Innsbruck Tourism

The quintessential European town, Innsbruck is one the most beautiful towns you’ll ever come across. Innsbruck knows how to make to the best of its weather cycles and that definitely goes in the town’s favour. That however, isn’t the only enticing factor- from anywhere in the town, you’ll always catch a glimpse of the Nordkette Alps, making scaling any vantage point like the Town Tower worth the climb.

A little piece of trivia, the town of Innsbruck has something for everyone and the best part is that you can unabashedly indulge in them without giving it the stigma of a ‘cliche’. The Imperial Palace or the Royal Church Court will make you want to time travel and life in the 16th century, the Schloss Ambras will have you wishing for a lover who would go the lengths of transforming a fortress into a castle for his beloved and the nightlife will make you want to stay in Innsbruck forever.

Essential travel information and Innsbruck tips for your visit


  • Whenever you enter a shop or a restaurant there will be someone who will welcome you with a greeting. Always greet them back and if the opportunity allows, be the first to greet them, with a simple hello or a good morning. Good manners go a long way with the Austrians.
  • You will come across many dogs on the streets being walked by their owners and many a times you might want to pet them. Always, always ask for the owner’s consent before you pet the dog.
  • Always stand on the right hand side of the escalator, lift or any public transportation system. The left aisle is left open for those in a hurry. If you stand two-by-two, you could possibly get yelled at and asked to move aside rather rudely.


  • Never crack jokes about the Nazi or the Holocaust or Hitler. By law, they aren’t allowed to deny such a thing happened, but that doesn’t mean they would laugh about it or even want to talk about it. Racially or ethnically insensitive jokes are not appreciated.
  • When you meet someone, don’t forget to shake their hand and if they introduce themselves with a title (Dr, professor, etc), always use it while addressing them. It’s a mark of respect and the individual must be addressed with the title bestowed upon them.

Travel Tips

  • Innsbruck is a safe city tourist wise and sees no tourist related violent crimes. However petty thievery like pick-pocketing might occur. Just be aware of your surroundings and exercise the regular amount of caution as you normally would.
  • Carry an umbrella, a hoodie or a hat depending on what season you’re Austria.
  • Austrians are traditionally a conservative society, so when you’re stepping out for the day, dress appropriately. For example, don’t wear your beachwear to the Alstadt or the walk in to a formal restaurant with shorts and flip-flops. Use your discretion.
  • Learn or carry some basic German phrases to help you connect with the locals better, in case you ever have to ask for directions or whilst shopping; not many Austrians speak English.

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