How to Reach Istanbul


  • By Air: The Ataturk International Istanbul Airport which is located in the European part of the Istanbul is 28kms from the main city centre. It is well connected with all the major cities throughout the globe with frequent international & domestic flights to Istanbul. From airport you can avail public transport such as city bus, trams, cabs, metro & shuttle to reach the main city centre.
  • By Road: Located at a distance of 10 kms from Sultanahmet is the International Istanbul Intercity Bus Terminal. Buses are well connected to Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, and Germany & Middle East. Car can also be hired for pick and drop service to the airport & bus terminal.
  • By Train: There are trains which run from Istanbul to whole of Europe. There are two railway stations in Istanbul, Sirkeci Train Station which is in the European part and Haydarpasa Train Station which is on the Asian part.


Istanbul has an excellent system of public transport that makes it easier for the tourists to roam around.

  • On Foot: The best way to explore a city is undoubtedly on foot. It gives you an opportunity to marvel at the city’s unique architecture that is a blend of European and Asian art.
  • By Taxi: Taxis are plentiful in Istanbul and are more likely to hail you than vice versa. 
  • By Bus:  Metropolitan buses in Istanbul are frequent, comprehensive, economical, and easy.
  • By Dolmus: Dolmus are yellow minivans that operate like group taxis with set routes. A relatively informal system, dolmus run daily from early morning to early evening. A dolmus will leave its terminus (marked with a blue "D") only when it fills up (the word dolmus means "stuffed") and then pick up and drop off passengers along the route. 
  • By Metro: Starting in the 1990's, a modern and extensive (and often confusing) light rail system has been constructed in all parts of the city.
  • By Tram: Trams in Istanbul are fast, comfortable and connect most of the landmarks in the city to each other. 

Know about the preferred mode of transport, average time spent and average distance traveled for commute in Istanbul. The most preferred mode of transport in Istanbul is Car.

Average distance: 21.07 km Average time: 52.87 min

  • Car 48.84%
    Driving 50.28 min Walking 1 min Other 0.14 min Overall average time for 24.95 kms 51.41 min
  • Walking 8.84%
    Walking 22.37 min Bus 4.32 min Train 3.84 min Waiting 3.5 min Driving 2.37 min Other 0.55 min Bike 0.18 min Overall average time for 6.59 kms 37.13 min
  • Motorbike 3.49%
    Motorbike 26.27 min Walking 0.13 min Overall average time for 16.51 kms 26.4 min
  • Bike 0.47%
    Bike 22.5 min Walking 1.5 min Overall average time for 11.5 kms 24 min
  • Bus/Trolleybus 24.65%
    Bus 41.1 min Walking 8.28 min Waiting 7.57 min Train 3.03 min Other 1.76 min Driving 0.28 min Tram 0.28 min Overall average time for 19.33 kms 62.31 min
  • Train/Metro 6.74%
    Train 39.97 min Walking 10.48 min Waiting 7.28 min Bus 3.76 min Other 1.93 min Tram 0.1 min Overall average time for 22.53 kms 63.52 min
  • Tram/Streetcar 0.7%
    Tram 26.67 min Walking 9 min Waiting 3.33 min Bus 1.67 min Overall average time for 13 kms 40.67 min
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  • How far is the Blue Mosque from Marriott Hotel Asia. I am confused some say 20 km some say 15 and others say 10. How long does it take in a taxi and what is currently the cost of Taxi or Uber. Thank you Shad

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    • According to online maps, the distance between Marriott Hotel Asia and the Blue Mosque is around 17 kilometers when you go via Avrasya Tüneli and D100. I am not sure about the taxi fare, but it may cost you somewhere around 50 lira. 

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