Events and Festivals in Istanbul

  • Tulip Festival: It is said that Tulips originated in Turkey. If you want to see blooming Tulips then Tulip festival that takes place in Spring season is the best time to visit Istanbul.
  • International Istanbul Puppet Festival: In the Ottoman Empire, puppet art was very popular which is now losing its charm. So to promote puppet art this festival is organized in the month of May in different parts of Istanbul.
  • Grease Wrestling: Held in July, this event is celebrated by soaking the wrestlers in olive oil.
  • International Istanbul Film Festival: Takes place in the month of March & April showcasing new releases from Turkey and around the world.
  • Istanbul International Architecture and Urban Films Festival: Held in October, this festival celebrates International architecture.
  • Akbank Jazz Festival: Held in October, needless to say that this Jazz festival one of the biggest in Turkey.
  • Tüyap Book Fair: Held in October, this is an international book festival in Istanbul. People from over 30 nations participate in this fair to explore their love for books in an event that also gives them the opportunity to meet the literary stalwarts of the era.
  • Efes Pilsen Blues Festival: Held in November, this music festival attracts a lot of visitors every year.

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