How to Reach Jaipur

There are many choices to commute in and around Jaipur.


  • By Air: Visitors can fly to Jaipur Airport which hosts both domestic and very few International flights. You can alternatively also take a flight to Delhi and drive down to Jaipur. There are various modes of public transport outside the airport. Take a car on rent, auto rickshaw to get to your destination.
  • By Train: Indian Railways connects Jaipur with other major Indian cities like Delhi, Agra and Mumbai.
  • By Bus: Most cities in Rajasthan and even some northern cities like Delhi have buses going in to Jaipur. You can choose a sleeper or a semi-sleeper and this is one of the most reasonably priced ways to get into the city.


  • By Car: Visitors can also travel by car and many car rentals are available.
  • By Taxi: Taxis can be hired for easy travel.
  • By Auto: An auto rickshaw is another way of getting around Jaipur.
  • By Cycle: The cycle rickshaw is also an excellent mode of transport in Jaipur.
  • On foot: There is no better way than exploring a city on foot to completely absorb all that it has to offer to you. This is advisable only during winters, the summers can drain out all the energy from you.