Best Things To Do in Jaco, Costa Rica

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  • Jaco Beach
  • Discovery Horse Tours
  • Costa Rica Waterfall Tours
  • ATV Adventure Tours Costa Rica
  • Pura Vida Gardens and Waterfalls
  • Tortuga Surf School
  • Del Mar Surf Camp
  • Teatro Jaco
  • Neo Fauna
  • Catarata Bijagual
  • Dominical Surf Lessons
  • The Costa Rica Coffee Experience
  • Kayak Jaco
  • Rain Forest Adventures
  • Rain Forest Aerial Trams
  • Chiclets Tree Canopy Tour
  • Tico Pod Art House & Gifts

Below we have a list of things to do in Jaco and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Jaco getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Jaco with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Jaco

Here is the list of things to do in Jaco and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Costa Rica Waterfall Tours

    4.8 (1118 Votes)
    Costa Rica Waterfall Tours

    Entertainment, Adventure, Nature

    Waterfalls, a force of Nature, both beautiful and brutal. White water cascading down a series of rocky outcrops. From a distance the waterfall is a silver silent white stream, tranquil and you stand in awe to admire its beauty. And as you get closer, you realise it is not that gentle but deafening. You throw caution to the wind and get your adrenaline pumping as you plunge in the pool below. Th...Read more
  2. Jaco Beach

    4.4 (1210 Votes)
    Jaco Beach

    Outdoors, Beach, Entertainment, Leisure

    Surf’s up. It’s the crack of dawn and waves of pure energy that travelled miles upon miles to reach the beach beckon you. The beach can turn you into a couch potato but the true surfer in you will make you take the plunge. If surfing is not enough to give you a rippled body, experience the art of manliness at night .Feel dazed and blown away, feel like a Spartan, feasting and partyi...Read more
  3. Atv Adventure Tours Costa Rica

    Outdoors, Entertainment, Adventure

    Dash through the woods, leap over winding creaks, dodge and zip past different types of plantations. Everything becomes a dizzy blend of earthly colours! Ride into the woods which opens into a tinkling river, mirroring the deep greens of the surrounding trees. Listen to the songs of life from the treetops, watch the leaves dance gaily as you drive past. The ATV Adventure Tours allow you to bond...Read more
  4. Discovery Horse Tours

    4.8 (724 Votes)
    Discovery Horse Tours

    Entertainment, Adventure, Picnic Spot

    Discover Costa Rica’s enchanting and dazzling beauty, the colourful flora and fauna, the picturesque dense green forests, breath taking seascapes and captivating beaches on the back of a horse. Go through roads less travelled, through back country and feel the radiance of the jungle. At Discovery horse tours you become one with the horse you are riding on. You enter an unknown world and t...Read more
  5. Pura Vida Gardens Waterfalls

    Outdoors, Water Body, Garden, View Point

    Although it is a garden, it is more like a jungle with a huge treasure trove. It is serene in some parts and broken by the drones of insects in other parts. A waterfall cascades down carrying twigs and leaves into the pool below. There are intermittent shades along the garden where you can hear bird songs rise and fall in sweet melodious chorus. The trees seem to be tightly knit into a massive ...Read more
  6. Tortuga Surf School

    4.5 (1003 Votes)
    Tortuga Surf School

    Camp, Educational Site, Entertainment, Adventure

    Surfer’s paradise is what best describes Tortuga Surf School. It’s a world in itself, of smiling people, grateful for the waves and everything Mother Nature offers. Different people from diverse cultures flock here from all over the world with one thing in common, the love for surfing and to learn how to surf. Some of the surfers are experienced, born and bred with the ocean on thei...Read more
  7. Del Mar Surf Camp

    4.4 (910 Votes)
    Del Mar Surf Camp

    Outdoors, Camp, Educational Site, Entertainment

    The waves crash into one another, breeze blow in with the tide carrying the smell of the salty ocean. You are on a quest to search the core of life. The deeper, more profound essence of life, and you feel you are in Paradise. You are living a Pura Vida lifestyle, pure and simple at the Del Mar Surf Camp. At this camp you feel the unbridled vitality whether you are on a daily nature walk, or you...Read more
  8. Dominical Surf Lessons

