Best Things To Do in Ipoh, Malaysia

Are you looking for what to do in Ipoh?


  • Ipoh Old-town: Do not miss out on the Old town as it offers some lovely market places.
  • Wall Art Murial: Something that began in Penang has extended to Ipoh now. It is definitely worth spending 20 minutes at!
  • Ipoh Railway Station: With Moorish architecture and closely resembling it’s Kuala Lumpur counterpart- Ipoh Railway station has been there since Ipoh was a British Colony.
  • Perak’s Herbal Garden: It is locally called Taman Herba Negeri Perak and is a 22-hectare garden. You can find various medicated herbs, cosmetics and aroma-therapeutic plants here.
  • Temples: Each cave temple in Ipoh here has a story to tell. Do not miss out on a single one of them!


  • Eat: Do not forget to try out each and every delicacy here.
  • Rafflesia Trek: Take the trek to the jungle where Rafflesia thrives. It is located at a distance of around 12 kilometers from here.
  • Kinta iver Front Walk: You should not miss out on the riverfront where trees are accessorized with LED lights. It’s a beautiful view and definitely deserves one visit!
  • Bukit Kledang: See the Ipoh Night view from Bukit Kledang
  • White Water Rafting: Go Rafting in the beautiful Sungai Kapar.

Below we have a list of things to do in Ipoh and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Ipoh getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Ipoh with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Ipoh

Here is the list of things to do in Ipoh and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Ipoh World

    Museum, Educational Site, Heritage Building

    Established in 2004 to promote awareness and appreciation of Perak, which is also known as the Silver State of Malaysia, Ipoh World is a great way to explore the local history and culture of Ipoh. The place gained even more popularity after its first exhibition in 2006 known as “The Story of Ipoh: From Feet to Flight”. They have with them a broad variety of local postcards, photogr...Read more
  2. Kek Lok Tong Cave Temple

    4.4 (5398 Votes)
    Kek Lok Tong Cave Temple

    Religious Site, Temple

    The Kek Lok Tong Cave Temple is a tourist attraction situated to the south of Ipoh. The cave temple is spread over a 12 acre site and has been used ever since 1920 as a place of worship. In 1960 however, the cave became part of an iron mining site. The temple is set in a huge cave in the limestone outcrops around 5 kilometers south of Ipoh.The Kek Lok Tong complex comprises of a central altar ...Read more
  3. Ho Yan Hor Museum

    4.4 (3905 Votes)
    Ho Yan Hor Museum


    A fabulous insight into the history of Ipoh, the Ho Yan Hor Museum is one of the few places in the city that throw light upon its past. On your visit here, look forward to seeing a brilliant display of objects from the bygone era, behind closed doors of a pre-war building. As you start exploring this Ipoh attraction, you will notice the unmissable quantity of teas and items related to teas, li...Read more
  4. Lost World Tambun

    4.3 (2117 Votes)
    Lost World Tambun

    Outdoors, Amusement Park, Entertainment

    Lost World of Tambun is Malaysia’s top-most action and adventure family holiday destination. It offers you a wholesome family experience that awaits you behind the gates of this majestically themed park. There is everything here that you could possibly want from amusement park rides to eco-adventure thrills! This place also offers you Hot Springs and Spa by the night. It is the perfect p...Read more
  5. Perak Cave Temple

    4.2 (1848 Votes)
    Perak Cave Temple

    Religious Site, Temple

    One of the most gorgeous Ipoh attraction the Perak cave Temple is a mesmerizing sight of several caves that have been converted into temples. To be precise, there are thirty caves temples at this sight. It is a result of an initiative by Chong Sen Yee and his wife Choong Chan Yoke who actually discovered the caves. On approaching the Government officials, they further developed this place to w...Read more
  6. Funtasy House Trick Art

    4 (3061 Votes)
    Funtasy House Trick Art


    One of the best things to do in Ipoh, the Funtasy House Trick Art is a concept blending fun and fantasy. This is like many other museums in the world that have interactive and deceptive 3D displays. On your time, here, you are certain to stimulate all your senses. This is a great choice for kids and adults alike for some interactive engagement indoors. The very warm and welcoming staff will ma...Read more
  7. Ipoh Railway Station

