Events and Festivals in Innsbruck

  • Innsbruck’s New Orleans Jazz Festival (July): Every year, New Orleans makes its presence felt at Innsbruck with the Jazz Festival, where jazz musicians come down from New Orleans and remind us of the pioneers of this genre of music. Held in marketplaces all over and around Alstadt, the concerts, free of charge, attract throngs of tourists.
  • Innsbruck Festival of Early Music (August): The biggest music festival of Innsbruck, the Schloss Ambras is one of the venues of the festival where compositions written in between the 14th and 18th centuries. The music festival takes place at all the historic sites of Innsbruck including a play held at the Baroque Opera.
  • Christkindlmarkt (Nov-Jan): The Christkindlmarkt or the Christmas Market is held from mid-November to early-January. It’s a different feel of the city as you see everyone either shopping for some Christmas delicacies or ornaments or just some knick-knacks to take back home. Other than the shopping aspects, there are other entertaining aspects as well including the themes the Christmas markets of different venues embrace.

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