How to Reach Idaho Falls

Being an important city of eastern Idaho and with a rising significance in travel and tourism, Idaho Falls is well-connected by the major cities of northern United States. The city has many good options by air or by road to get in and get around.


  • By Air: Right at the northwest of Idaho Falls, Idaho Falls Regional Airport (IDA) is situated and is the primary stop for tourist while coming to Idaho Falls. It is connected to the cities like Denver, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Oakland. But many tourists prefer to come through the Salt Lake International Airport as traveling by Idaho’s regional airport may not be economical. Salt Lake City is a short drive of 3 hours to Idaho falls, but during winter, the time increases due to snowfall.
  • By Road: You can reach Idaho Falls by following the roads I-15 (North/South) or by Highway 20 (East/ West). It would be a picturesque journey to Idaho Falls from Utah which is just 120 miles away from it. You can also come from Montana, Wyoming, or Oregon from the north, east, and west sides respectively.


  • There are plenty of rental car service companies providing a great transportation service to move around Idaho Falls. You will get information about most of these at the Idaho Falls Airport. Most of the attractions and hotels in the city are located at a small distance and so, the tourists prefer to get around by walk. But some attractions are located at a longer distance and for this, you will get a good taxi services that are available 24/7.