How to Reach Jacmel

There are six commercial supported airports throughout Haiti, in Cap-Haïtien, Port-au-Prince, Jacmel, Jérémie, Les Cayes, and Port-de-Paix. Getting around Haiti is mainly accomplished by public transportation via bus and taxi. Though some people opt to rent cars, this is not a preferred method for most travelers, as the roads are not often well-maintained and can be dangerous in some areas.

Route Distance Time
Brooklyn to Jacmel 731.31 km 12 hours 11 mins
Washington, d. c. to Jacmel 776.01 km 12 hours 56 mins
Orléans to Jacmel 886.48 km 14 hours 46 mins
Kitchener to Jacmel 1080.96 km 18 hours 46 mins
Saskatoon to Jacmel 3625.4 km 60 hours 25 mins
Portland to Jacmel 5421.17 km 90 hours 21 mins