Popular with families and bohemians, the usually calm beach transforms on...Read more
  11. Cala Llonga

    4.4 (412 Votes)
    Cala Llonga

    Beach, Waterfront, Entertainment, Water Sport

    This picture postcard beach is popular with families for its clear and shallow waters. Two arms of pine tree shrouded hills seem to embrace the inlet cove and the large swathe of sand. Resorts and restaurants line its edges and there is no shortage of amenities to rent. Watersports are varied -  parasailing, scuba-diving school, windsurfing and water-skiing - and there is always a game of...Read more
  12. Playa De Es Canar

    4.4 (235 Votes)
    Playa De Es Canar

    Town, Resort

    This resort town horseshoe-shaped beach isn’t quite as pretty as some of Ibiza’s other offerings but it does have many other things to offer. Watersports of every manner - pedaloes, banana boats, parasailing, waterskiing - is on offer. The shallow waters make it popular with families. It’s surrounded by some excellent restaurants such as  Café Solimar,  Moe's...Read more
  13. S'arenal Petit And S'arenal Gran Image

    Beach, Waterfront

    Often listed separately, these two beaches should really be thought of as two halves of a whole. Both beaches have turquoise snorkelling friendly waters, and both are surrounded by rocky green hills, but there their similarity ends. S'Arenal Gran is the larger and more family friendly beach, surrounded by hotels and restaurants and bars, with a number of water sports facilities. The smaller S'...Read more
  14. Port De Sant Miguel

    Beach, Entertainment, Leisure

    Though a lot of families and couples enjoy this beach it is actually a great place to relax. The green shrouded cliffs on its either side shelter the golden sands and clean blue water really well. Watersports (water-skiing, windsurfing, banana boats) and beach sports (volleyball and football) are both excellent. Shopping around the beach’s resort area is great too - restaurants, bars, a ...Read more
  15. Platja Des Cavallet

    4.3 (2402 Votes)
    Platja Des Cavallet

    Beach, Water Body, View Point, Adults

    Popular with the gay community and the nudist community, this long and beautiful beach is best appreciated with a sandwich in hand (find the sandwiches at the supermarket close to the beach). It’s not the best beach for swimming due to the weeds in the water, but it’s nice enough for a stroll. The best spot is in the middle of the beach, where you get great views of Fontamera. The ...Read more