Best Time To Visit Jaipur

Best Time To Go To Jaipur

Jaipur has three seasons that you can experience majorly. The summers are extreme and so are the winters.

  • Summer season: Summers in Rajasthan are hot and dry. Maximum temperature during the summers (from April to July) reaches a high of around 40 degree Celsius.
  • Monsoon or Rainy season: Monsoon months fall between June and September as during this time only little rainfall takes place. Throughout the year temperatures remain fairly high. The maximum rainfall is witnessed by Jaipur in July and August. It is advisable to carry an umbrella and clothing suitable for rains if you choose to travel during this time.
  • Winter season: In winter the days are sunny and pleasant while nights can be chilly. Some light warm clothing is required in the evenings and early in the morning.

The lowest temperature is in winters when it goes down to 8 degree Celsius. In summers, the nights are cold and the temperature falls to 21 degree Celsius. Even in winter sometimes the temperature can go upto 34 degree Celsius and in summers the maximum is 40-45 degree Celsius.The best time to visit Jaipur is from October to March as the summers have not completely arrived yet. The winters are quite enjoyable with the ambience of Jaipur.

Climate in Jaipur

Know weather for your travel dates:

oF | oC
Today 23 Jan



Foggy until afternoon and breezy in the evening.

Wind:0.71 m/s



  • Wed 24 Jan
    24oC | 8oC

    Clear throughout the day.

  • Thu 25 Jan
    25oC | 7oC

    Clear throughout the day.

  • Fri 26 Jan
    26oC | 7oC

    Clear throughout the day.

  • Sat 27 Jan
    27oC | 8oC

    Clear throughout the day.

  • Sun 28 Jan
    27oC | 9oC

    Clear throughout the day.

  • Mon 29 Jan
    28oC | 10oC

    Clear throughout the day.

Month wise Weather in Jaipur

Average Temperature in Jaipur by month

  • 40o
  • 30o
  • 20o
  • 10o 0o

Average temperature: 16oC

Minimum temperature: 10oC

Maximum temperature: 22oC


Average temperature: 19oC

Minimum temperature: 13oC

Maximum temperature: 24oC


Average temperature: 24oC

Minimum temperature: 17oC

Maximum temperature: 31oC


Average temperature: 33oC

Minimum temperature: 25oC

Maximum temperature: 39oC


Average temperature: 34oC

Minimum temperature: 26oC

Maximum temperature: 40oC


Average temperature: 33oC

Minimum temperature: 23oC

Maximum temperature: 42oC


Average temperature: 30oC

Minimum temperature: 27oC

Maximum temperature: 33oC


Average temperature: 28oC

Minimum temperature: 24oC

Maximum temperature: 31oC


Average temperature: 27oC

Minimum temperature: 22oC

Maximum temperature: 31oC


Average temperature: 31oC

Minimum temperature: 23oC

Maximum temperature: 37oC


Average temperature: 25oC

Minimum temperature: 18oC

Maximum temperature: 32oC


Average temperature: 20oC

Minimum temperature: 11oC

Maximum temperature: 27oC

Highest temperature in Jaipur is recorded as 42oC in June.

Lowest temperature in Jaipur is recorded as 10oC in January.

Average Humidity in Jaipur by Month (in %)

  • 100
  • 75
  • 50
  • 25 0

Average Humidity: 82%

Minimum Humidity: 80%

Maximum Humidity: 85%


Average Humidity: 67%

Minimum Humidity: 61%

Maximum Humidity: 70%


Average Humidity: 40%

Minimum Humidity: 33%

Maximum Humidity: 51%


Average Humidity: 17%

Minimum Humidity: 14%

Maximum Humidity: 20%


Average Humidity: 16%

Minimum Humidity: 12%

Maximum Humidity: 19%


Average Humidity: 52%

Minimum Humidity: 34%

Maximum Humidity: 67%


Average Humidity: 75%

Minimum Humidity: 72%

Maximum Humidity: 78%


Average Humidity: 84%

Minimum Humidity: 81%

Maximum Humidity: 89%


Average Humidity: 81%

Minimum Humidity: 79%

Maximum Humidity: 82%


Average Humidity: 28%

Minimum Humidity: 25%

Maximum Humidity: 30%


Average Humidity: 31%

Minimum Humidity: 30%

Maximum Humidity: 33%


Average Humidity: 51%

Minimum Humidity: 48%

Maximum Humidity: 54%

Most humid month in Jaipur is August.

Least humid month in Jaipur is May.