    Outdoors, Entertainment, Adventure, Water Sport

    Some people are extremely confident in the waves, whereas others are intimidated by just being in the ocean. Just watching a beach break with surf scattered along the entire beach is enough to make your emotions oscillate from fear to excitement. At Dominical Surf school you will not be thrown in the deep end literally or metaphorically and whether you are a natural athlete or not, you will be ...Read more
  9. Rain Forest Aerial Trams

    Outdoors, Cable Car

    Glide through the air, over the time old canopies of the rainforest. Here Nature rules and man is an outsider. Discover the hidden secrets from an awe-inspiring perspective. Learn the importance of the rainforest from ground to the treetop. Take a ride in the rain forest Aerial Tram and immerse yourself to the mysterious world laying below. The trams which are called gondolas are open with roof...Read more
  10. Rain Forest Adventures

    4.7 (599 Votes)
    Rain Forest Adventures

    Forest, Educational Site, Adventure

    The tropical rainforest has no annual rhythm, rather each species of tree has evolved its own flowering and fruiting seasons. Animals are mostly tree dwellers. The harmony between animals and trees make the rainforest the most complex biome on earth. One remarkable inhabitant of this Rain Forest is Costa Rica’s unique tree called the kerosene tree named for its flammable sap! Although Jac...Read more
  11. The Costa Rica Coffee Experience

    Food And Drinks, Cafe, Coffee House

    Take and sip of coffee and munch on some Fruity Monkey Poop. Or have some natural Iced Tea with Nutty Monkey Poop! May sound unpalatable but enter into the Costa Rican Coffee Experience to eat these candied nuts with a sweet coffee that has a silken body, and a rich buttery finish. The Costa Rica Coffee Experience is no ordinary coffee shop. The smell of freshly brewed coffee lingering in the s...Read more
  12. Kayak Jaco

    4.4 (615 Votes)
    Kayak Jaco

    Entertainment, Adventure, Water Sport

    A seedeater calls and a monkey answers back. That and the swish of your paddle is what you hear. You are in a kayak making your way along the coastline, dipping your paddle in the Mystic River and watch the water ripple out before you. Learn the simple skills needed to paddle and steer your kayak from Kayak Jaco. Keeping the coastline spectacular and the beaches pristine, Kayak Jaco has for 17 ...Read more
  13. Neo Fauna

    Outdoors, Wildlife Sanctuary , Nature, Bird Watching

    Imagine having the highest population of blue jeans in the world. No, not actual denims but frogs with tiny fire engine red bodies and deep blue legs living in harmony with other poison dart frogs and all sorts of butterflies and snakes under one roof. Neo Fauna is a wild life sanctuary dedicated to the exhibition and reproduction of endangered species. The owl butterfly is one of the largest b...Read more
  14. Chiclet Tree Canopy Tour

    Entertainment, Adventure, Nature

    Stand beneath a Chiclet tree which has sap that can be chewed like gum and think how the entire process of chewing gum has helped people kick addictions such as smoking and nail biting. The multi-coloured tiny hard candy is adorable, and the taste sensational. In the Chiclet Canopy tour you are surrounded by a vast number of Chiclet trees in one of the few remaining transitional forest. The Chi...Read more
  15. Teatro Jaco

    4.2 (848 Votes)
    Teatro Jaco

    Stadium, Entertainment, Performance, Theatre

    The rainforests, the graded hills and verdant valley, the natural springs, are all rolled into a folklore filled with dance and music and presented in a story at the Teatro Jaco. The purpose of this theatre is to reflect traditional Tico culture and every scene is connected to a common thread relevant to the traditions and myths of Costa Rica. Costa Rica is pure life. A land rich in natural res...Read more