Famous Museums in Interlaken

The museums in Interlaken give the very essence of its citizens and rich culture. If you are looking for something deeper and more meaningful, head to the museums in city. Explore the cultural, artistic, scientific, or historical side of Interlaken with these museums.
We have curated a variety of the best and free museums in city, besides the usual arts or historical ones. Explore and engage yourself with the wonders of science at the museum of science in Interlaken. Get fascinated by the exceptional stories of heroes at war museums or memorials. You can go wow with your kids at the Natural history museums or enjoy some time at children's museums in Interlaken.
Check out this list for an entertaining and enlightening trip to the museums in Interlaken.

Let's explore the finest collection of museums in Interlaken:

  1. St. Beatus Caves

    4.5 (1919 Votes)
    St. Beatus Caves

    Cave, Specialty Museum

    About 19 km from Interlaken, on the North Bank of Lake Thun, in the massif of Niederhorrn, is the cave where the legendary St. Beatus is said to have lived as a hermit. And apparently fought a dragon. And that was apparently four centuries after his death. A sprightly old zombie he must have been. But his home, these limestone caves, are actually as awesome as he deserves. With gorges, great ha...Read more
  2. Touristik-Museum Der Jungfrau-Region

    Museum, Exhibition

    Opened in 1980, the Touristik Museum showcases exhibits which mark the history of tourism in Switzerland over the years. Offering a perspective of tourists who have visited the country, the museum is something unique to add to your travel list! A must if you love to visit places that have a distinct character and stand out in a crowd. The museum is located in the historic Untersee old town, ju...Read more
  3. Heimatmuseum

    4.3 (167 Votes)

    Museum, Exhibition , Specialty Museum

    This museum tells the story of a sleepy little hamlet eventually transformed into one of the world's loveliest tourist towns over the course of two centuries. It explores Grindelwald's culture - agriculture, housekeeping, crafts, cable cars, and sports. There's a section of radio dramas devoted to the story of Eiger and the mountaineers who attempted to climb it. Another section is devoted to ...Read more
  4. Kunsthaus Interlaken

    Art And Culture, Art Gallery, Specialty Museum

    People don't usually visit Interlaken with an intent to explore the local culture - music, theater and dance, literature and film. But it exists, and it all comes to life at this culture and art gallery. The exhibitions and events change from year to year, but the artwork usually focuses on the period from the 18th century to the present. These include the works of painters such as Johann Ludw...Read more