Best Time To Visit Ipswich

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Best Time To Go To Ipswich

Ipswich has a humid continental climate with lots of maritime influence. The summers here are warm and humid while the winters are quite cold. There are occasional fogs and hurricanes throughout the year.

  • Winter: Starts from December and lasts all the way till March. The weather is very cold during this period, and becomes chillier in the nights.
  • Spring: The temperature rises a little during the months of April and May and the weather becomes incredibly good.
  • Summer: Summer is from June to August and the weather becomes quite hot during this period. The humidity also makes it very difficult to stay outdoors for long.
  • Fall: September – November the weather becomes just perfectly cool and the rainclouds also cease to burst open. Tourist activity also decreases during this period.

Ipswich is best visited during the months of September to November. The weather is very cool during this period and one can also avoid major crowding. People tend to flock over in summers so best to skip coming during that period. Spring is also a best time to visit Ipswich.

    We will be updating things to do in Ipswich soon.