    4 (2966 Votes)
    Ipoh Railway Station

    Architecture , Station

    As you begin getting around Ipoh, you will be bestowed with sights that beckon the British colonialism that was once present here. The Ipoh railway station is one of those sights. There are a lot of traces of British Indian colonial architecture in the structure of this attraction. Several movies too have been shot here, with reference to popular culture. A quaint café adorns the entran...Read more
  8. Concubine Lane

    Historical Site, Streets

    Strolling around this colonial city of Ipoh, you are to come across diverse facts that beckon its changing face. Especially in the past few years, several places in the city depict this fact; like the Concubine Lane. This Ipoh attraction has an interesting tale attached to it, owing to the fact that the lane is named after one of the wives of a mining tycoon called Yao Tet Shin. It is said tha...Read more
  9. Sam Poh Tong

    3.9 (4126 Votes)
    Sam Poh Tong

    Temple, Cave, Architecture

    Sam Poh Tong is a famous cave temple located about 5 kilometers South of Ipoh. It is the biggest cave temple in the country, and is an impressive work of art. The main thing to see here are the statues of Buddha interspersed among the stalactites and stalagmites.  The history of Sam Poh Tong is that the cave was discovered in 1890 by a monk from China who was passing through Ipoh. He deci...Read more
  10. Heritage House

    Art And Culture, Heritage Building

    Heritage house is the best way to retrace the lives of locals living here. There are numerous artefacts, documents, antiquities, antiques, old furniture and calligraphy paintings on display which help you figure out the lives of these people from upto 125 years ago. All thanks to Wang Kun-Xiang who’s the financial controller of the Heritage House. Mr. Xiang has a special preference for a...Read more
  11. Wall Art - Paper Plane

    Art Gallery

    Set in the old town Ipoh, the Ipoh Mural Trail is a one of its kind attraction that is no less than a street museum full of modern art. The region is also popular as “Art of Oldtown” with major contribution by Ernest Zacharevic who is popular for his works on the streets of Penang’s Georgetown. As you get to explore this place, look out for the seven most significant murals o...Read more
  12. Japanese Garden

    Garden, Park, Nature

    Japanese garden Ipoh or Taman Jepun Ipoh is a quaint, serene garden located on Tambun Road in Ipoh. This Japanese Garden was established in the early 1960s. The park is a popular spot for couples. This Japanese garden malaysia is situated right next to the Perak Turf club in Ipoh. It is a quaint garden landscaped with tropical flowers, plants and trees including the quintessenti...Read more
  13. D. R. Seenivasagam Park

    4 (2324 Votes)
    D. R. Seenivasagam Park

    Outdoors, Park, Entertainment, Lake

    This is one of the best parks in Ipoh! It has a bike park, rollerblading and skate park with ramps, a Japanese Zen garden, beautiful shaded grounds for picnics, well equipped playground, football fields, a lake, and many more facilities that are for you to explore. For those without bikes, the park rents out bikes at a very minimal rate. It is one of the best attractions of Ipoh to plan out a ...Read more
  14. Birch Memorial Tower

    4.1 (2000 Votes)
    Birch Memorial Tower

    Historical Site, Tower, Architecture , Heritage Building

    This tower is erected in memory of J.W.W.Birch, the first British Resident of Perak who was assassinated in 1875 by local Malay Chief Datuk Maharaja Lela. Standing in front of the Ipoh State Mosque, the square tower comprises a portrait bust and four panels illustrating the growth of civilization. The clock tower has one mother bell, 6 feet 6 inches in diameter and four smaller bells which wer...Read more
  15. Gunung Lang Recreational Park

    Outdoors, Park, Nature

    Gunung Lang Recreational Park or taman rekreasi gunung lang Ipoh Perak is located off Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman Road. Opened in October 2000, it covers an area of 30.35 hectares out of which 14.16 hectares consists of the lake. The Lang mountain Ipoh is a favourite spot of the locals owing to the many recreational facilities here. The Gunung lang perak is divided into two section...Read more

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    • Gua Tempurung cave in Ipoh is one of the best to explore. Kek Lok Tong, Perak Tong, Sam Poh Tong, and Ling Sen Tong are four major cave temples in Ipoh that are also worth exploring. 

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