Ipoh Tourism

Ipoh is the capital of the state of Perak in Malaysia. With great tourist attractions and some lovely districts surrounding the place, Ipoh has over time proved to be a city that is undiscovered by many but has all the potential to offer a memorable experience to anybody who plans to visit.

Ipoh historically is known maximum for it’s tin mining industry as the most powerful men in the 19th century in the city turned out to be industrialists from this field. You also have a lot to see from the era of British colonization of this particular city. Most heritage sites here are from that particular period. There are various ways by which you can also find out about the lifestyle of the people living here from the past century or so and to know how much it has changed, the best way is to witness yourself.

Another thing that Ipoh can be described as is a foodie’s haven. Folks from all over the country frequent Ipoh to taste historical landmarks of Ipoh’s old town white coffee, succulent pomelos, fluffy kaya puff, ipoh’s famous salted chicken, bean sprouts and chicken, Hong Kong dim sum, Lor Mai Kai, Taro Puff, Char Siew Bao, Egg Tarts, Fried Glutinos and various other items! So while you get time off munching these amazing dishes, do remember to check out the history while enjoying the fun filled day experiences about things to do in Ipoh offered to you!

Essential travel information and Ipoh tips for your visit

  • Time Zone: Ipoh follows the Standard Time zone: UTC/GMT +8 hours. No daylight saving time is observed.
  • Currency: The Currency operational in Malaysia is Ringgit
  • Electricity: Electrical sockets (outlets) in Malaysia are the "Type G " British BS-1363 type. If your appliance's plug doesn't match the shape of these sockets, you will need a travel plug adapter in order to plug in.
  • Internet: Some of the Internet providers in Malaysia are: TM Net, Maxis Broadband, Time Dotcom, etc.
  • Language: Malay is the predominant language spoken in Malaysia.
  • Emergency Contacts: Police & Ambulance : 999, Tourism Headquarters : 03-2693-5188

Safety Tips and Local Customs:

  • Do not kiss in public. Malaysians refrain from displaying any personal affection in public.
  • There are strict laws against the usage of drugs in Malaysia.
  • Remove your shoes before entering a Malaysian home, a temple or a Mosque.
  • Do convert most of your currency in Malaysia only, since the country does not allow a huge number of Ringgit in or out of country.
  • Ipoh Perak is a cosmopolitan city where there is no particular dress code and where you will find all fashions.
  • As compared to many Muslim countries you will find that people in the Capital city and other major towns are used to foreigners are therefore likely to be more tolerant and more liberal. However once outside; the population is quite traditional and rigid so please be sure to cover your shoulders, stomach, hips and bare legs.
  • It is also hot and humid so it’s better to wear lightweight clothes in natural fibres; linen, silk and cotton will be more comfortable.
  • Rain is frequent, so lightweight clothes will also dry more quickly.
  • T-shirts and shorts are perfectly acceptable, but avoid skimpy or revealing clothes or you will get unwanted attention.
  • Hotels, restaurants and shopping malls are usually air conditioned and at times this can be pretty fierce so be sure to tuck a shawl or Pashmina into your day bag.
  • If you plan on visiting religious sites please be sure to cover up - absolutely no skimpy or revealing clothes, and cover your legs and shoulders.
  • Coverage for mobile phones available around Ipoh. You will have no problems using your phone.
  • Credit cards are accepted in most hotels, restaurant and shopping centre. You may not be able use credit cards at almost all of the small restaurants, food stalls and attraction point.
  • Banks are only open on weekdays and generally only between 9.00am to 4.30pm; specially money changer counter until 5.30pm.
  • All banks above have ATM machines to cater for after-hours transactions. For non-local visitor please use your ATM card on HSBC Bank.

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